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Silent Hill: Homecoming Euro release now in '09

Even though the latest Silent Hill installment has already released to North American retailers, Europeans will have to wait until February 2009 to get their hands on Konami's Silent Hill: Homecoming.

For reasons unknown (though localization seems to be the culprit), Homecoming has been delayed for release in Europe, pushed back from late October to sometime in February of next year. But don't be too sad Silent Hill'ers, because there's a certain game releasing this week and it should satisfy your horror needs until next year. Promise.

Silent Hill: Homecoming refused classification in Australia

Looks like the Homecoming won't be hitting the land down under after all. Screen Play is reporting that the sixth title in Konami's Silent Hill series won't be able to release in Australia in its current form.

Silent Hill: Homecoming focuses on violence to rid the world of evil horrors by way of "ramming pipes through enemies' heads and stomping on their faces to pull them out [and] tearing their entrails loose with an axe," as described by Edge Online.

The crux of the issue stems from the OFLC rating standards which currently has a peak rating of 15+ for games, despite the fact that movies and magazines can be given an adult rating (R18+). The Australian government, which maintains the rating system in the country, has said they are looking into adding an adult rating to games but have yet to implement any changes.

Silent Hill: Homecoming will join System Shock 2: Blood Trails, Dark Sector and Fallout 3 as the only four titles to be refused classification in 2008, although the latter two titles were eventually released in a modified form to meet the rating standards. Silient Hill: Homecoming hits the Xbox 360 next week in North America followed by a November release in Europe.

Sun. deals: Gift cards with Pure, Silent Hill and more

Here we go again, a weekly gaming deals roundup thanks to X3F. We search for 360 deals, because we like saving money and because we care about your bank account. So, let's do this.

This week at Best Buy, you can grab a free $10 gift card with the purchase of Pure and a free Silent Hill DVD with purchase of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Target has CoD4, Battlefield: Bad Company, and LEGO Indiana Jones for $39. Our retailer friends over at Circuit City are giving out free Pyramid keychains with Silent Hill: Homecoming, free $10 gift cards with both Pure and Baja: Edge of Control, Rock Band bundles for $139, and they have wireless controllers for $5 off. And the bonus deal this week is over at Circuit City where, with the purchase of either Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden II, Tiger Woods 09 or Madden 09, you can score a free $20 gift card. W00t to that.

ESRB Watch: Swan Song Edition

Yeah we know the post title is a bit needlesssly grim. Let's face it, we're going to still be getting some information about releases from the ESRB. And hopefully some publishers simply won't much care about putting their games up there early. Others like Playful Entertainment, publishers of Ticket to Ride, seem to still want their ratings to go up at the last minute (TtR releases this week).

However, if we're to believe that the publishers of the other two XBLA games on the list (Rocket Riot and Cribbage) also want their games to pop up at the last minute, we could be looking at the first hint of next week's releases. Or we could just be paranoid about this whole ESRB thing.

New Silent Hill: Homecoming screens damage psyche

It's a strange kind of excitement when a new batch of Silent Hill: Homecoming screenshots is released. There is happiness at the prospect of any news regarding Silent Hill and there is also the lurking fear that accompanies it. The latest screens keep most of the fear in check, thankfully, as creepiness is kept to a minimum. Sure, we do get some new shots of the nurses (as well as a new monster apparently obsessed with yoga), but we've learned to deal with them. Psychologically, at least, we can (mostly) handle the nurses. Check out the new screens and hope that Homecoming lives up to its predecessors.

Gallery: Silent Hill: Homecoming (5/21/08)

Funny endings return for Silent Hill: Homecoming

Speaking to GameTrailers, Silent Hill: Homecoming producer and composer Akira Yamaoka has revealed that funny endings will be returning in upcoming Double Helix (formerly The Collective) take on the series. When asked about what elements from previous games would be returning in Homecoming, Yamaoka said (through a translator), "I think humor is important. A lot of Silent Hill fans enjoy different endings, like the UFO ending, the dog ending, right? Those funny endings are an important part of Silent Hill."

We'd be hard-pressed to disagree, as the humorous endings (spoilers ... sort of) serve as a much needed counterbalance to the disturbing, soul-shattering imagery that the series is known for. Oh, and Yamaoka's favorite entry in the series? Silent Hill 2 (ahem ... duh). Check out the full interview after the break.

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New grisly video and images of Silent Hill: Homecoming

click to enlarge

Okay, with this fresh media form The Collective's take on Silent Hill (subtitled Homecoming), our fears are somewhat allayed. Given that the new Silent Hill is being developed by an American team outside of Konami, we were initially skeptical. The new images and (finally!) video have made us feel just a little bit better. First of all, the new score by longtime series composer Akira Yamaoka is in full effect and sets the mood nicely. Second, the game actually looks pretty good with combat in particular looking to be improved over previous iterations. But enough blather, check it out for yourself. Find three new videos embedded after the break.

Gallery: Silent Hill: Homecoming (Xbox 360)

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Silent Hill - Homecoming: 11 haunting new screens

Coming soon from The Collective is the fifth game in Konami's Silent Hill series, recently renamed Silent Hill: Homecoming. From the 11 new screenshots we've snagged it appears that the California-based developer has captured the creepy atmosphere of the original Silent Hill games. Since it was announced that The Collective would be developing the latest entry of the series, and not the original Konami team, fans have been somewhat reluctant to get on board with the game. While it isn't set to release until the fall, the game at least appears to be a step in the right direction.

Gallery: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill V dated for September, renamed 'Homecoming'

We're going to join Joystiq in a little speculation here. Okay, first, the details. One, Silent Hill V has been renamed Silent Hill: Homecoming. Joystiq speculates that this name change has been made to distinguish the latest entry from the series proper because it's being developed by The Collective rather than Konami. We would add that it's also possible that Konami wants to distinguish Silent Hill V from the two other survival horror games that happen to be the fifth installments in their respective series.

Two, Silent Hill: Homecoming is set to arrive in September ... in Europe. We're going to side with Joystiq on this one and assume that it should arrive in North America at around the same time. Dare we allow ourselves to get excited?

[Via Joystiq]

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