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Tilt control on the 360 for the masses

Everyone knows that the Wii and (to some lesser extent) PS3 controllers have motion controlled goodness, but what about our 360? Well, if you are yearning for some sort of motion controlled experience then today we have good news. The tiltBoard (as seen in the demo above) will soon be mass produced by Talismoon and will be available in the not too distant future. If you aren't familiar, the tiltBoard allows control over the d-pad and left thumb stick simply by tilting the controller in the direction you choose. It's a nifty little project that could be a big hit if priced just right. Though, we couldn't imagine tilting to ten kills in Gears, so we'll leave it to the racing fans. Anyone interested?

[Via Engadget, Thanks UnboundEdog]

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4-06-2007 @ 4:42PM

Neeko said...

I WANT I WANT I WANT..Give it 2 me now. This would revive every racing and simulator ive got for xbox and 360. WHy is MS being beaten to this? SOO sad gates will get no $$ from me now.


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4-06-2007 @ 4:51PM

DjDATZ said...

wow...i want this...NOW...i would so use it for might even give you an advantage over other people racing because you'd be able to adjust your movements ever so slightly.


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4-06-2007 @ 4:52PM

DjDATZ said...

wow...i want this...NOW...i would so use it for might even give you an advantage over other people racing because you'd be able to adjust your movements ever so slightly.


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4-06-2007 @ 4:59PM

KillerGreen said...

^^you might think it would help you, but it really depends how well the game implements it. I've got a PS3 and the new Motorstorm game has an option to let you steer with the sixaxis and it totally blows. It's kinda fun to screw with for a race or two but its really, really hard to remember to keep your controller perfectly still and make minor movements to steer. If you want an advantage for Forza I'd look to the racing wheel.


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4-06-2007 @ 5:08PM

Neeko said...

This would work best for flying simulations. were you can move 360 degrees. and dont have to stay in a straight line.


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4-06-2007 @ 5:26PM

jabbertrack said...

no thanks

but to be honest something like this is the way to do motion control... not making it mandatory

because frankly it sucks more than it rules in most games


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4-06-2007 @ 5:35PM

vid33nyc1 said...

Dont want it.Keep that crap on the Wii and PS3.I just want to play the game not be in it.


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4-06-2007 @ 5:49PM

nick said...

Not interested. I've yet to play a game that isn't overly simplied just to use this type of control.


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4-06-2007 @ 6:09PM

T-Low said...

Microsoft should do this. Yall check out for mass effect graphic update.


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4-06-2007 @ 8:43PM

GRT said...

Keep it away. The Wii was fun for a couple of weeks but then the novelty wore off. I've been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PS3 and there's some 'tilt features' in it and let me tell you, it just sucks to have to break the cadence of your game to start shaking or twisting the controller around.

Tilt/motion controls are crap... keep 'em away from the 360!


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4-06-2007 @ 9:27PM

Sockninja said...

is it just me or does the control there look reaaaally crappy ? not like Burnout is a precise game... maybe buddy just sucks... but ill stick to my analog stick, the tilt looks too jerky to be any use


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4-07-2007 @ 1:51AM

pos said...

why dont MS just rellease drivers for the sidwinder freestyle gamepad that has it built in.
they already launched that product in 98 bundled with motorcross madness.

The controler is USB so just plug it in your 360 and get MS to release drivers and then we can play. the gamepad has the amaunt of buttons that are on a 360 controler it is only missing the right analoge stick features but in car games like burnout who needs it.


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terry vayden13

4-07-2007 @ 11:08AM

terry vayden said...

HA! i knew the PS3 SIXAXIS controller could do motion and "last gen" rumble features!!

this goes to show that SONY was talking some bs about Immersion's technology and just didn't want to pay them off!! lol


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4-07-2007 @ 11:26AM

pos said...

Yeah and that is why Sony sucks. They dont care abut you if they did the PS3 would be withaout BLU ray and Wifi and cost less. you could ofcourse buy blue ray and WIFI seperatly if you have use for them,Who does? so pay for the shit that you maybe dont need and we will take out the things that you might need or enjoy "The rumbble feature" and tell you that it is not needed but we will give you a SIXAXIS feature that is brand new for us here att SONY becaus e we overlooked that MS already used this technology in 98 OOPPS. F Sony and everyone that supports their products and even buy the PS3 for 599$ they are truley sucking on Sonys co**. I think the mesege is clear if you work for Sony then kill yourself, And one more thing Bill Hicks says HI.


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360 FTL15

4-07-2007 @ 10:13PM

360 FTL said...

...and people said SIXAXIS was crap

They had 3rd party controllers like this on PlayStation 1 and M$ has only caught up now?

HD DVD is dead and M$ knows it, otherwise it would be in the (not so)"Elite", whats with the lack of Wi-Fi also, glad im not in your shoes when it comes to hard drives too haha $179 for 120GB

[I'm simply returning the favour, stay off PS3 fanboy and I'll stay off here]

The 360 is good, but the Elite is a Rip off, the 120GB HDD is a rip off and this controller sucks

@13 terry vayden
Phill Harrison explained that they couldnt say that the didnt have rumble because they were being sued. Sony said that it had the "POTENTIAL" (key word there) to interfere. The whole thing was just bad PR, but they reached a settlement and force feedback stuff is coming to PlayStation 3


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terry vayden16

4-07-2007 @ 11:05PM

terry vayden said...

@360 FTL
agreed that the 120 gb HD is too expensive. i expect a price drop when nobody starts buying it.

i think if microsoft wants to charge their consumers extra for an HD DVD player that most people could care less about at this point in time, they would've included it.

i could care less which HD DVD player wins. its's uneeded.

the 360 elite is a great buy for those that haven't purchased one yet, like myself.

yep, rumble feed is coming back to the SIXAXIS and Sony can wipe their little PR underneath the carpet. heh, but why call something "last generation technology" one week then get in bed with it the next week?(yes this is more damning than MS's HDMI statement)

sucks for the games that don't offer rumble tho. like GOW 3, Resistance and Metal Gear 4, ya know, the games where rumble counts?

please, come again soon!


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terry vayden17

4-07-2007 @ 11:11PM

terry vayden said...

@360 FTL again-
oh, and sony could've just paid Immersion off and avoided the incident all together, right?
...but Phil Harrison probly told you that already...


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4-08-2007 @ 9:07PM

sam-evans said...

Hey, we can all agree it was Bad PR, even Sony admitted they screwed up. They aren't perfect, but at least they're trying to get rid of their (super) arrogant image by being a bit more open. ("They'll buy it because we're sony" oh shut up crazy ken)

Microsoft took a different stance on their console's features, but by not including HD DVD in their Elite console, considering the price tag (which in nearer to the Playstation 3), they should have included an HD DVD and Wireless in the console.

The Elite isnt all bad if you dont have a 360 yet, but unless you love your HDMI and black 360s it really doesn't warrent buying a new console. It worked for nintendo with almost every product they have ever made though.

If rumble isn't the first thing you think of while you play the game you actually don't notice it until someone says "what is it like without the rumble?" try playing resistance or motorstorm for yourself if you don't believe me. But im not saying that I dont want rumble back, but it wasnt a bad trade off for the light controller imo

We all know Sony stuffed up with the whole law suit and PR thing. Sony need to put David Jaffe on PR that would be great.

I don't hate the 360, but I do hate the Anti-Sony band wagon

The 360 actualy pretty good (Aside from the Red Lights Of Death and cooling problems and the controller-its too small)

M$ definitely have the better marketing, I wont deny that...This is Living?...Wtf?


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4-08-2007 @ 11:29PM

Travis said...

There really isnt a point fighting over which console is better than the other. Either way the more competition between the two the better for us. They will provide better systems with better games to beat out the competition. It's a lose or win situation for them but a win-win for us.


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4-09-2007 @ 9:47AM

sam-evans said...

The competition has its good and bad points, such as the Blu-Ray HD DVD "Format War" where one will ultimately lose and consumers will have their options cut short if they own the losing format. Multi-platform games are another bad point, in the developers putting their game out on multiple consoles, they wont make the game as good as it could have been and will ultimately end up worse than if the game had been exclusive to one console. But thats not to say that multiplatform games are bad, just that they could be better if they were exclusive.

Ideally, every game would be exclusive and everyone would own every console. But thats not going to happen any time soon...


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