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A sad and scarce Sunday deals roundup

ZOMG! There's deals to be dealt with, money to be saved, so why waste precious time, let's just get to it!

This week, over at Best Buy, they're offering RSV2 for $40, UT3, Quake Wars, Deadliest Catch (w00t!) and CoD4 GOTY for $50. And that's about it. Sadly, Circuit City doesn't have a darn thing to offer Xbox 360 fanboys either which is, uhh ... sad? Now that we look at it, Target stores don't even have any 360 deals, not a single copy of a game on sale. Another major bummer. You know, this has to be one of the worst Sunday deal roundups, like, EVAR! Who would have thought that getting RSV2 for $40 would be a deal highlight? Stupid retail conglomerates, don't you know that all we want is money savings on 360 games and don't care that you have popcorn makers on sale?

Epic commits to dedicated servers for UT3

In a move we never thought we'd see coming from the studio who birthed our Gears of War, Epic Games has confirmed that they'll support the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 with dedicated servers.

According to UT3 forum admin WarTourist, Epic will be setting up a "similar number of official 360 dedicated servers to what we provided for the PC and PS3." And our inner skeptic says that Epic is only doing this to add a bullet point to UT3's multiplayer so it can differentiate itself among the 360's already hotly contended FPS genre. That said, who really cares the reason they're doing it, we fully support and embrace the dedicated server move. You hear that Epic? We fully support dedicated servers and wouldn't mind you doing the same thing for Gears of War 2. Sound good?

[Via Gearheads of War, Thanks dongcopter]

Gears 2 video straight from the UT3 disc

Well folks, the Gears 2 content that was promised to be on the final release disc of Unreal Tournament 3 for 360 has hit our inbox (despite the fact that game itself hasn't yet hit stores). Consisting of a mash-up of interview segments with the dev team and clips of gameplay, the behind the scenes video touches on everything from new game modes to player count to weapons. Heck, why are still reading this? Just watch the video already! Still reading? Well all that's left to really say is just how much of a bomb UT3 is likely to be, especially if the only thing enticing about it is this vid.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

UT3's Gears 2 video will be multiplayer focused

Further expanding upon the (mildly dissapointing) knowledge that Unreal Tournament 3's special Gears of War 2 content will be a video, we now know said video will be multiplayer focused.

According to Midway's press release confirming UT3's release date, they make mention that the GoW2 video content "will include never-before-seen footage of the game's multiplayer modes featuring new maps, new modes, new weapons and new gameplay elements." Bonus, the video will be narrated by Epic's Rod Fergusson and Mr. Gears of War himself, Cliffy B Cliff Bleszinski! Cliffy Cliff narration FTW! We give it 28 minutes, no 23 minutes until this exclusive video content hits YouTube.

Unreal Tournament 3 gets a release, it's July 7th [update]

Update: Eurogamer just confirmed that Europe will be receiving UT3 a few days earlier on July 4th.

Yesterday, not hours after we posted about the new Unreal Tournament 3 screenshots and joked about still not having an official release date, Joystiq forced Midway between a rock and a hard place and asked, no demanded an UT3 Xbox 360 release date. With fear in their eyes and ice cold blood pumping through their veins, Midway conceded and confirmed that July 7th is in fact UT3's North American release date. That Joystiq crew, they get things done, because they don't mess. Maybe we should get those threatening Joystiq bloggers to convince Midway or Epic to include a better Gears of War 2 surprise ... oh yeah, genius.

Seven new UT3 screens and still no release date

Fresh from the new screenshot Easy-Bake Oven are seven deliciously moist and gooey Unreal Tournament 3 screenshots that are so sinfully satisfying, just looking at them will add two pounds to your waistline. In these new screenshots (which we caringly added to the gallery below), you'll be able to experience Xbox 360 UT3 action which will make your mind wander, thinking of different variations of "pew, pew, pew!" captions for each one. In other news, still no UT3 release date for the 360 ... sigh.

Gallery: Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3's GoW2 surprise is a video

The hipster cats over at NeoGAF spotted the official box art for Unreal Tournament 3 over a UK store GAME. Not such a big deal, right? No, WRONG! You see, Epic has previously stated that they'll be bundling some sort of exclusive Gears of War 2 surprise content with UT3 and this newly discovered box art tells us exactly what the exclusive content is. Look closely and you'll spot the GoW2 circle on the right mentioning the inclusion of exclusive "video content on disc". That's right, no exclusive Gears 2 demo, player skins or in-game Gears 2 goodness ... just video content. We guess we can live with that, but for anyone who specifically plopped down an UT3 pre-order solely for the exclusive Gears goods, we recommend you think about spending $60 on video.

[Via NeoGAF]

Video: Unreal Tournament 3 does split screen

One of the additions to the upcoming Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is local split screen. A very useful feature to have when entertaining a buddy or relative who too would like to join in on the carnage. So, today we thought it to be the opportune time to show you a video of split screen UT3 in action. And that's exactly what we embedded above. Everything looks lovely, fast paced and it even sports a solid frame rate to boot, but from what we can tell, a bit more of the players' character gets chopped off to accommodate for the FOV. No matter, it's still a sexy UT3 frag fest.

UT3 360 will have mods in some form

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Mark Rein dropping more details of Unreal Tournament 3? First was the Gears 2 content tease, now the assumption that the 360 version wouldn't see mods whatsoever seems to be a thing of the past. In the same interview with OXM UK, Mark Rein said "We know some of these great mods are going to play a role on Xbox 360, even if we have to get some people and bring them over ourselves." "We'll figure it out."

Now while this is good news in that any form of mod on 360 now is good news, but it's nothing to get too excited about just yet. See, Mark Rein notes that the game will probably not ship with any sort of ability to exchange user created mods, but that Epic would have a solution at some point in the game's future. From the sound of things, and taking into account Microsoft's digital distribution system, UT3 360 will probably have some free (we would hope) DLC at some point in it's life that adds the best of the community-created content.

UT3 will have "Gears 2 related surprise on the disc"

When we got word of the contents of the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 we weren't exactly knocked off our feet. Without confirmed mod support, and with so many other shooters to choose from, could UT3 hang with only 5 extra maps? While that question still remains to be answered, the nature of it has shifted a little. In an interview with OXM UK, Mark Rein revealed that "you know, there might be a little Gears Of War 2 related surprise on the disc of Unreal Tournament 3. That's all I'm saying about that."

With news like this it almost makes the UT3 sales guaranteed to jump, even if we don't yet know what the "surprise" will be. Really, it could be anything. A trailer, theme, or stupid picture pack seems likeliest, but if Epic REALLY wants to spike the sales of UT3 we might see something more along the lines of of a playable demo. Hell, why not just take the Crackdown route! Hey everyone listen up! Buy your Gears 2 beta and receive a free copy of UT3!

We wouldn't put it past them.

UT3 Xbox 360 exclusive content confirmed

While we've been waiting patiently for any word on a Unreal Tournament 3 release date for the 360 we couldn't help but let our mind wonder about what extra content Epic would be packing in our edition. Seeing that Epic is known to add additional goods to game releases months down the road (here's looking at you Gears of War PC). And our bonus content dreams have been confirmed.

Epic Games just revealed that the Xbox 360 edition of UT3 will feature all the previously released PS3 and PC content as well as five additional maps not available on any other edition, two new characters (Master Chief?) and the addition of local split screen. High fives all around! No release date has been announced though, but there is a new trailer which we've embedded above. Enjoy and look forward to the exclusive UT3 content headed our way, because we all know custom content isn't going to happen.

[Thanks, Russ]

Master Chief, Locust and Marcus ... meet UT3

The Unreal Tournament 3 character modding community is alive, kicking and has a bad case of Xbox 360 envy. So much envy that UT3 community modeler Organ decided to create Master Chief, Locust Horde and Marcus Fenix character mods. And did we mention all the models are teh hawtness? Just take a look at Master Chief above and try to convince us that he wouldn't be your character of choice. Oddly enough, if Epic were to include these models in the "maybe some day" release of UT3 on the 360 we may totally forget about playing custom maps and be happy with these models. Click towards the break to watch a video of the Master Chief model and head towards the jump to check out Mr. Fenix and a Locust Drone. Commence salivating.

[Via PS3 Fanboy, Thanks Chris]

Continue reading Master Chief, Locust and Marcus ... meet UT3

Mods still stalled for Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament III

In an interview with our sister site Joystiq, Epic VP Mark Rein made it known that no progress has been made in implementing user created content for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III. While the PS3 version has been available for some time -- and features the ability to incorporate user created mods -- Rein stated that there is no set release date for the 360 version of the title. We must point out the irony -- as did Joystiq -- that this news has broken in the midst of Microsoft's new push for community content on the Xbox 360.

How long it will take to sort out UTIII's mod problem -- and indeed whether or not it will even be solved at all -- remains a mystery.

Free faceplate with Unreal Tournament III pre-order

Unreal Tournament III will be dropping onto the Xbox 360 platform in a few months time and if you're super-uber excited enough to complete a pre-order, you may want to do it at Gamestop. They're offering a free (and quite attractive) UT3 faceplate to all who plop down their pre-order cash and we enjoy a free 360 faceplate as much as the next guy. Speaking of free faceplates, what has happened to retailers participating in this practice? We swear that even a year ago free faceplates were quite common with game pre-orders. Bring back this practice fellow retailers, give us a faceplate incentive to pre-order.

[Thanks, L1B3RATION]

Rein still hoping MS will allow UT3 user content

In an interview with Guardian Unlimited, Epic's head honcho Mark Rein talks everything and anything Unreal Tournament 3, specifically development on the 360 version.

What we learn is that team Epic has had UT3 up and running buttery smooth on the 360 for a while now and that the only development left is Xbox Live implementation. And speaking of Xbox Live, Rein is still pressing Microsoft about UT3's user generated content and how best to serve it up. It's no secret that Rein and Epic want Microsoft to allow free, open access to map mods a la the PS3 version and it's no secret Microsoft has been reluctant. According to Rein, "Microsoft hasn't said "no" yet, but then they haven't said "yes" either", but development is wrapping up and Rein needs answers soon. It'll be interesting to see where these discussions end up, but our money is on Microsoft standing firm and only allowing DLC through the XBLM. We'll see free community generated UT3 content, but only stuff that has been hand seleceted, certified and placed on the Marketplace.

[Via TeamXbox]

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