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Forza 2 demo releasing in a few hours

The wait has been longer than expected, much longer than expected, but the Forza 2 demo will be available in a few hours. Over on the official Forza 2 forums, community VIP chespace has confirmed that the Forza 2 demo will be available for download off the XBLM today at 2:00AM pacific (5:00AM eastern). And yes your math is correct, that's less than three hours from this posting. So racing fans, it's time to pull an all nighter. Grab your force feedback steering wheel, get real comfortable, and pop open a few cans of your favorite caffeinated soda. It's a countdown to Forza 2 guys ... get excited!

[Thanks, Stynk Monkey]

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1. Whoo!

Posted at 2:24AM on May 10th 2007 by Andre

2. there goes my chances of playing tonight... oh well goodnight

Posted at 2:28AM on May 10th 2007 by jon chan

3. This'll be my second night in a row staying up 'till 5am for XBL updates...each tick of the clock resonates in my head like the syncopated footsteps of a crazy peg-legged pirate hobbling down a vacant alley... eyes... twitching... metaphors... not living up to... usual standards... cars... vrooommm *snore*

Posted at 2:37AM on May 10th 2007 by Tom

4. Oh no, we're losing Tom to fatigue. Quick, someone grab the Dew reserve and a pixy stick, mix them, and pour it down his throat. Tom, you'll make it man ... only a few hours to go.

Posted at 2:42AM on May 10th 2007 by Dustin Burg

5. i'm happy that its coming out but i'm hiting the sack right now i will get it in the morning

Posted at 2:54AM on May 10th 2007 by Jay900

6. why cant the release stuff when Im not a work. If i see any1 posting how great this game is before 5pm gmt im gunna kill u all

Posted at 3:24AM on May 10th 2007 by jimhuf

7. You're a bunch of lying liars...

No Forza2 Love available yet.

Posted at 4:26AM on May 10th 2007 by DaveTehWave

8. Easy there killer, I'm at work too but I think I'll manage to wait a few hours.

Posted at 4:26AM on May 10th 2007 by CL34N3R

9. Yo Dave, nobody said it was available yet, still about 35 more minutes. RTFA.

Posted at 4:27AM on May 10th 2007 by CL34N3R

10. ...ok my fault. I didn't see 2AM PDT/5AM EDT.
I read it as 2AM EDT - damn M$ and everything based on PT.

Posted at 4:28AM on May 10th 2007 by DaveTehWave

11. I never got a chance to play the first Forza, but I do say these screens are looking mighty shiny. I've been getting into racing games a lot lately... can't wit.

Posted at 4:57AM on May 10th 2007 by SxBrrlShtgn05

12. Is anyone else having trouble signing into Xbox Live? I've been offline for the past hour. Post a comment if you're on Xbox Live right now please so I can go check my connection. I obviously have an internet connection right now, but can't get onto Xbox Live. Thanks.

Posted at 5:01AM on May 10th 2007 by Zheng Xiang

13. The Forza 2 Demo still isn't up. No worries.. yet. Im on XBox Live right now. Have been most of the night without any hiccups.

Posted at 5:07AM on May 10th 2007 by Stridery

14. I'm on right now, waiting readily for the demo. :D

Posted at 5:10AM on May 10th 2007 by hellvector

15. Not seein anything yet :(

Posted at 5:20AM on May 10th 2007 by mike

16. Bastards.... screw it, i'm going to sleep

Posted at 5:21AM on May 10th 2007 by elmersglue

17. it's up, and i'm downloading

Posted at 5:26AM on May 10th 2007 by pr0naLd

18. got it downloading very quick 24% in 3 minutes

Posted at 5:27AM on May 10th 2007 by jason

19. Ok downloading it right now, and I'm in the US. Instead of going to the Game Demos section, simply click Games, then Genres, Racing, and Forza Motorsport 2, then you'll see the demo.

Have fun! :D

Posted at 5:27AM on May 10th 2007 by hellvector

20. by the way i live in chicago and have it

p.s. go bulls cubs and bears!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 5:28AM on May 10th 2007 by jason

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