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Just the thing for XBLA: solitaire!

Our favorite European ratings board, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (say that three times fast), has rated a game called Soltrio Solitaire for the Xbox 360. We're not exactly itching to plunk down $60 for a game of Solitaire, so we're assuming that this title is bound for Xbox Live Arcade. XBLA is already host to several card games, but solitaire is currently absent. Would anyone out there be interested in a solid solitaire game on Xbox Live Arcade?

For the record, Track & Field has also been rated.

[Via Xbox Archive]

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1. NO I would not be interested. Solitare has been played to death on my pc. They only way I would get solitare for XBLA is if it were free. In fact, even then I would have to consider it.

Posted at 5:54PM on Feb 9th 2007 by mike

2. If it has gamerpoints, I'm in...

Posted at 5:58PM on Feb 9th 2007 by DaStuph

3. I want an XBLA version of that solitaire adventure game for the PC a few years ago. THAT was addictive - and more than just Klondike.

Posted at 6:13PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Jonah Falcon

4. Track & Field would rock!!

Posted at 6:19PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Lewis

5. I would get it for 400 probably.

Posted at 6:34PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Adam

6. Oh man I love Solitare! If this comes to XBLA I'm so getting it. Within reasonable price of course. If they're charging 800 for it no but if it's like 4-500 Yeah I'd buy it.

Posted at 6:44PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Phazzer

7. Yes, I would!

But it'd have to be free... Then again, I'm sure the Trial will have enough gameplay :P

Posted at 6:48PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Bennyishere

8. I'd get it for free. I'm not paying for something I can just go play for free on my PC.

Posted at 7:18PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Logan T.

9. My mother definently would be interested, so would my grandmother (God rest her soul). Screw Wii, Microsoft knows how to get the family playing I say. Lets here it for porting solitaire!

Posted at 7:29PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Blazer

10. It better have multiplayer or I'm not buying it!

Posted at 7:58PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Imadogg99

11. Is that Track and Field comment a joke or serious?

I need me some track and field goodness. Speed button mashing fun!!
Please tell me that's not a joke. Please!

Posted at 8:57PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Smacksmackums

12. Meh. I'd rather see board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. Maybe Sorry or Trouble for the kiddies.

Posted at 9:16PM on Feb 9th 2007 by James

13. You've got to be kidding me?! Seriously, Solitaire ?! And there I was making jokes about Minesweepers and Solitaire 2 days ago in that Root-Beer-joke-of-a-game article. All we need now is big ol' Minesweeper. It's like Games for Windows, but on my Xbx 360! Awesome! :eggface:

Posted at 9:52PM on Feb 9th 2007 by dstg_ll

14. I could care less about solitaire. But Track & Field is a different story. I still play it all the time on MAME. And everytime I go to Hersheypark I play it in the old arcade they have there. XBLA needs a good button mashing game with LIVE support.

Posted at 10:41PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Henry Gale

15. "Meh. I'd rather see board games like Monopoly and Scrabble."

I'm with ya. If they put Monopoly on XBLA, I'd easily plunk down 1200 pts for it. Most of the people I know in real life are too stupid to play monopoly.

Posted at 10:42PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Ryan Skorich

16. Wow.
If this is released for XBLA and they charge for the game, then I will no longer renew my live subscription. It would just show that they are out to rip you off. To charge for a game that I already have on my pc. And Live will soon be a part of your Vista PC, then you would have two solitaires to play. WTF. And hey its solitaire, is it that hard to pull out a deck of cards and shuffle?

They need to start putting out original games for XBLA, not this retro titles that have little or no upgrades to them. I mean look at root bear tapper. I cant believe thats available right now, its sad to see. And I grew up at a time where you coule play it on arcade, a real arcade.

Whoever is in charge of lining up these XBLA games needs to be fired ASAP.

Posted at 10:52PM on Feb 9th 2007 by adam

17. You can't play this as multi player as the name states it's a solitare=solo... Maybe if they do like side by side and race to who ever finishes first... Highest score of course would be cool.

Posted at 11:23PM on Feb 9th 2007 by Christian

18. i would also love to play monopoly and scrabble. Scrbble more so because there are plenty of other ways to play online multiplayer monopoly (but not scrabble?)

I like monopoly but I hate playing with stupid people who will sell the 3rd of a property to allow hotels to be bought for like $500. Like when I play with my family, my sister will go and sell marvin gardens to my brother for nothing but money, giving him the ability to win the game with house building. like damn cpus lol (I always bribe cpus with money for their properties)

scrabble would be a great place for more mature players to have a nice sit down and play game (with web-cam). Of course kids can play too if they can compete. The only thing with online scrabble is people would cheat and have a dictionary next to them. They need some sort of time limit of 1 minute or something as well for it to be fun.

another great game would be
me and my family used to play this all the time. Its very fun. Optional keyboard support and it would make a great XBLA game.

XBLA deffenitly need more board games, and less classic crap like root beer and rally x etc etc, which I can just play on an emulator.

Posted at 11:49PM on Feb 9th 2007 by mike

19. "XBLA deffenitly need more board games"

Catan, Carcasonne and Alhambra all wave "hello!"

Posted at 1:50AM on Feb 10th 2007 by Jonah Falcon

20. @16 I agree with you mate, its idiotic to charge for a game which the majority of computers in the world has installed on it for free.

If you buy this then you are an idiot, no wonder XBLA is full of crap.

Posted at 10:54AM on Feb 10th 2007 by pellinho

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