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Halo 3 has revised controls, panic abounds

It's a rough time for Halo fanboys. Every week Frankie gives us an update with almost zero information. It is our job as fanboys then to take this information and blow it way out of proportion. So what is it this week? Bungie is changing the controls! Egad, it can't be true. What's more, Bungie is toying with the idea of adding plenty of new setups ranging from hardcore to grandma friendly. The end result of all this is that we'll have a setup that makes more sense on our 360 controllers -- especially now that the black and white buttons don't exist. Basically, all we know now is that the bumpers will receive more logical actions than turning on the flashlight and teamspeak.

The only other tidbit of news this week: the AI is coming along nicely. As an example, the AI of a warthog gunner has been changed significantly. In the words of Frankie:

"In previous
Halo games, the gunners were smart and would pick off targets in a logical fashion, but this time around, and it could be my imagination, the gunners are more precise and easier to influence. You can target individual bad guys by steering the Hog and even 'convince' your gunner to pick a more relevant target and have him stop trying to blast a lone grunt hiding behind a rock when a bigger menace approaches."

Hey, as long as we can still stick a sniper with infinite ammo in the passenger seat, we're cool. Other than that, it's all quiet on the Halo front -- unless you'd like to read what Peter Jackson has to say.

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Reader Comments (Page 3 of 4)


9-25-2006 @ 9:17PM

Edgar said...

You Neeeeerds. go crap on your star wars underpants. All you guys do is complain. Why dont you guys just make your own games and leave the normal guys like me anticipating the game, not critizicing them. Fucking NERDS. NERDS.NERDS.NERDS.NERDS.NERDS.NERDS.NERDS.NERDS
Go play wiith your little chess boards.


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Jared Murray42

9-25-2006 @ 9:31PM

Jared Murray said...

I think that halo 2 was a pretty good game but like all games there is room for improvement one thing that i think that could've been probably be added some how is that they need to add a bar of hp because u know how u have a bar for shield and after that gets depleted then u take damage well then u start to think then whats the point if all the armor he has on i think that they need to put a bar for how much damage his body armor can take. cause its sorta weird how u have all that armor and a pistol bullet can still hurt u if its hits u in the chest.


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K-Man Gamer Boy43

9-25-2006 @ 9:33PM

K-Man Gamer Boy said...

man this bungie is making crazy things .. they can't ever consider us gamers and just stick to the regular agenda. gosh . i mean do they even consider us and that we have to go to the local game store and purchase these interesting controllers man any fellow gamers back me up


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9-25-2006 @ 9:33PM

RAMON said...



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Pretty Thang45

9-25-2006 @ 10:06PM

Pretty Thang said...

Well I've been a long time Halo fan just like the rest of you and all I have to say is Halo 1!! That was a great game damn it! Like a few said Bungie didn't put enough time into the 1 player mode. All the effort went into the multiplayer and it still couldn't match up to Halo 1. Change the rifle too while your at it. Not a big fan of the rifles but pretty darn quick with a pistol lol. But no really Bungie needs to realize that a great 1 player and multiplayer will bring longevity to their game. b/c I stopped playing a while ago ( got real boring)


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9-25-2006 @ 10:55PM

Matt said...

Heh, who says that they won't make another halo game? Maybe they will; just because it's the last of the trilogy doesn't mean they can't take another route. i.e. follow off of Kelly's exfiltration in 'First Strike.'

Unless that has something to do with halo 3, then who knows.


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9-26-2006 @ 12:09AM

JOn said...

I agree with the guy/possible a girl who said that halo3 is what kept the 360 alive and big ups on mentioning mgs4 i wish theyed make it 4 the 360 so i could play them both(my favorite 2 game genras)


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9-26-2006 @ 2:26AM

julie said...

Man, all I care about is Xbox Live multiplayer. I don't even plan on getting a 360 until Halo 3 is out. I don't know anybody out of the hundreds of people I play with who care about anything other then that. Screw the one player option, concentrate on what actually sells the game, and is the reason it's still being played-multiplayer! Don't kid yourself, there are very few lonely video game addicts sitting around repeatedly beating anything but there wood.
What about getting more maps? Or adding the maps from the original?? More game types? That's where your moneys at-not in the damn story line, or the virtual sci-fi drama.


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Thabo Petlane49

9-26-2006 @ 9:25AM

Thabo Petlane said...

How could they change the controls??? well i have
faith in bungie
that they know what their doing. I just hope i can totally destroy
all you guys online like i do on halo 2. haha

and jason you sound like one of the many 8 year olds on xbox live that that talk shit about people and then get annihilated, blaming it on "cheating". haha i love that


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9-26-2006 @ 12:00PM

Andy said...

Isn't it so nice that everyone's judging a game so harshly that hasn't even come out yet? wtf? Let them play around and continuously change things, thats called DEVELOPMENT. I agree with the last few ppl who have been saying "go Halo" instead of "wahwahwahwahwah"


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9-26-2006 @ 12:53PM

Ian said...

I hope that for halo 3 they develope some sort of multiplay ai, similar to PERFECT DARK, because i feel that this would evolve the game to a hole nother level.


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9-26-2006 @ 2:41PM

Derek said...

Even though some of you thought that halo 2's campaign sucked i still enjoyed it because the levels were massive and cool looking. I had boring times playing that game. But what I would think to be cool for halo 3 is interactivity. Like everything you do has an influence or downfall to the mission. I think that the marines and aliens should interact with eachother more like when you see in a cut scene. that would be awesome. But yea more cars, weapons, levels would be nice. Plus some sky combat. It would be cool to fly up as high as you could in halo and be ordered to go take down some banshees up in the sky with a jet. But anyways we wont know anything until the game is releaed so just stop complaining and be pashent.


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9-26-2006 @ 4:24PM

Aaran said...

I agree with everything that is being said in terms of controling marines and being able to custimize guns/lvl's. I really think that campain is important and that people need to read the books to find out how important the story is to halo.


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9-26-2006 @ 4:47PM

Katsumoto said...

In regards to the first post, nobod should still be playing Halo2 still. Most real gamers learned that games like "Pong" and "Frogger" had better programming than that 2 year premature crap. All people did was exploit the glitches in the game and whoever could do it first or better won. Congrats, you're really good at a game designed for moders? Halo 3 is going to be the last in the official series because Bungie is already developing a new series which hasnt been named yet. As I'm sure Halo2 fanboys are mad at me for bashing a game that takes no skill,(over sized hitboxes, glitchy, unbalanced weaponry) they're still gonna buy Halo3 no matter what Bungie does because they're simply fanboys who suck MasterCheifs dick. Quit complaining about new controls. You took the time to get used to holding an X-Box controller which was bigger than David Hasselhauff in Germany, you'll learn new controls. So suck it up because there's nothing you can do about it now that the game is finished. Eat a dick fanboys, move on to a good game :)


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Bobby Duran55

9-26-2006 @ 5:56PM

Bobby Duran said...

SPace battles would be sweet. Suit up in a covenant plane or a human plane. set up a flight and attack system like blazing angels or crimson skies. I just always thought that that was one thing that a major spece epic needs.... Bad-ass flight battles!


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Bobby Duran56

9-26-2006 @ 6:00PM

Bobby Duran said...

multiplayer maps should have an alien option! you should be able to select aliens to fight on splitscreen maps. choose a number of grunts, elites, jackals, hunters, droids, brutes and maybe profits. pick their difficulty level, easy, normal, heroic,legendary and their weapon set. they fight them like in the campaign!!!


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9-26-2006 @ 6:32PM

andy said...

its halo 3 not halp.sorry


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9-26-2006 @ 6:33PM

andy said...

Halo (1) Had probably the better single player missions. But the worst multiplayer.
Halo 2 Had the worst missions but the better multiplayer experience. Hopefully Halo 3 can make both modes halfway decent enough to like the game all the way around. However Halp should come out for both Xbox and Xbox 360; not just the 360. Besides who wants to pay $300 (minimum) just to say you can play Halo 3?

Fact of the matter is: Bungie, don't dissapoint...


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9-26-2006 @ 10:13PM

RAGE said...

It is out job as fanboys then to take this information and blow it way out of proportion.

"..out job.."
"..our* job.."

:D TPYO! I WIN.. w/e idk. yeah well at least H3 will be new to everyone.


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Tommy Fitzjarrell60

9-26-2006 @ 10:35PM

Tommy Fitzjarrell said...

Fun here comes halo 3
Usualy bungi makes good games
Chris my friend likes it
Kim likes it and shes a girl i mean come on

You need to come out faster halo 3
Omg im so excited
Ukno that it will be the greatest


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