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Halloween Fall Dash Update: Trick or treat?

Unlike OXM, which reports the Fall Dashboard Update is already in your possession (don't bother looking), Famitsu says (via German site GameFront.de) that the hotly anticipated upgrade will be a worldwide treat on Halloween:

Microsoft will release its "Fall 2006 System Update" on 31.10.06 in Japan, according to a Famitsu report. The update is free and available to all Xbox Live members.

The update, among other things, improves Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace functions, provides 1080p support, adds a start menu for XNA-developed games, adds HD-DVD player support and over 80 additional functions.

Microsoft is holding a press conference in Japan at which additional information will be provided.

It's widely believed that MS will roll the update out everyhwere at the same time, so that's good news for folks in the US and EU as well. Better yet, Japanese site WatchImpress has pics from the press conference confirming WMV streaming via Windows Media Connect, CD-R/DVD-R and USB thumbdrive.

Hey 1080p, HD-DVD support and more sure beats Smarty Smarts and stale Nestle Crunch bars. Plus you don't need a costume.

[Via Xboxic]

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1. Confirmed -> via Gamerscoreblog


Feature list xbox.com:

Posted at 12:40PM on Oct 30th 2006 by SneakySoulJAH

2. xbox.com confirmed...


Posted at 12:50PM on Oct 30th 2006 by jc


Nice, since hopefully on Wednesday night, I'll be assembling my new PC, which I didn't buy Media Center for, although I did consider it.

Posted at 12:55PM on Oct 30th 2006 by J.Goodwin

4. Very good news. I'm looking forward to this update.

I went to Gamestop today and separated Gears of World and i can't wait to play this game.

Posted at 1:03PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Tylor

5. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/personality/elle/20061030-update.htm

Posted at 1:14PM on Oct 30th 2006 by djphatjive

6. I can't help but feel punked by this update! This update should of been feature packed instead it was a huge letdown. So manyt great ideas could of been added and supported and MS dropped the ball. I am a die-hard 360 supported but I will say the Sony Dashboard from what I've seen is far superior to this. MS is still forcing formats (WMV) down peoples throats when it's inferior to other formats available (DiVX/XViD). THANK YOU SONY for embracing a more open standard, it's going to pay off big in the end.

Posted at 1:20PM on Oct 30th 2006 by razer

7. So, uh, can I have a cable for HDMI or DVI out of the 360 now? Or did I miss some announcement on that?

Posted at 1:40PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Dave

8. you can do 1080p over component cables, but yes this update is alot of fuff but little substance,

streaming wmv, and HD-dvd support.

Let me customized the FULL GUI please. Backgrounds are nice but what about text colors and fonts? its not hard to do.

Posted at 2:06PM on Oct 30th 2006 by joe

9. Dave, they've been saying for months that instead of an HDMI or DVI cable, you should use the DSUB VGA input that's on the back of every 1080p compatible HD set that's been released to date. Given that the VGA cable is already out...why would you pay more for something new that gives you the same functionality?

Posted at 2:54PM on Oct 30th 2006 by J.Goodwin

10. Video streaming, something we been wanting for a long time. Now we don't have to rely on Media Center anymore for streaming videos to our 360, we can get it from the same sources as our music and pictures. I am sure it will be like the PSP, we probably need something to convert the videos, or maybe even modify Transcode 360 so it can actively stream WMVs on the fly.

Native support for my monitors res (more than likely) and video streaming support, that alone makes me happy for the update. But there's also XNA, better marketplace and Live Arcade, new Video Marketplace (as seen on the Korean X06), etc.

Should be as important as the Spring update in my opinion.

Posted at 3:05PM on Oct 30th 2006 by DA360

11. if you look at the pic of the hard drive page it says there is 59.6gb left free, how big is the japanese hard drive? its not external because the 360 hd image is quite clearly seen

Posted at 12:42AM on Oct 31st 2006 by david reece

12. "we probably need something to convert the videos" ~ DA360

Yes, it's called Windows Movie Maker. Check your start menu. I converted my AVI file of "South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft" to WMV and watched it on my Xbox360 this morning. Kinda grainy. I'll need to adjust the quality settings and figure out what looks best on my 32" HDTV.

Posted at 8:29PM on Oct 31st 2006 by Tom

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