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Rumor: Halo 3 in September?

Halo 3
is slated for Fall 2007, as the poster would suggest. So, based on past experiences in 2001 and 2004, we can safely narrow that down from "Fall" to "November, duh", right? Well, in our GDC edition of the Fancast, we mentioned how Shane Kim said that Halo 3 will ship when it's finished and isn't bound to console launches or tattooed biceps. He threw out September as an example, then followed that with how it would ship next week if it was done as a means to cover his tracks. Well, we've got some more food for thought in regards to Microsoft's Fall '07 line up.

We're finishing off the year with the world-wide release of Lost Odyssey in December, so that month is covered. Grand Theft Auto IV is hitting shelves for both the 360 and PS3 smack dab in the middle of October, and Microsoft has no intention of releasing anything against that behemoth. So, that leaves Project Gotham Racing 4 and Halo 3 with either September or November. Using the aforementioned logic, you'd assume that PGR4 will hit in September and Halo 3 in November. Well, Shane brought up another interesting point in that releasing a game in September doesn't necessarily hurt sales. Fable came out in September, got good initial sales, and then an additional boost in November. He went on to say that Halo 3 could do the same thing, while coming out before GTA IV and "beating it" like the 360 did the PS3.

So, place your bets now, which of the two is the most likely month for Halo 3: September or November?

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1. I'm still guessing November. Although more than anything I could go for some next gen multiplayer at the highest level, I would gladly wait an additional 2 months for them to make the best game possible.

Gamertag: shaolinjedi4

Posted at 11:42AM on Mar 15th 2007 by shaolinjedi4

2. it really doesnt matter to me...but i fully agree with shaolinjedi in that if it takes another 2 months to perfect the willing to wait. :D

but i wanna play it now! so...if it comes out in game.

Posted at 11:54AM on Mar 15th 2007 by DjDATZ

3. September.

Launching early gives Microsoft some breathing room to make it a Christmas 2007 pack-in title for massive damage.

Posted at 12:00PM on Mar 15th 2007 by J.Goodwin

4. That, and totally wreck ANYTHING that the PS3 could offer from September on. GTA is a system seller, but that also means Ps3's, for the faithful. But, think of the two pronged attack:

Halo 3 ships in September, everyone everywhere immediately submits and goes and purchases a 360.

Rockstar released GTAIV in October, to much chagrin of Sony, as now everyone can play it on their 360.

Microsoft = winnar.

Posted at 12:18PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Justin U

5. "and "beating it" like the 360 did the PS3."


Posted at 12:26PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Arno

6. Yeah, Arno, ZING!

But I was getting at the "beating" in terms of release timeline more than the overarching console war.

Posted at 12:28PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Knuckles Dawson

7. I know, I just felt like saying that. :)

Posted at 12:35PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Arno

8. Neither. I bet it will be delayed into 2008... :/

Posted at 12:52PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Mrfreezie

9. I'd say November still.

Don't forget guys PS3 still has MGS4 slated as a 2007 release, which will also probably make an appearence around the same time. Although I am highly doubtful that MGS4 will relese in 2007, I suppose it is still possible.

Microsoft won't want Halo 3 released months before MGS4 or else the game will get buried in its wake, the release will have to come 1-2 weeks before MGS4's release so it can steal some of its thunder whilst adding to its own.

Posted at 12:58PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Geoff Gibson

10. Well I think the thing that some people are missing is that wfhat games does the PS3 have that people have to go and buy a system for?

Now if GTA4 was to be released on the ps3 before the 360 then that would be some cause for concern but it's released on both platforms...

Take this from me I use to be a diehard ps3 fanboy but I wasn't about to shell out that type of money for no good games...and i'm sorry I love GTA4 but there is no way that i would have been tempted to shell out over $500 to play one game.

Even though it's comming to the PS3 as well sony is still going to have a hard time.

I think it would be in best interest for Halo 3 to come out in Sept but if it isn't ready i don't think people are going to whine too much if it comes out in Nov.

Posted at 1:04PM on Mar 15th 2007 by TheOnlyCarnie

11. September is better for sales. If there's anyone on the fence, Microsoft doesn't want them to buy a PS3 instead of a 360 when GTA drops. If they can offer H3 a month ahead with the promise of GTA being on the same machine anyway, they might get some extra people.

Posted at 1:07PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Tim

12. check the link bestbuy Canada gets more info
Release Date: 11/15/2007

Posted at 1:11PM on Mar 15th 2007 by kokito

13. Limited Pre-release for Beta Participants in September - build hype - full release in November

Posted at 1:14PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Paul

14. I suspect the decision is still up to MS and not Bungie, and MS will release when they feel they can get the most software/hardware sales from it - not when the games is done, as Bungie has stated.

I personally think September so MS can say, look, we have Halo 3 and GTA, not just GTA (ahem, Sony).

Posted at 1:30PM on Mar 15th 2007 by John

15. MGS$ would never "bury" Halo 3....Once Halo 3 launches...the World will stop spinning lol

Posted at 1:37PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Boomhauer

16. oops MGS4*

Posted at 1:37PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Boomhauer

17. I think that a late-September, October or early November release would be great for Microsoft/Bungie. Releasing on or around black Friday would be too late to allow for buzz buildup of it (+ 360 console) being the 1st choice for a Christmas gift for 2007. It should be given a little time to become an obvious favorite to be highlighted by the general press (not just CE-related press) as the top pick for the holiday season.

Posted at 2:09PM on Mar 15th 2007 by techSage

18. @ Boomhauer

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying MGS4 will bury Halo 3, but if Halo 3 gets released 2 months before MGS4 then when Christmas comes rolling around Halo 3 will be old news and MGS4 will be new news.

Each game has its core followers, as well as a much larger group who appreciate both games. The targetted audience for these games should be the latter group as they are like "swing voters", especially during the Christmas season.

If MGS4 does plan a November release then I definetely think Halo 3 should also plan a November release, about 2 weeks before hand. That way it gives parents and people in general the knowledge that they are buying their loved ones a hyped product (360+Halo3) for about $360-$460, as opposed to an alternatively hyped product (MGS4+PS3) for about $560-$660. They'd be saving themselves quite a chunk of change while still getting their loved ones what they want.

I don't believe this scenario would happen in as large of scale if Halo 3 releases two months before MGS4, in September.

In any case this is ONLY if MGS4 actually releases this year, which is still way up in the air. Personally I think Hideo Kojima will push it back to add some extras and gloss it up so as not to have another MGS3 on his hands.

Questions? Comments?

Posted at 2:21PM on Mar 15th 2007 by Geoff Gibson

19. MGS's following is greatly overhyped.

MGS3 only sold 3 million to a potential audience of 100 million (3% of ps2 owners bought it)

Halo 2 sold 7 million to a potential audience of 20 million (35% of xbox owners bought it)

By November, the PS3 will likely be at 8-10 million units, and the 360 at 17-19 million units, so there's really no chance of MGS 4 beating out Halo3.

Posted at 3:16PM on Mar 15th 2007 by TSD

20. Here's the deal: Halo 3 will sell regardless of what month it's released. In fact, Halo 3 will sell more than both previous versions combined. Why? Because of Gears of War. Gears of War has sold over 4 million copies in 4 months. Gears has landed in almost half of all 360 homes, many of these people being new to the Xbox brand. These people have heard of Halo and Halo 2, probably played it some, but don't own it. A larger portion of the Halo 2 population is still playing it on the original Xbox. What does that mean? That means that probably all 4 million Gears purchasers will purchase Halo 3, along with the millions who still play Halo 2 who will run out and buy a 360 and Halo 3.

If it is released in September, it will only be good for MS and Bungie. I agree they will get more for the same game if they release in September. It will push systems and consequently increase sales of GTA4, PGR4, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, and games like Army of Two and possibly Too Human.

Posted at 4:40PM on Mar 15th 2007 by B Tizo

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