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Crackdown: just try and take our keys

The newly released Keys to the City mode in Crackdown is awesome, because it allows us to create the explosive fantasies we've always dreamt about. But what if there was a limit to the fun? What if our city keys were suddenly taken from us? Well, Ctrl+Alt+Del played out that very scenario in their latest comic and came away with a pretty good conclusion. Let's just say that anyone who tries to take our Keys to the City will feel the pain. The pain of flying hundreds of feet through the air attached to a vehicle on fire. Yup, that's how we roll.

Crackdown: Climbing high with ramp trucks

Today's Crackdown video of the day uses the new Keys to the City cheat mode and some knowledge learned in the previous skydiving video. RobHoliday66 decided to use a whole bunch of ramp trucks to create an artificial climbing surface and make his way from the an ocean view to high atop the Agency Tower. And after about five minutes, he was successful. The only way we can think of one-uping this video is to challenge someone to use a smaller vehicle or object and replicate the same climbing success. So, that's what we're doing. Pick an object, make a wager, and get to work agent.

Crackdown's temp game deletion prevention

As reported earlier, with the new Crackdown update being rolled out some players have been experiencing a total game reset, wiping out all game saves. Well, the dev team over at Realtime Worlds has acknowledged the problem and has a temporary workaround until they get things permanently fixed. And, in brief, this is their quick fix. When you pop in Crackdown download the auto update, start a single player campaign, once loaded choose the quit option, and either exit to the dash or restart your console. Now, you should have no weird progress deletion and can download the other free or paid content. See, not so hard. Realtime Worlds is looking into a fix and will notify everyone when they have a permanent solution to the update problem. Happy gaming.

[Via Gamerscore Blog]

It's a homemade Crackdown tank

As if you haven't already had your share of Crackdown video fun, we've stumbled upon another interesting thing to try in Pacific City. The video above (set to that familiar A-Team theme) was created by christdonnelly and features a homemade tank of destruction. Actually, making a tank is pretty simple. Grab a car, put dumpster on said car, and put a friend on top of said dumpster with a rocket launcher. Tada! You've got yourself Crackdown's version of a tank. As always, feel free to send us your Crackdown videos if you deem them worthy or if you just need constant approval from your peers.

[Via bits bytes pixels & sprites]

Update brings more Crackdown vehicular goodness

If you've been playing Crackdown lately, you may have noticed an auto update has been released for the title. And before you ask, no it's not the Halo 3 beta activation. Major Nelson got word that the Crackdown auto update helps fix minor technical junk to make the game more silky smooth and increases the number of gang vehicles cruising Pacific City. But we still haven't heard from Realtime Worlds about the new achievements or downloadable content. So, we must exercise that "patience" thing we always hear about ... patience, patience, patience.

Has anyone noticed a smoother experience or more vehicle goodness after you downloaded the update?

New details on Crackdown DLC

In an Eurogamer interview with Crackdown's producer Phil Wilson, we get a smidgen more information about Crackdown's upcoming downloadable content. Mr. Wilson (we just had to) openly answers fan's questions with brute honesty, even going as far as to say that the studio came to terms with the Halo 3 beta inclusion by looking at it as a "marketing stunt". But the cream filled center of this interview is the promise of a boss reset option in the next update. So, no more creating new gamertags or other lame workarounds, a reset is on its way. Wilson also touches on the addition of a new co-op game mode, the possibility of four player co-op, and flying high ... all possible in future updates. Make the jump for the full interview, that is, if you've collected enough agility orbs agent (we just had to).

More Crackdown glitch videos

Adding to our continuing coverage of various Crackdown cheats and glitches, the guys over at playinghalotoday sent us a few more Crackdown glitches from their library. In the video above you can see something they call "sand surfing" on the sandy beaches of Pacific City. It sort of reminds us of Marty's hoverboarding adventures in Back to the Future, ride on Marty ... ride on. The other two videos are embedded after the break featuring the Crackdown "teleport" and the "float". If we've piqued your curiosity then go watch more glitching videos after the break.

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Remember agent ... Crackdown tshirts

Xbox 360 Fanboy reader Jamie Guy sent in a little project he was working on for himself and a few of his friends. He decided to take the infamous "Skills for Kills" phrase from Crackdown and create some nifty tshirts. As you can see in the finished product above he even includes the Crackdown logo on the front featuring the phrase "Remember Agent ...". Nice job Jamie, and if you have a few extra you could always send them our way. Quick question though, if video game companies released more apparel for their games, at reasonable prices, would you be proud to wear your Bioshock or Mass Effect clothing around town or would you be a little too embarrassed?

The best of Crackdown tricks and glitches

We've asked for them and you've come through for us in full force. We've compiled a few of our favorite fanboy-submitted Crackdown videos showcasing some of the many glitches, bugs, and tricks you can do in the game. The video above showcases an agent's ability to render a vehicle ... invisible. Now you too can recreate the Saint's Row Musical with a modern Crackdown twist. Or you can simply float around the city (in the sitting position) as everyone admires your superhuman abilities. Two more videos after the break including a herniating agent and the ability to launch vehicles a great distance. And thanks again to everyone who sent in Crackdown videos, you guys rock.

[Thanks, Rick-E]

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Finding every hidden orb in Crackdown

Tracking down the last few hidden orbs in Crackdown can be a daunting task, especially in a city the size of Pacific City. So, that's why Herman Gatevold went through all the work to post a picture of all 300 hidden orb locations as well as conveniently plotting them on a map of Pacific City. Yes, you can thank him later by showering him with gifts or paying his electric bill, but right now you have hidden orbs to find. It's time to unlock the Orb Hunter achievement agent, so start hunting!

[Thanks, Choob]

Crackdown: Climb the Agency Tower ... in a SUV?

Climbing the Agency Tower in Crackdown can be difficult, especially if you miss a jump and fall hundreds of feet to your sure death. But what if you could safely drive up the tower, you know, plop your four tires on the building's exterior and Spider Man your way up to the top. Well, it looks like it is possible as 007craft discovered a bug where he can climb the Agency Tower with his SUV. Check out his video above to see how he accomplished this amazing feat, but be sure to note that you'll need a four star driver rating to replicate it. If you've found a cool Crackdown exploit or bug and wish to share, feel free to send us a tip ... we have a soft spot for Crackdown bugs.

Pushed to the edge in Crackdown

TonyBowman got the urge, the urge to take one long swim in Crackdown. He wanted to see how far you could actually swim away from the island in the game before you were stopped by a mysterious invisi-wall. And after a 15 minute swim he found his answer. TonyBowman stated that after 15 minutes of swimming he didn't run into an actual invisi-wall, but instead his character got kicked back a few strokes giving the impression that he was still swimming without actually moving. So, he waited a full day's cycle and posted a few day and night screen grabs of the island from an ocean perspective. And it's nice to see that Crackdown's draw distance still keeps chugging along. Job well done agent and nice work on leveling up your character to full four star ranks.

Download Crackdown's agility orb sound clip [update 1]

If you've played Crackdown you know locating agility orbs in the game is not only an addiction, but can affect your daily habits. And for that reason Gemeni Ace was kind enough to cut the agility orb sound clip from Major Nelson's most recent blogcast. This short mp3 is extremely universal and can be used for a variety of things. Have it play on your cell phone when you receive a text message, put it on your mp3 player of choice whenever you spot an orb in the neighborhood, or simply loop it to annoy everyone around you. There are so many practical applications for this Crackdown agility orb sound, how are you going to use it?

Update 1: Looks like Major Nelson posted the same clip, so choose your mp3 wisely.

Crackdown co-op achievements explained

It wasn't long ago that our lovable Dustin Burg encountered some problems gaining achievements while playing a co-op session of Crackdown. He was able to gain certain achievements, but achievements for removing gang leaders were not earned. Additionally, gang leaders he had killed during co-op reappeared during the single player campaign. We received an official comment from Microsoft regarding this issue. Basically, the company line goes like this: when players enter a co-op session, they are essentially entering the friend's version of Pacific City. Individual achievements can be gained during co-op, but gang related achievements cannot. This was done to prevent one player from doing all the work and essentially giving the achievements to the other player.

So, there you have it fanboys. If you want gang achievements, you'll have to make sure you're hosting. While this will no doubt irk poor Dustin (you should hear him rail in the latest Fancast) at least it explains the issue.

Possible Crackdown co-op achievement problems

If you've been playing Crackdown co-op style, then we need your input. After playing co-op with a friend the last two nights we noticed a problem with the achievements in the game. The problem arose when I was invited to a co-op Crackdown session, which was easy enough. Hours went by, we were leveling up our characters, earning achievements for such deeds, and even picked up the "Double Trouble" achievement. It was bliss until we killed every gang member in Los Muertos. My friend (who was hosting the game) unlocked two achievements, both the "Los Muertos Intel Master" and "Los Muertos Cleanser". But there was a problem, I didn't receive any achievements. We then exited the game, I started a solo campaign by myself and noticed that all the progress I made in co-op with my friend was remembered except for how many gang members we found/killed. My agent's skill levels were retained, all agility orbs remembered, and even the supply points were marked as located. But it still showed that I haven't killed or found any of the 21 gang members and therefore haven't earned those corresponding achievements.

So fanboys, do you have a similar story or is this a weird one-off incident? Have you been playing co-op and earning achievements pertaining to taking down the gangs and its members? I've sent out a query to the powers that be and hopefully we will get some answers, because playing co-op and not earning certain achievements is ridiculous. Again, any information from you guys would help to get this issue figured out.

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