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360 Deals: 1600 MS points for $15 and more

It's the week Xbox Live Arcade purchasers have been looking forward to, because Target stores are selling 1600 Microsoft points cards for the oh so nice price of $15. But that's not all, they also have CoD4, Battlefield: Bad Company or Army of Two for $50 and are also giving away $40 gift cards with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console and Madden 09. Best Buy has a similar deal, where if you buy an Xbox 360 console and Madden 09 they'll throw in a free wireless controller. Other than that and Turok for $30, Best Buy's 360 deals are kind of lacking this week. Over at Circuit City, they're selling CoD4 for $40, Gears of War for $30, Juiced for $15, and giving away a free mini football with Madden 09 or a free $5 gift card if you purchase Madden 09 online. Finally, Circuit City is handing out free $30 gift card with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console.

Happy shopping and be sure to stock up on those cheap Microsoft points, because as you're well aware, Castle Crashers is releasing soon!

A sad and scarce Sunday deals roundup

ZOMG! There's deals to be dealt with, money to be saved, so why waste precious time, let's just get to it!

This week, over at Best Buy, they're offering RSV2 for $40, UT3, Quake Wars, Deadliest Catch (w00t!) and CoD4 GOTY for $50. And that's about it. Sadly, Circuit City doesn't have a darn thing to offer Xbox 360 fanboys either which is, uhh ... sad? Now that we look at it, Target stores don't even have any 360 deals, not a single copy of a game on sale. Another major bummer. You know, this has to be one of the worst Sunday deal roundups, like, EVAR! Who would have thought that getting RSV2 for $40 would be a deal highlight? Stupid retail conglomerates, don't you know that all we want is money savings on 360 games and don't care that you have popcorn makers on sale?

Deals time: Price cuts and cheap games, oh my!

Thanks to an official Xbox 360 20GB price cut announcement, we have a very special edition of our weekly deals roundup featuring cheaper hardware, cheaper games and money savings all around. Let's get to it.

This week, Best Buy has Xbox 360 20GB HDD consoles for $299 (obviously), is giving away $5 in concession cash and exclusive content with Space Chimps, selling Turok for $30 and, well, that's about it. Over at Circuit City, they're giving out a $30 gift card with the purchase of both a $299 Xbox 360 20GB HDD console and NCAA Football 09, a $10 gift card with the purchase of either GTAIV or Beijing Olympics 2008, a free plushy and with Kung Fu Panda ($40) and offering Space Chimps for $40 with $5 concession cash. Making our way over to Target, we find the best Xbox 360 console deal, which we actually knew about last week. They're giving away a free $25 gift card with the purchase of a $299 Xbox 360 20GB HDD console, so we advise making a stop at Target this week if you want the best "Jump In" deal. They are also giving out an eight pack of Coke Zero with the purchase of NCAA Football 09. Spend wisely and all that jazz ... happy shopping!

Target to offer $25 gift card with $299 Xbox 360 Pro

Seeing that we're 99.89% sure an Xbox 360 Pro price cut is headed our way this weekend thanks to a flood of leaked retail ads smacking us in the face, one wouldn't be all that surprised to hear that Target is planning on selling the Xbox 360 Pro for $299. But one would be surprised to hear that Target is also throwing in a FREE $25 gift card on top of the deal, and that's exactly what they're doing.

According to an "alleged" ad-scan that was sent our way, beginning this Sunday, Target stores nationwide will be selling Xbox 360 20GB Pro consoles for $299 and tossing in a $25 Target gift card to sweeten the deal. So, if you, a friend or family member are in the market for a 360 and don't care about getting a 60GB HDD, then hit up Target next week. A cheap console and a free gift card sounds like major "good times" to us.

[Thanks, NeoRaiden]

Photos of a losing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith racecar

A few weeks back, we mentioned that a Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (and Target) sponsored racecar would be tearing up the NASCAR track. Well, that race went down this past weekend where the GH:Aerosmith car finished in a very sad 38th place. Bummer. But thanks to loyal fanboy SToNeP2277 who attended the racing festivities, we received a few pictures of not only the racecar prior to its losing finish, but also the promotional trailer and RV they had setup on the race grounds. Check out all the NASCAR pictures below and be sure to note the very glam red rope they had setup.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Racecar

[Thanks, SToNeP2277]

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith goes fast, goes NASCAR

In an effort to appeal to the manly sports-minded crowd, Activision and Target have teamed up to sponsor Dario Franchitti's NASCAR Dodge and plaster it with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith prettiness. Just look at it above, isn't she pretty? Dario will drive the Guitar Hero themed racecar during the NASCAR Sprint Cup's New Hampshire Motor Speedway race on Sunday, June 29th. Hopefully Franchitti doesn't wreck his prettified car on Sunday, because we know Steven Tyler would NOT approve of damage done to anything sporting the Aerosmith name.

Deals: Cheap MS points and get Mass Effect free

This week we're all business, because we have an overly long list of retail deals to ramble off. So, we'll forgo the fluffy intro and just get to it.

Starting with Best Buy, all this week they're giving away a copy of Call of Duty 3 with the purchase of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and a free $10 gift card with purchase of The Incredible Hulk. Best Buy also discounted a few accessories, offering the Messenger Kit for $20, Wireless Headset for $50 and Vision Camera for $30. Heading over to Circuit City, you can snag a free $10 gift card with the purchase of either NASCAR 09 or Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, get the Rock Band bundle for $155 and BioShock or Mass Effect for $32. They're also offering Burnout Paradise for $40, Frontlines: FoW or MX vs. ATV for $48, Need for Speed Carbon for $24 and our favorite CC deal of the week, 1600 Microsoft points for $15. Next up is Target, where they're giving away a FREE copy of Mass Effect with the purchase two of the listed Xbox 360 titles including Ninja Gaiden II ($60), RSV2 ($40), Scene It? ($50), Gears of War ($40), NASCAR 09 ($60) or Assassin's Creed ($40). And finally, because we love our Canadian readers so much, we hopped on over to Best Buy Canada and discovered they're offering two free games with any Xbox 360 console purchase (selection based on one of four game bundles) and a 12 Month Xbox Live subscription card for $50. Now run along and have a spectacular time shopping.

Save $10 on any 360 game at Target stores

Taking a breather from all the Gears of War 2 and general Spring Showcase news that has been taking over X3F, we bring you a money saving deal from the fine folks at Target.

Posted over on Oxidative's Picasa album is a printable $10 off ANY Xbox 360 game coupon for Target stores, with an expiration date of June 9th. And it doesn't restrict the savings to only regular priced items! The only wrinkle to this $10 savings is that the coupon specifically states that it's "Void if copied", but we've been informed that Target is really good about accepting most any printed coupons. That said, in our interest of not be blamed for anything, we're slapping a fat YMMV tag on this offer. It's worth a shot though, so print, shop and possibly save $10 on your next game purchase.

[Thanks, Nick O.]

Target selling non-existent Dark Sector

Sometimes it's funny to poke fun at big-box retailers for missing small things, like release dates for example. From countless of broken street dates to outright insanity, the big guys have been known to make mistakes. This week, the Target flyer promoted Dark Sector as being teh new hotness -- unfortunately they didn't realize the game isn't scheduled to release until the end of the month.

We'd like to imagine the game section manager of each Target had his staff clear off a special area for the upcoming third-person shooter and proceeded to give a touching speech about how shoving strategy guide sales down our throats would only benefit us before they realized their shipment was a few items short.

[Thanks, Mike P.]

Target offering BOGO pre-paid XBLA game cards

This week, Target has a pretty dandy Xbox Live Arcade deal where they're offering a buy one get one (BOGO) free sale on all their pre-paid XBLA game cards. This offer is only good on pre-paid XBLA cards, which are nothing more than a redemption code to enter on the XBLM, that are $9.99, so your selection will be limited to games like Worms, Boom Boom Rocket or Mortal Kombat 3. But if you're looking to expand your XBLA library, getting two $10 XBLA games for the price of one isn't all that bad of a deal. Though, we are sort of saddened by the fact that our local Target is sold out of the pre-paid GoldenEye 007 XBLA cards. Maybe they'll be in stock next week.

Sunday Deals: H3, BioShock, Lost Planet and more

Hey, it's Sunday and that means its time to surf the internets, open those newspapers and look for the best gaming deals this week. But we've already done the work for you, so please, allow us to share ...

This week, Best Buy has two decent offers, one being that you can get a free $10 gift card with the purchase of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and the other being $10 off Call of Duty 4. Heading North to our Canadian Best Buy friends, not only can you grab Kameo for $15, but they're also offering BioShock for free with the purchase of an Xbox 360. And remember, Xbox 360 prices in Canada recently dropped (Pro: $349, Elite: $449 and Arcade: $279), so that's a very juicy offer. Next up, Circuit City. They've heavily discounted Lost Planet to $20, cut the price of Conflict: DO to $40 and have taken 20% off the price of BlackSite, Kane & Lynch, Turok, Halo 3 and BioShock dropping their price to $48 each. Finally, this week at Target stores, they're selling PGR4 for $30, Scene It? for $50 and The Orange Box or NFS: ProStreet for a cool $40.

That's all the deals we could spot this week, but feel free to share with your fellow fanboys any other offers you spot while out and about this week. Happy shopping and stay safe.

$149 Rock Band bundle this week at Target [update]

Update: Hmm, seems that the Rock Band bundle is sold out online. Now you'll have to make a stop at your local Target to get in on this deal.

We'd be doing our X3F community and injustice if we didn't tell you that this week, at Target stores and online, you can pick up the massively large Rock Band bundle for $149. For the mathematically challenged (or mathematically lazy), that's a savings of $20. Not bad. Though, be sure to note that this offer is only good from now through February 23rd, so you'll have to make your Rock Band purchase decision soonish. We should also mention that from now through the 20th, Circuit City is running a President's Day Sale where you can apply a 10% off coupon code to get Rock Band for $152. We just thought we'd throw that in there. Now spend fellow rockers, because a life full of cheap Rock Band gaming is but a mere credit card charge away!

[Via Joystiq]

Assassin's for $38, Hawk for $39 & secret deals too

Post-holidays can be a real downer for video game deal finders. It's almost as if major retailers don't even try to lure us into their stores with flashy deals or "wow!" offers after the holidays pass. So, this week, we've got a few deals to share with you, but nothing that'll make you scream with joy. Sorry.

This week Target is only offering one video game related deal and it's our good friend Assassin's Creed for a pretty fine $38. Heading over to Best Buy, you'll find Tony Hawk's Proving Ground for $39 and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe for $29. Our final stop on our whirlwind tour of Sunday deal searching is Circuit City. And they don't have anything other than possibly MX vs ATV Untamed for $49. Though, that deal is a yawn fest. But we didn't give up on old Circuit City as we had a hunch that they were hiding something. We were right.

Circuit City is holding a 3-Day Mega Sale, which are online only deals good through Tuesday that are much better than their Sunday ad. Deals like Soldier of Fortune for $39, Stuntman: Ignition for $29, Beowolf for $19, the HD DVD player for $159 and (our favorite deal) the Chatpad included Messenger Kit for $19. Sneaky Circuit City, always keeping their cards held close. Happy shopping!

Target offering free 360 skin with GTAIV pre-order

If you are one who likes to pre-order games and are all about getting Grand Theft Auto IV this Spring you may want to drive on over to your local Target for some free pre-order goods. Available now at every Target retailer are specially decorated $10 GTAIV pre-order cards that secure your game come launch day. But not only do you get the rather l33t pre-order card, but you'll also get a free Xbox 360 GTAIV skin pack to decorate your console when you pick the game up. We aren't sure what the skin looks like, but we have a hunch that it'll be black and feature the letters "IV" boldly inscribed somewhere. Again, we advise this only if you're a video game pre-order maniac who wants GTAIV and loves free stuff. Skins FTW!

Target's Black Friday Xbox 360 deals

The smell of Black Friday is thick in the air and with the leaky posting of Target's ads we've learned about a few awesomely great Xbox 360 deals.

So, let's get to it. Starting bright and early at 5:00AM you can get a free $60 gift card with purchase of a Halo 3 Xbox 360 and Halo 3, which ultimately breaks down to getting Halo 3 for the free. Cheap games you want? Okay, for $48 you can get Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, PGR4 or skate. Cheaper yet? Fine, $38 will get you Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds, Spider-man: Friend or Foe, NCAA 08 or Gears of War. You want bargain bin kind of deals huh? Sheesh ... for $28 you can get NBA 2K8 or Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and for $17 you can pick up Lego Star Wars II or Saints Row. Oh, and we forgot to mention the Xbox 360 wireless headset, that's $48 too.

Finally a reminder that these deals come from leaked Target ads that are only available starting on Black Friday (November 23rd). Happy shopping!

[Thanks, Brad]

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