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Tomorrow is Black Friday and everyone is going to be going crazy trying to find the best deals and sales. In the heat of this consumer battle there will be numerous parents looking to buy a gaming console for their darling children, but aren't sure which system to choose. Here is where I ask you fellow fanboy reader to help the gaming virgins, inform the uninformed, and tell them about the Xbox 360 and its great features. Tell everyone you meet YOUR opinion on the console war, what games are available for each, and what you think would best suit their needs. If you overhear a salesman giving incorrect information about any gaming console, I give you the permission to butt into their conversation and set the record straight. Tiz the time of year for the Xbox 360 community to grow, spread the word ... but be gentle.

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11-23-2006 @ 6:35PM

Richard said...

If you look at the numerous titles that will come out on Q1 of this year for the 360 and not want to buy one you are not a real gamer. The 360 is just starting to hit its stride and come March there will be so many good games people will be saying "Sony Who"

I have already been able to talk a man inside of a Best Buy to buy a 360 for his son. The man said that was looking for something for his son who was in college and he was going to try and get a PS3 (good luck) and I told him he would be better off getting him a 360. I even pointed out three good games any college kid would love to have. He left with a Premiuim console and three games, I am waiting on my commission check MS!!!!!

So I did my good deed for the day, and I will spread the 360 love across the isle's on black friday as well.


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11-23-2006 @ 6:38PM

Daumin0 said...

Don't forget to tell parents about the parental controls. Keep junior on Viva Pinata and off of DOAX2. Save that and "Gears" for Dad ;)


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11-23-2006 @ 7:34PM

Andre said...

I wish people did this all the time, and not just on Black Friday. Had I really known about the 360, I'd have bought one sooner.

Mind you, I had a GameCube so I didn't care that much...

I bought a 360 last week, fyi. :)


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dan s.4

11-23-2006 @ 7:37PM

dan s. said...

Hmmm, should I tell them about rushed, buggy software or the video marketplace which has taken 24 hours and $6 to get 20% of a movie I can't watch. Choices choices...

But then again, now is the time for MS to release they're successor to the "jump in" slogan: "At least we're not Sony"


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11-23-2006 @ 7:47PM

nojok3 said...

Gears isn't really my type of game but after playing Gears with a group of 6 friends, 3 of whom already own a 360, 2 went out and purchased their own 360 and GOW. GOW is the new Halo for the 360 (of course until H3). The other friend already preordered the Wii but is purchasing the 360 after Christmas. Its contagious


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Dragon Almighty6

11-23-2006 @ 8:18PM

Dragon Almighty said...

I am a former video game store employee and I would always refer people to the xbox and now the 360 is out I still do the same. I work for a retail store and I saw the rush for the PS3 and I have to say that a lot of people left that night with a 360. I always have refer towards xbox and always will. So when I see the parents trying to choose what system always ask what age group it is for and then you can tell them what features and games that would be good for that group.

You can get a hold of me for any questions on Xbox Live Gamertag "Dragon Almighty".


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11-23-2006 @ 8:23PM

ruiner said...

I guarantee I'm going to go ape(stuff) on Best Buy management if the 360 kiosk is not up and running with GOW tomorrow.


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un1qu3 n3wy0rk8

11-23-2006 @ 8:42PM

un1qu3 n3wy0rk said...

I have already convinced 2 friends to buy 360 instead of PS3s.


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11-23-2006 @ 10:07PM

TuMaiKbron said...

I already convinced a PS2fanboy at work to "upgrade" to the xbox 360. He bought GoW and is simply in love with his system. I have another PS2fanboy that I'm targeting with the same aproach...


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Matt T10

11-24-2006 @ 2:50AM

Matt T said...

It is funny, In Wal-Mart. I LOVE to just run the Gears of War trailer to turn peoples head. One time, I was in Best Buy....playing the trailer.And a guy asked me If it really looked like that gameplay wise. I pulled out my PSP with gameplay vid. of Gears and He walked out with an Xbox 360.


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11-24-2006 @ 10:25AM

Tony said...

I doubt anyone is going to find many PS3s or Wiis anyway, so people just wanting to get their kids a new system will do most of that work lol.

My little brothers are getting one from my parents, apparently. I just have to make sure they keep it out of some cupboard.


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11-24-2006 @ 2:53PM

RogueStorm said...

I am simply amazed at the number of people that actually think the PS3 is superior in every way to the Xbox 360. Microsoft should to a better job advertising all the other features (iPod support, music during games, Media Center extender, HDTV support, etc.). There is so much that the average consumer would never know about the 360 versus the PS3.


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Ian O'Rourke13

11-25-2006 @ 5:19AM

Ian O'Rourke said...

I watched something on UK TV about two or so months ago about consoles, can't remember if it was a documentary or a news item, but it was interesting.

It was about the new consoles coming out, primarily the PS3, and it featured loads of people who just seemed to blindly believe the PS3 was going to be the only console worth having and was going to be orders of magnitude better than any other game.

It was odd. I don't think there is anything out there that says that or proves that, but they believed it anyway.

It was kinda scary. How such things become urban myths:)


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New 360 owner.14

11-25-2006 @ 1:42PM

New 360 owner. said...

Get your butt down to a Micro Center store, even if you have to drive far to get to one and get the XBox 360 $100 rebate deal before 12/3. That is probably the best deal on a game system that you are going to find this Christmas. I got mine already. :-)


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