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GDC08: Bomberman & Pac-Man win big at XBLA Awards

Keeping to their word, Microsoft just announced at GDC the winners of the first annual Xbox Live Arcade Awards and man oh man did Bomberman Live and Pac-Man: Championship Edition win big.

Out of the ten award categories, six category winners were chosen by the Xbox Live community who voted online this past January. And after the votes were tallied, Bomberman Live ended up being the big winner taking home the coveted Best Overall Arcade Game of 2007 as well as Best Competitive Multiplayer Game. Pac-Man: CE also came out on top, nabbing Best Original Game, Best Family-Friendly Game and Xbox LIVE Arcade Staff Choice honors. So, between Bomberman and Pac-Man, they took home half of all the awards. Not too shabby. After the break, check out all of 2007's top XBLA Award winners for each of the ten categories. And be sure to begin preparation for 2008's XBLA Awards, we have a feeling that the competition is going to be fierce.

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Worms Music and Terrains crawl on Marketplace

A bunch of new Worms content hit Marketplace today. First off, outside of the game, there are a themes and gamer pictures for 150 and 100 MS Points, respectively. Inside the game, there is a Music Pack, which is free to download. On the pay side of things, for 150 MS Points a piece, Desert and Manhattan are available for the invertebrate internecion between you and your friends. That all being said, we got one report from X3F reader Tucker that the update broke his game, though no other such scenarios have come in, so be careful out there, San Diego.

New Worms content wriggles out tomorrow

They say good things come to those who wait, and that may be more true for Worms fans than most. It took a long time and a massive heap of internet rage before Worms finally made it onto Xbox Live Arcade, but it was worth the wait for purists. Said purists may now rejoice a second time, as the new downloadable content (DLC to the kids) will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live. There will be 3 new landscapes available. The Space Landscape (pictured above) is free, while the Hell and Jungle Landscapes will set you back 150 points each. Perhaps the most exciting news, 22 new voice banks will be available for free. Finally, our Angry Scottish, Redneck (presents!), and Irish worms can rise again.

Expect the new content to hit the ground running wriggling tomorrow.

Worms theme and audio DLC announced

Over on the Team 17 forums they've announced new downloadable content for XBLA title Worms. The downloadable content will be a dozen or so theme and audio packs that will include updated backgrounds and audio commentary for your worms to rumble in. It has been confirmed that the Space Theme and Audio pack will be free for download, but we are not sure of the other pack's cost or if they will be free too. Also confirmed is a Worms gamer picture set and theme. But all this new content will be a long time coming, because Team 17 is currently putting their efforts into a patch that'll help make the game all the more sparkly. Speech, themes, and audio ... what more could a Worms fan want (other than every Worms weapon ever created)?

[Thanks, Boff]

Worms update wriggles out soon

Worms fans rejoice, for an update to your favorite annelid warfare simulation is on the way. On his personal blog, Team17's Martyn "Spadge" Brown has detailed some of the new things we can expect in the update. The biggest fix should solve the problem of 4-player games crashing. A number of exploits should be fixed as well. Thanks to our friends at XBLArcade, we also know that AI players will now take a maximum of 2 seconds to "think." Blessedly, the AI will no longer perform ridiculously accurate grenade shots either.

In addition to the update, plenty of downloadable content is on the way. The content is set to include a new theme (we think Spadge is referring to a level background, not a dashboard theme), audio that was cut because of the 50MB limit, lots of new voice banks (angry Scots FTW!), and some new themes and gamer pics. A release date has not yet been set for the update or downloadable content, so for now we'll slap the dreaded "coming soon®" sticker on it.

[Via DCEmu]

Live top ten: Turtle Power

Last week had the return of Arcade titles to the Live top ten, and this week continues to do so. As is the trend of the moment, we have Gears of War, Crackdown, and Rainbow Six Vegas taking the top three spots. Worms moves to fourth, three spots above its introduction to the list, followed by GRAW 2, which had its demo in sixth last week. Now, Call of Duty 3 moves has that slot, with newcomer TMNT for XBLA starting in 7th, like Worms did before. Oblivion and Madden 07 swap spots, and Lost Planet continues to round out the list. For the complete breakdown, check out our list after the break, which includes last weeks results for comparison.

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Worms HD wiggles onto Arcade

Fanboys, the day has finally arrived and Worms has hit Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS Points. Complete with Xbox Live multiplayer for one to four players, this looks to become an instant classic. The 12 available Achievements don't look too shabby either, with our favorites being "Greedy Worm" and "Shepherd". Also, now that the game in question is released, the celebrity deathmatch between the 360Arcadians and the X3F team can finally be scheduled. So, the real question everyone wants to know is when is Castlevania coming out?

Is your favorite weapon still in Worms?

Worms fans, take a long look at the above image. What you see is the definitive selection of the weapons available in the Xbox Live Arcade version of Team17's Worms. As we've noted in the past, several weapons are missing, including our beloved Holy Hand Grenade. Our friends at XBLArcade have compiled a list of all the weapons and tools pictured above. Take a gander at that list and tell us what your favorite weapon is. If that weapon isn't featured in the list, feel free to express your feral rage. Frankly, we've been waiting for Worms so long that our rage devolved long ago into mild irritation. Where that irritation resides, we cannot say, but our doctor assures us that "it ain't pretty."

Worms finally arrives next week

Oh, saints be praised! For that matter, let's just praise everyone. Worms, the most anticipated Live Arcade game, like, ever, is finally, finally headed for release. That's right, and we've got a big fat press release in our inbox to prove it. Worms will debut next Wednesday, right smack in the middle of GDC. The game will be available for 800 points. Now that Worms has finally made it out of the twisted, Lovecraftian realm of certification, we're not really sure what to do. What the hell do we complain about now? Airline food?

Who knows. The point is that Worms is out next week. Which reminds us ... we have a score to settle.

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Worms passes certification, universe implodes [update 1]

Martyn Brown, the Marketing Director of Team 17 gave out some heavy duty news about its highly anticipated XBLA title, Worms. It has officially passed certification! He also informed us that he wasn't positive on the release date as of yet, noting that it could be out in a few weeks, considering the other titles currently in the Live Arcade line up. Are you guys as stoked or relieved as we are to hear that Worms has made it through certification? You know what that means, right? We'll be able to finally show that Arcadian scum site what it means to be an Xbox 360 Fanboy.

Update: Considering how long this title has been in certification without a change in status, we understandably forgot how to spell it once there was one.

Worms page is live, coming soon?

With any luck at all, next week will signal the end of the constant moaning for Worms on Xbox Live Arcade. Don't get us wrong, we've done a fair share of moaning ourselves. The big news is this: the Worms page is now live on What's more, it was live over the weekend and has yet to be pulled. This scenario may sound familiar to Xbox 360 Fanboy readers, as the Alien Hominid HD page went live a week and a half before its release. Hopefully, this means we'll finally get to see Worms wriggle its way onto Live Arcade next week.

So, here's the new question: if Worms comes out next week, what game will we complain about next? What Live Arcade game gets to become the next Worms?

[Thanks, Miguel]

Worms delayed twice during development

Speaking to Eurogamer, Team17's Martyn Brown intimated that the certification process for Worms has taken much longer than originally anticipated. While this isn't exactly news to rabid Worms fans, Brown does shed a little more light on the issue. First of all, Brown notes that Worms is "richer" than many Live Arcade titles and thus has a lot of testing to undergo. He adds that Team17 had to resubmit many times after delivering what they considered final builds of the title. Finally, Brown says that Worms has nearly been released twice in its dev cycle, only to be pulled back into the black abyss that is Xbox Live Arcade certification. As such, Team17 is not keen to celebrate its imminent release in the coming weeks.

We have to wonder, can anything be done to streamline the Dreaded Certification Process®? We know that MS has a stockpile of Arcade games. What is it that consistently prevents a timely release schedule?

See also:
Team17 talks Worms and Arcade revisions

Absolutely Nothing coming to the XBLA this week [update 1]

Those funny dudes over at the Gamerscore Blog released a video announcing some really crappy news. They put together the video above to announce that Absolutely Nothing will be coming to the XBLA this week. And no, Absolutely Nothing is not a new arcade title you have yet to hear about. It literally means not a single arcade game is coming out tomorrow for your gaming pleasure. Alien Hominid, Castlevania, and Worms are all sitting in their Microsoft certification cages waiting to bust out for all the children to enjoy. So instead we get Absolutely Nothing. Oh well ... at least we get a creative video to announce the bad news. A nice consolation isn't it?

Update 1: Added Gamerscore Blog link love.

[Thanks, Ben H.]

Team 17 talks Worms and Arcade revisions

Every week, we hear the shrill cry of agony as the 360 Fanboy nation realizes that Worms still hasn't arrived on Xbox Live Arcade. We haven't heard otherwise from Microsoft, so we still retain hope that this week will be the one. Without confirmation, however, we are forced to console ourselves with whatever scraps of info we can find. Our friends over at The Xbox Domain have posted an interview with none other than Martyn "Spadge" Brown of Team17, developer of Worms. One of the most interesting parts of the interview is hearing Brown defend Team17's choice of slimming down the weapon selection in Worms for Xbox Live Arcade. According to Brown, the team felt that the power weapons in Worms were counter to the casual, easy to play nature of Xbox Live Arcade. Team17 believes that the weapons they've chosen represent the core strategic elements of Worms and give a wider range of players a chance to experience the game the way it was meant to be played. While we'll certainly miss our beloved Holy Hand Grenade (Hallelujah! ... BOOM!), we can see the logic behind the decision to reign in weapon selection.

The interview also contains tidbits about Team17's concerns with the Arcade size limit of 50MB and some enlightening information on why the game has taken so long to emerge. Hit the "read" link to read the interview.

Worms STILL in certification!

Martyn Brown, known as "Spadge" on the Team17 forums, came forth with some unfortunate news for Worms fans. The game, as of yesterday, is still in certification. Hopefully it won't be in cert for as long as Paperboy has been and we'll still have it in our hands soon. Spadge had some other news that was slightly uplifting, saying that Worms will have both free and premium content available to download, since their title is still under the 50MB ruling. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer, fanboys.

[Via Xboxic, Thanks Jonah]

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