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Mass Effect pushed back, may arrive in September

BioWare's golden child of an RPG Mass Effect may have been bitten by that dreadful delay bug. CVG is reporting that during a Microsoft held event this morning they learned, in quite unofficial terms, that Mass Effect has been pushed back from a Summer release to sometime in September. Quite frankly we shouldn't use the word "delay" since there was no official release date set, but our collective consciouses expected the game to come rather soon. So, until official word gets out or this is cleared up, we'll err on the safe side and re-program our brains to expect a September release.

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Digital Limit1

4-23-2007 @ 11:35AM

Digital Limit said...

This seems like it's actually the EU release date.

They wouldn't want to compete with Halo 3.


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4-23-2007 @ 11:35AM

Brad said...

I died a little inside when I read this.

I was looking forward to this game so that I could let it drag me away from WoW.


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4-23-2007 @ 12:01PM

ogvor said...


And somehoe I always new this was gonna happen...


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4-23-2007 @ 12:05PM

KillerGreen said...

I'm not too bummed, cause now I don't have to pick between Mass Effect and Forza 2! Z06 here I come!


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4-23-2007 @ 12:07PM

James said...

I'm so burned out by "pushed back" announcements (esp. for the AAA Wii titles I bought the damn machine for) that I think the part of me that used to get excited about release dates, then pissed off about delays, has completely died. Now, I don't get worked up until the release date is less than about at week away.


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4-23-2007 @ 12:16PM

Bravo6 said...

I would rather have it pushed back than released full of bugs.


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4-23-2007 @ 12:22PM

Matt said...

Yeah competing with H3 will not be good for business, let alone GTA IV.


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4-23-2007 @ 12:29PM

Scaught said...

My wife and I are expecting our baby daughter to be born at the end of June. I actually thought (and this is awful to admit) that it was going to conflict with Mass Effect coming out. So now this works out fine for me!! :)


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Kid Pyrrhic9

4-23-2007 @ 12:32PM

Kid Pyrrhic said...

Its definately regarding the European release.

In the article, it claims the September release date would put in competition with Blue Dragon, released the same month.

Well, Blue Dragon is scheduled for August for the States.


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4-23-2007 @ 12:47PM

PS3 RULES said...

This would be a good time to trade in your Xbox360 for a PS3. This is the only good game you have. Many PS3/PS2 games to choose from. Xbox only shooters and the only good one are from third party which PS3 will have also. PS3 has better variety of games coming that are first party. xbox only has Halo. PS3 for this year:

KillZone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4(3rd prty exclusive), Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, LittleBigPlanet, SingStar, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Ratched and Clank, Crysis(3rd) Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Genji and Ridge Racer 7, plus Formula One Championship Edition



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4-23-2007 @ 1:04PM

Michael said...


'PS3 RULES' you fucking idiot.

Microsoft has the CREATOR of Final Fantasy under its wing, who formed his own studio called Mistwalker.

KillZone 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Resistance: Fall of Man

You were fucking joking, right?


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andres 36012

4-23-2007 @ 1:06PM

andres 360 said...


This anouncement is filled with awful and fail.

I guess I'm gonna have to get Blue Dragon in June


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4-23-2007 @ 1:07PM

PS3 RULES said...

Im trading in my Xbox360 for PS3. I will just wait for Halo 3, and Mass effect to come out on the PC. They will look better on the pc anyway. I will keep one xbox controller for my PC and Im set. Halo 2, and Rainbow Six Vegas is already on PC, and when Live for windows comes out my PC is basically a Xbox360 on steroids.

This set up is a Win Win situation.


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4-23-2007 @ 1:09PM

Tony said...

@11: I'd not even bother, but you know that already I'm sure lol. If he had a bunch of good news on the PS3 side, he'd be making comments on PS3fanboy instead of harassing people on 360fanboy. People are weird.

In any case, I'm siding with the whole Euro idea on this.


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4-23-2007 @ 1:18PM

Jackjoints said...

Ummmm..... The 360 has-Dead Rising,Crackdown,GRAW2,Lost Planet,gears of war,The Arcade,Online play which is alot of times left out of ps3 versions of the same game,achievements,halo3,mass effect,bioshock the list goes on and u r sayin little big planet or warhawk can even come close to anything related to the 360, that means you are officially crazy


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4-23-2007 @ 1:25PM

PS3 RULES said...

@14 Mass Effect pushed back, may arrive in September. This does not sound like good news to me. This is what type of news we see on ps3fanboy site: Crysis coming to PS3, Is the PS3 the most important entertainment development since the TV. PS3 will out sell Xbox in less than a year and go on to sell 100 million plus like the PS2.


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4-23-2007 @ 1:34PM

Josh said...

Ahh 'PS3 RULES' you really are a brainwashed Sony fanboy and suffer from a severe case of denial. Xbox 360 has the best games NOW and will continue to have the best games through this console war. It's just a matter of time before MGS4 and FFXIII gets ported to the 360 so the developers can actually make money off the games. Mass Effect was only one game out of the many great ones coming out this year and never had a confirmed release date in the first place. Just a few examples of real great future games include Forza 2 (not a shooter), Halo 3, BioShock, Shadowrun, Blue Dragon (not a shooter), Lost Odyssey (not a shooter), Ace Combat 6 (not a shooter and was once Sony only property) and many more but I don't have time to list them all. As far as the multi-platform games go (DMC4, GTAIV, etc), have fun playing them on your $600 paperweight with inferior online and clunky controller with no rumble.


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4-23-2007 @ 1:35PM

PS3 RULES said...

@15. do you realize that I ONLY listed games you will not find anywhere else EXCEPT PS3. (except Crysis). Bioshock will be on PC, GRAW 2 on PS3, Lost Planet is going to PC. gears maybe, crackdown is a rip off of other games. PS3 online is on track now that all the bad 360 ports are behind, and HOME is looking good with the trophy/achievement system. I give you gears of war dude, that's the only game I bought my 360 for, but thats about it. My point is PS3 has every experience of a 360 plus 80% more variety/exclusives. Im not a fanboy of either, just keeping it real.


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4-23-2007 @ 1:46PM

razer said...

PS3 Rules: Give it a rest will you! Nobody is buying the crap you're shoveling.. I know it's hard being in last place when it comes to gaming, but hey you still have some great Blu-Ray movies to watch on your GAME CONSOLE!

I had a feeling ME would be delayed... I just hope it disappears off the radar and the dev's dig in and get it all cleaned up. I don't want to see another walkthru video or any more teasers.. Just get the flippin game out all ready!


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4-23-2007 @ 1:48PM

Michael said...

Erm, yeah Crackdown is a rip-off. Like each new FF completely innovates with complete originality.

360 exclusives games i'm interested in:

Halo 3
Gears of War
Too Human
Peter Jackson's Halo
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars
Forza Motorsport 2

A couple might come to PC, in like TWO years. Most are also original projects rather then sequels to already established franchises simply selling off the brand. (FF)

I look at that list and see that's why I choose to be an X360 fan, if what the X360 doesn't appeal to you, that's your problem.

I'm rather bored btw. :)


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