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Halo 2 reset and matchmaking updates delayed

The promised rank reset and matchmaking playlist updates to Halo 2 have been delayed, but are scheduled for next week. With the release of the two new multiplayer maps, Bungie had hoped to implement them into matchmaking and do a rank reset. But due to people having troubles getting the maps they are waiting a little longer. Though, Frankie assures us that they are actively working with the Xbox team to figure out all the anomalies that sprung up with releasing the maps the way they did. So, enjoy your Halo 2 rank one blissful week longer.

[Thanks, Zac LaCombe]

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1. um, gay?

glad i paid for maps that are pretty much useless except to play with the 2 people on my buddylist who still play H2.
cool bugie, way to delay things for the 6 people you screwed over.

Posted at 3:04PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Grant

2. Maybe you weren't screwed over with the new maps released, but as one of the many people who were, it sucks not being able to play Halo online at all.

Posted at 3:08PM on Apr 27th 2007 by RazorElite

3. i had a credit card issue that got worked out, and the only reason i bought the maps was to play them on matchmaking. You can't play something else for the week that the issue gets fixed like the rest of gamers have been doing for the last year since anything new came out for halo2?

Posted at 3:15PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Grant

4. A buddy of mine is still having issues downloading the maps, and we've contacted Xboxlive, Bungie, and computer geeks. Deleted his Halo 2 files, everything Halo 2 related on the harddrive, and still nothing.

I don't care about the $4 charge, but not being about to get the content is a big issue. Plus, the maps are so glitchy, you don't have to try very hard to manipulate an outcome. Not enough beta testing... ergo, I am under the opinion that the "fix" will also include some measure to mitigate the glitches and simple exploits found in the maps.

Posted at 3:25PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Grindstone

5. How about not being able to play matchmaking at all unless you download the maps? Way to disable my $60 game folks. I love when I pay for something then I get told I must stop using it unless I give them more money. Isn't that extortion?

Posted at 11:53AM on Apr 28th 2007 by rebelspyder

6. @5, psss it cost 50. ;)

Posted at 3:55PM on Apr 28th 2007 by Patrick

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