World's craziest concepts from Geneva Motor Show

PGR 4 car revealed, Peugeot announces the winner

Peugeot announced the finalists earlier this month and today they revealed the winner of their 2007 Design Contest. For the contest Peugeot challenged designers to create a concept car that is both innovative in the use of technology and expresses the future of car design. And it looks like the Flux edged out the competition with its hydrogen fueled engine, decked out sleek plastic panels, and free flowing frame. The grand prize winning Flux will be built (full scale) at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and will also be included in upcoming Xbox 360 game Project Gotham Racing 4. So there you have it, one of the first confirmed cars in PGR 4 ... the Flux.

[Via TeamXbox]

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2-15-2007 @ 6:17PM

Mark said...

I understand that they're making a real version of this. Looking at the door, I'm not sure what opens for you to get out. Is it like the General Lee and the doors don't open?

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Ciaran Gallagher2

2-15-2007 @ 6:27PM

Ciaran Gallagher said...

Hydrogen, eh?

This had better be the future for cars, I'm sick of breathing in the stinking fumes of millions of petrol cars!

If a pregnant woman breathes in one breath of exhaust fumes, the child can be born with severe mental/physical problems...

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2-15-2007 @ 6:33PM

Boff said...

Kudos to the winner (pun intended), looks good.

Must be hell of a buzz seeing your design in the game and being built for real!

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Nick Nelson4

2-15-2007 @ 7:04PM

Nick Nelson said...

Major Foul! I call MAJOR FOUL! How'd the heck did this get up on 360 Fanboy without anyone pointing out this-

Super sexy car with an integrated 360? By far my favorite piece of the entire design.

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2-15-2007 @ 7:44PM

Patrick said...


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2-15-2007 @ 10:35PM

doze said...

#4 .. in those tight quarters that 360 will get the rings of death.. ;)

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2-16-2007 @ 12:51AM

KillerGreen said...

I'll trade you the revealing of pgr4 car for the revealing a forza 2 car... no but seriously this slow release of the car list is killing me!

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2-16-2007 @ 9:15AM

Graham said...

Nice suspension travel :P

But seriously it is an awesome design. Kudos indeed to the designer

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2-16-2007 @ 9:32AM

boog said...

This should vault the designers career! Great looking car, can't wait to race it. Does anyone know when this game comes out? Does it come out before or after forza 2?

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2-16-2007 @ 12:17PM

DjDATZ said...

wow...all the top 10 cars were amazing...i personally couldnt pick my favorite 5...thats a diff story. LOL cant wait for this game...altho its gonna b a loooong (and painful) wait.

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2-16-2007 @ 12:18PM

DjDATZ said...

boog...of course its not coming out before forza 2...are u dumb? no...no1 knows when it comes out...but i can guarantee you its not anytime soon...

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2-16-2007 @ 2:44PM

LunarDuality said...

That was the best (and most realistic) design in the bunch in my eyes, so I'm not too surprised it won. Great design.

To those wondering when PGR4 will arrive, Peter Moore has stated in the past that Forza and PGR are the "one-two punch" of the MS Games Studio racing line up...therefore, they will be released in alternating years meaning: PGR3 - Holiday 2005, Forza 2 - Holiday 2006 (yes, it's late), PGR4 - Holiday 2007, Forza 3 - Holiday 2008...and so on.
So, anticipate PGR4 in the last quarter of calendar 2007.

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2-16-2007 @ 3:15PM

DjDATZ said...

i would also like to add...the designer of the car is italian...go figure. who else makes the most beautiful (not best) cars in the world?

(Lamborghini, ferrari, pagani...just to name a few...)

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2-16-2007 @ 3:32PM

KillerGreen said...

#12^^ Well you are probably right about PGR4 being atleast a year away, but Forza 2 isn't coming out during the fall holiday season. It's coming out this May as said here:;title;4

-that link also names some of Forza 2's Euro Exotics, but if you're like me than you're waiting to see what Vettes make the cut!

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2-16-2007 @ 4:16PM

DjDATZ said... gonna say for sure the c5's n c6's will make it. (along with the z06's) i dont know much about the vette's and i dont like them that much...but they are amazing cars, worthwhile racers and alot of racing can expect vettes to be well represented...a little less than ferrari or porsche tho...

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