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Read a Blue Dragon review (in English!)

CVG, a professional website mysteriously lacking a favicon, has posted an English review of Blue Dragon. In short, the game is good, and the review contains nothing but praise. Seriously, not one flaw is listed. Frankly, it's hard to trust reviews that are entirely positive, but it still likely means good news for RPG fans. Overall, the review states that the game just feels incredibly polished, that it "reeks of class." The graphics are clean, the battle system doesn't get old, and there is plenty to do. We won't be seeing Blue Dragon stateside until next year, but it looks like the wait may be worth it after all. Hit the read link for the full review.

Has anyone else out there actually played the game?

[Via Evil Avatar]

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1. I hate favicons. I'm looking at you.

Posted at 2:45PM on Dec 12th 2006 by J.Goodwin

2. I'm so excited about this game. I'm hoping it can make me forget about my decision to go with the 360 and never play a Final Fantasy game again.

In all the shots, it seems that the backgrounds blur in the distance, that is really nice.

I hate favicons too.

Posted at 3:14PM on Dec 12th 2006 by lou

3. Just curious, what's so bad about favicons? Are they really worthy of hatred?

Posted at 3:19PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Richard Mitchell

4. Excellent animated variant!!!!

Posted at 3:21PM on Dec 12th 2006 by HearY

5. Worse than not having a favicon is having the Netscape 'N' favicon, which screams "I installed the Netscape in 1998 and haven't updated my website since then".

Posted at 4:53PM on Dec 12th 2006 by gtpunch

6. frigan japo's and their stupid cartoon anime games. they are so obsessed with this stupid crap, its amazing they only buy the playstation cause there are stupid japo games.

Posted at 8:23PM on Dec 12th 2006 by mike

7. Yes, the game is actually quite amazing. The graphics are of course wonderful and the gameplay, while not revolutionary by any means, is still nice. It's definitely hard to write any type of review with this game without mentioning some of its flaws and disappointments (which there are some that would be impossible not to bring up). Of course, most notably being the narrator whose comments are extremely annoying (JOIN UP, PLAYABLE, METAL, ITEM are just a few of the useless 1 word comments made in the game). It really has no reason to be in the game and should be cut out for the Western release. The Field Combat option I think is pretty nice. It basically allows you to group a bunch of on-screen monsters (on the world map) and fight them all in a row, instead of killing one group, then getting kicked out to the world map and then running into the next group.

After games like Oblivion, which have hours upon hours of voiced dialogue, personally, I think it's disappointing to still have next gen RPGs with mounds and mounds of scrolling text. The Japanese voice actors I think are exceptional, especially Shun, the main character, and really adds style to the characters themselves. However, it's sad to see so much of the text still not voiced.

Overall, it's a great RPG. I think the cartoon style is fabulous, thanks to a once again amazing job by Toriyama, but of course comes down to personal preference. I enjoy light-hearted RPGs (i.e. Dragon Quest VIII) over games that try to be more serious and realistic (i.e. Final Fantasy XII). The next gen graphics in HD quality really shine, even in the cartoonish setting and the storyline is fun enough to keep you playing on. While not revolutionary by any means (then again, it wasn't trying to be), I think Blue Dragon holds its own as a great Japanese style RPG that any fan of the genre would be happy with. If it was on the PS2, it would be Blue Dragon pandemonium in Japan. It's a bit disappointing to see it not selling as well because it's on a non-household system like the 360. But for those who have a 360, I think it's a must-own.

As for those with some Japanese knowledge, I recommend getting the game if you have a Japanese 360. The dialogue is quite easy and with furigana written above the kanji, it definitely is kid-friendly (AKA also easy for foreigners w/o too much kanji skill). Hope this shines a little light on some negative aspects of the game and overall premonitions.
Feel free to add me or msg me on Live if u have any questions regarding the game. Enjoy!

Gamer tag: Sal Paradize

Posted at 9:08PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Sal Paradise

8. I thought that there was not Region Encoding on Xbox360 Games (pretty sure that I heard Major Nelson mention this a couple of months ago on a podcast)... If I want to give this a shot do I REALLY need a Japanese Xbox?

Posted at 10:33PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Brian Kirchhoff

9. Sal Paradize - Thanks for taking the time to write a mini-review, appreciated.

Posted at 12:47AM on Dec 13th 2006 by Space Beagle

10. i really hope they leave the original Japanese audio track when they bring BD to the States.
But I highly doubt it because it'd increase the dvd number by one or two discs.
And that's when you start thinking the PS3 and Blu-Ray may not be that crazy after all.
Chances are we'll get some sorry ass anime voiceovers from fanboys and starving LA actors.

Posted at 3:56PM on Dec 15th 2006 by Tomas

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