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Shane Kim vs. Shadowrun haters: Fight!

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Shane Kim spoke at length about Microsoft's decision to turn Shadowrun -- a classic pen and paper RPG franchise -- into a first-person shooter. Gamasutra notes that many Shadowrun fans were (understandably) miffed when they discovered that the new Shadowrun title would be an FPS. In response, Kim states that Microsoft has been battling that reception and trying to convince players that the game is worthy on its own merits. Kim notes that while Shadowrun may not be an RPG, fans will be pleased to see that FASA has been faithful to the Shadowrun universe while adapting it to an FPS. Kim goes on to say that many skeptical Shadowrun fans have come away impressed after actually playing the game. Kim believes word of mouth is what's needed to convince the rest.

With the NDA on the Shadowrun beta lifted, you can rest assured that you'll be getting plenty "word of mouth" from us in the near future.

Any Shadowrun fans out there also on the beta? What do you think, is Shadowrun for the 360 faithful to its roots?

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1. I got invited to the BETA and at first I thought the game SUCKED...but I played it again last night and it was ok...I don't think I'll buy it unless it gets a complete overhaul

Posted at 2:12PM on Mar 21st 2007 by RECK1N

2. I'm currently in the Shadowrun Beta. I was accepted just a few days ago, and have only had a small amount of time with the game. Basically its Counterstrike with Magic and Futuristic abilites that you buy at the beginning of each round, as well as guns. You have four slots that you can fill with your weapons and abilities.

There are four classes to pick from, I played as an Elf with a katana, enemy vision(?), turn into smoke power, and super ability thing that made me faster and gave me more power/stamina bar. Sorry, I'm still not familiar with the names.

Like everyone has said, the graphics are lacking, the textures look bad, but it is the beta. I can say that it is a very cool twist on the Counterstrike gametype. It's something that I've never really played. There's always a counter to every power, and can take a lot of strategy to figure out the best approach to each map. There are only two maps in the beta, but both can be approached very differently.

The only gametype I played was grab the flag and take it to a certain spot, kinda like capture the flag, but you don't take it to your base.

It's not a bad game, but the graphics need to be worked on, plus I don't know if I've played against a PC player, but it seems like a mouse and keyboard could make short work of us controller users. We'll see.

Posted at 2:18PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Matthew

3. I'm in the beta and I've cloded in a good 7 or so hours since I first got it a week or so ago.

I really like the game, initial comparisons will be "Counter Strike with Magic" but I really feel it's got a good deal more depth than that.

I especially love how you're required to work together, make sure everyone isn't just buying Teleport, Glider, and Smoke, and no one is buying Ressurect or Tree of Life and all the other various aspects.

Funfunfunfunfun. While I can't speak on how close it is to it's original IP, I do now that as it's own IP it's awesome.

Posted at 2:48PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Mikeawesome

4. To be honest, from what I've seen so far, it looks like one of these FPS's where everyone will start using the same attack/magic/race and the game will become quite stale quite quickly. The close-combat looks pretty week too (using the swords) and will probably be more hassle than it's worth.

Posted at 3:19PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Insomnious

5. Im in the beta as well and its great so far. With the exception of a few lag issues the game looks and plays well. I too feel it is abit deeper than Counter Strike. I mean you can glide, use all kinds of magic and weapons. Its really a neat game. I even plan to buy this one and thats saying something. I have yet to buy a game that I have Beta tested but this may be the first one in a while.

Posted at 4:40PM on Mar 21st 2007 by jason w

6. they need to sort out the shotgun....

Posted at 5:04PM on Mar 21st 2007 by drunkenshaolin

7. Sadly, Shadowrun the FPS does not stay true to the Pen and Paper RPG aspect. For instance, teleportation is impossible (no neato technical advances, no magical aspects, no way no how); Rival gangs tend toward racial in structure (only Orcs) or fantatical (only burning things). I could go on. I'm sure gameplay wise it's fun, but how many UT clones do we need?

Posted at 9:11PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Propane

8. No one will get this but, Phantom Dust with guns...

Posted at 9:38PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Kamizar

9. Now that this thing is out the door can FASA work on Crimson Skies 2? Pretty please?

//no interest in Shadowrun.
///love the PnP. For the cool stories and characters. None of that in a live only shooter now is there? Seems kind of senseless to me. I'm sure there are plenty that will enjoy it though. Good for them.

Posted at 12:16AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by CaptBeefheart

10. Alrighty now to voice my opinion having been in the beta since the start of January. The game has evolved massively since the flood gates have opened which can be seen with the whole new magic/tech/races.

The one major thing about this game is you are a team. If you go off and dont talk to your team, you might as well commit suicide. I hate playing with people who don't have a mic on or atleast dont talk because of this (then again there are certain people I've had to mute too).

After the whole concept of teamwork theres actually someting that happened to us beta testers, we kept playing with different ideas and provided money for eachother in game to buy the things we needed. There is no magical combination to setup. Yes it can get annoying that you cant have everything you want when you want it but it makes you think. Most of the old testers have a few commmon combinations they setup and quick cast the rest. Quick casting is key since you cant have all your spells mapped at once.

Everyone complains about the katana in the start, we all did but it really is a nice weapon to have. The amount of times I've snuck up on people and made them bleed out (if you cut someone with the katana or artifact while they arent aware (visable through a symbol) they bleed out unless someone resurrects them) or have been on the recieving side of this. Everytime you just end up screaming wtf and then telling the other guy nice job one you now what happened.

The rest of the weapons are really nicely balanced with the magic correspondingly. There is a counter for everything. One of my new favorites is strangle on trolls. Those guys are so friggin tough as a elf if they have full essence so why not just sap it away and make him stationary?

I could go on about the game but truthfully I'd rather get back in and play some. Astonishingly the only two maps available for us testers still havent bored me out. Can't wait till the game comes out.

Posted at 12:36AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by lordzero

11. I was in the Beta and didn't know! lol

When I got the "NDA is over" email, i mailed them back asking if I was ever in the beta and the answered yes, since the beggining of the Beta. Double LOL.

Thanks, spam guard!!

I got my code and downloaded beta yesterday and played about an hour.

Yes, it fells like it's a fun multiplayer game and will have it's sect of permanent followers.

But lack of campaign is tough and I don't see this game being played on live in a year from it's release.

but again, I didn't play much of it, 3 matches with bot's and couple of tutorials.

Not a bad game at all, it's a very solid multiplayer arcade shooter and it's very deep and open a lot of tactical possibilities in regards of team play, but it's missing something, don't know why.

Let me play more to build a solid opinion about this multiplayer only game.

Posted at 1:41AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by T Ghost

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