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Spring dash videos showcase new features

No, this isn't an announcement about the Spring dashboard update's release, but it is an announcement for two dash videos that you can watch while you're waiting. Up on the XBLM are two videos that demo and showcase all the new features that the Spring update will bring. For those of you who still aren't sure to what's included or if you have friends who are clueless, downloading the videos will be an easy way to get learnified. And since you have nothing better to do today, give the vids a download and a quick watch.

Even though we haven't seen the videos yet, rumor has it there is a pink gopher halfway through video number two. What? Seriously, would we make that up? Okay fine ... we just wanted you to download the videos. Don't hate us.

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5-08-2007 @ 2:25PM

ANt said...

The update is not that big of a deal really people, Geez.....


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5-08-2007 @ 2:29PM

jason said...

i agree with #1 just let me know when they put a web browser in now i know falls update will be big cuz they are going to probably start to use the 360 like a tive with the iptv thing suppose to be coming out around fallish


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5-08-2007 @ 2:46PM

Benjamin09 said...

I doubt they will ever put a web browser on XBL due to the fact that of the security issues with the downloadable content of movies and tv shows.

Why would I need a browser on my console when I have a computer that is easier....


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5-08-2007 @ 3:09PM

JohnnyCashAK said...

The new videos don't showcase jack squat. The first one has this guy who looks like Starbucks just fired him talking about how cool and all encompassing the new chat feature is, and how easy to use and noninvasive the new keyboard attachment is.

The second has this older looking broad I've never seen (and who could really use a dentist and some braces by the looks of things) talking about basically nothing. She mentions the update in passing, and instead spends 5 minutes basically talking about how they have this opportunity to update and improve things every six months, and how cool that is, and how much microsoft is committed to just that. She then talked about the 'flow' of video marketplace, but didn't say anything about how the update is going to change or improve anything. It seriously felt like the camera crew just grabbed her in the hallway and put her on the spot or something.

I deleted both as soon as I finished watching them.


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5-08-2007 @ 3:10PM

Tony said...

"Why would I need a browser on my console when I have a computer that is easier...."

Exactly. I don't think MS cares about this aspect and there's really very little reason for them to. It really doesn't help them out in any way and it's just one more thing to have to test and listen to feedback about. I want easier functions and so forth that actually help with game and content access. I think that's far more important.

I'm interested in the update, personally. Not to the point where I need to know the exact moment it's going up, but some of the changes are interesting and I'm sure I'll appreciate them in the long run... it's certainly true of the last update.


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5-08-2007 @ 3:16PM

jason said...

the quick instant messenger thing is on the internet too so why not put a web browser if they have a mini keyboard to go with it.


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5-08-2007 @ 3:27PM

Shaggy240 said...

where are the videos anyway? i cant seem to find them...?

p.s. they should have a search option for marketplace


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5-08-2007 @ 3:44PM

Nillo said...

I feel the update won't be so feature-rich... just a lot of tweaks and the WLM thing.

About the web browser: do you really want an Internet Explorer mod to be installed on your 360??? Because i'm pretty sure they would use IE's engine for developing it...


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5-08-2007 @ 3:46PM

jason said...

its not going to hurt anything if the browsers there


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5-08-2007 @ 4:02PM

Retrofied said...

The vids didn't really give out much info. Just little snippets.


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5-08-2007 @ 4:12PM

razer said...

Agreed with everyone else.. MS is trying their hardest to hype up this dash update when it really doesn't do much at all. MS has the most unappealing dashboard of all the consoles this gen and they are trying to put sprinkles on a turd.. I'm not buying it.. It's the updates they don't announce that MS is most concerned about (DRM, Security Holes, etc) and they just throw some fluff on the top to make you think you're getting something. NOBODY asked for MSN integration but the community had a ton of other suggestions, nothing made it in.. If I could skip these updates I would. I plan on turning off the MSN thing as soon as I get it.


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Ciaran Gallagher12

5-08-2007 @ 4:44PM

Ciaran Gallagher said...

I don't see how a browser will appeal to many people, because the vast majority already have PC's!


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Cameron Boyd13

5-08-2007 @ 4:57PM

Cameron Boyd said...

A web browser would be cool if you wanted to check for cheat codes(almost none) or a guide. Or something. I dunno. I almost wish they would stop updating every few months because the first day a updates out its brick laying day.

If the keyboard thingie costs more than $19.99 I'll wait. Knowing M$ I'll provably have to wait.


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5-08-2007 @ 5:04PM

Benjamin09 said...

11. NOBODY asked for MSN integration but the community had a ton of other suggestions, nothing made it in..

This doesn't mean that they are not working on them. Since they have created both program this was probably an easy integration (use the term loosely) and was something that was on the board for a while and they finally made time to do it.

I am not saying it will be a great feature… I probably will turn it off because if I turn it on it means that if my girlfriend logs in when we are at our own places, this will say I am on XBL, I don’t need her seeing how much time I spend online…

She will find out if we ever move in together Muhahahahaha! My plan is flawless!


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5-08-2007 @ 5:19PM

John said...

These videos suck lmao

Well the first one does


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gregory mitchell16

5-08-2007 @ 6:20PM

gregory mitchell said...

If I have voice chat And Video chat....Why the F**K Do i need an update for text chat. Isnt that ass backwards!! Who is gonna take the time to do this(sadly some will) the coolest thing MS did was have voice chat in any game your playing with anyone. Why do i need this?? I cant play and type. MS always have to F**K stuff with adding their BS from other branches of the companies. Im pretty sure Most 360 owners already has windows. and pretty sure that even there most dont use MSN . Most use Yahoo, AIM, ICQ. what a waste of time. Dumbasses


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5-08-2007 @ 8:54PM

mike said...

"MS has the most unappealing dashboard of all the consoles this gen and they are trying to put sprinkles on a turd"

Are you smoking crack buddy? While I cant comment on the PS3 interface as Ive never used it outside of a store, my brother has a dusty wii he rarely plays in the next room and I went onto it yesterday to download the opera web browser for him before it becomes no longer free. I must say It made me love the 360 dash so much. The wii dash is a complete crapfest. The settings and options were a little hard to find, the stupid channels they have dont make sense, theres no organization or sense of what it can do, and the internal wireless card blows chunks. It works then doesent then does, giving you a different error each time. I finally managed to get on the wii shop channel only to find the SLOWEST lag of an experience I ever had. It was worse then e3 2006 trying to grab the halo 3 trailer. The other channels like news channel dont work either, saying im not connected when I am. I wanted to get back on my 360 so bad. The wii has absolutlely the worst interface dash I have ever seen. To call xbox dash worse then it are words coming from an idiot.

As for this particular dash update, I am a little dissapointed in the new feature set, but the msn stuff may be good, as Ive been playing many a game when I finish playing, only to return to my computer and see 10 messages. Maybe this is a better update for us Canadian, who ONLY us MSN, where you Americans use MSN, Mostly Aim, and a bunch of other useless clients. MSN up here is as common as owning a telephone (well for anyone under the age of 40). If I ever went to a girl and asked for her AIM, she would be like "what the hell is that?".

What I really want them to focus on for the fall update is:

- 4 person private chat (and no BS saying it cant be done because it can)
- Remove demos XBLA games from your achievmeents (VERY important)
- turn off "player is now online" notification while leaving messages recieved and and request intact. Im tired of playing a game and seeing xxxxxxxx log on 50 times in a row every 2 seconds because hes having connection problems
- List what DVD a person is watching in friends list, and name of DVD in drive on play button (this can be done using the label of the dvd structuer, even burned movies would list.)
- auto download XBLA games without having to visit the arcade tab
- Change the sound it makes when you get a notification, so the achievment sound makes you feel more excited when you get it.
- Ability to set wall-paper for all 4 blades (although im sure if they did this, they would lose tons of money from the suckers who pay for themes)

and much more, thats all I cna think of now.


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