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New Live bundle with Chatpad and PGR4 for $69 [update]

Update: According to's accessory page, this new bundle will be available at retailers on October 7th.

By golly, that Live 12 month bundle rumor turned out to be true. Over on, a new listing for a 12 month bundle called the "Xbox LIVE Messenger Gold Pack" popped up and is listed at $69, which is actually a pretty darn good deal. Included in the Messenger Gold Pack is a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live, a Chatpad, a wired headset and a copy of Project Gotham Racing 4. Not too shabby, especially for those in the market for Live subscriptions and Chatpads.

[Thanks, Lightsout565]

X3F TV -- Points>Life: Racing is Puzzling

Each week, X3F tips gamers to the tricks of the trade of Achievement hording in Points>Life. Every week a new achievement is unlocked to help you continue your unhealthy obsession with the Xbox 360 meta-game.

This week for Points>Life we're taking a look at four achievements in Project Gotham Racing 4. Each achievement is a puzzle that needs to be solved, and we've gone ahead and solved them for you. Looking for a fun street racing title and need a few extra points in your pocket? Take a stab at PGR4!

In order to successfully complete these achievements you'll need to make sure your settings are all correct. So, jump inside for all the details.

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Bizarre ends their PGR4 support, no more DLC

Bizarre Creations' own Ben Ward hopped onto the official Project Gotham Racing 4 forums to address questions regarding any planned PGR4 DLC. And, sadly, we got an answer that we weren't prepared to hear.

Ward informed everyone that Bizarre has handed the PGR4 "reigns" over to Microsoft and confirmed that "you won't see any more PGR4 DLC from Bizarre Creations". Though, Ward did leave a minuscule possibility of future PGR4 DLC being released, but it would have to come from Microsoft. Poor PGR4 DLC, we barely knew you but the time we shared was and forever will be some of the best gaming moments of our life ... rest peacefully.

[Via ConsoleTECH]

Fanswag: 5th Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway [update]

Update: Bummer, this giveaway is over. To see who won and to enter a new giveaway, make your way over here.

Today, the fifth day of our Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway, we offer yet another Qee and another congrats message to yesterday's big winner. So, Jazz, congratulations on winning a spiffy PGR4 Qee that'll one day ride shotgun with you in your new 2009 Nissan GT-R.

For the second day in a row, we're giving out yet another PGR4 Qee thanks to the sincerely sincere folks over at Toy2r. And by now, you should know the drill. We'll be awarding a PGR4 Qee to one randomly chosen fanboy who follows the directions below. You should also know that this giveaway ends TODAY at 5:00PM eastern, so get your entry in soon'ish ... and here's how:
  • Today we're feeling a bit lazy, so we're allowing you to be lazy as well. To enter into today's PGR4 Qee giveaway all we want you to give us is ONE random word. Yup, that's it. So, to enter today's giveaway, we want you to comment on this post with one word, any word.
  • One comment per person. Multiple comments by the same user will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until later today, Tuesday, March 4th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • On Wednesday, March 5th we'll randomly choose and announce one winner.
  • One lucky winner will receive one PGR4 Qee valued at $20.
Another big thank you goes out to Toy2r for allowing us to give out the Qee goods and if you need the official rules, make a jump here.

Fanswag: 2nd Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway [update]

Update: This giveaway has ended. To see who won and a to enter a new giveaway, click your way over here.

Continuing our Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway, we'd like to congratulate pandlcg on winning yesterday's green Halo 3 Qee. We learned a lot about our readers and that they are expert monkey impersonators. Who would have thought?

Anyway, onward to today's giveaway. Toy2R's gracious giving is allowing us to give out a very rare and ultra sleek blue Halo 3 Qee today (the little dude on the far right). W00t, w00t! And just like yesterday, the one lucky (and totally random) fanboy who successfully completes the entry rules below will be one blue Halo 3 Qee richer. Remember though, this giveaway wraps up TODAY at 5:00PM eastern, so be sure to enter the giveaway fun by ...
  • Today's blue Halo 3 Qee made us think about the ongoing struggle between red and blue. We want to know which side you are on and why you chose to ally yourself with them. So, what is it? Red or blue? Comment on this post today with your answer.
  • One comment per person. Multiple comments by the same user will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until later today, Thursday, February 28th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • On Friday, we'll randomly choose and announce one winner.
  • One winner will receive one blue Halo 3 Qee valued at $20.
Good luck to all on today's second Qee giveaway as we sign off and thank Toy2R for donating such adorable prizes. And if you need them, official giveaway rules can be read here.

Fanswag: Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway [update]

Update: This giveaway has closed. To see who won and to enter another giveaway, simply go here.

Fanswag Weekly is back once again and this round we're prepared to give out the goods for an entire week. Yes sir, a week long giveaway full of prizes, happiness and a whole bunch of Qee. The overly generous and amazing crew over at Toy2R sent us a box full of limited edition, rare and promotional Halo 3 and PGR4 Qee to giveaway. And wouldn't you know that we're giving away one Halo 3 or PGR4 Qee every day from now through next week (excluding the weekend). Yeah, we're awesome. And to kick off the fun, we're giving away a green Halo 3 Qee to one lucky fanboy who can read the instructions below, complete said instructions and enter TODAY from now through 5:00PM eastern. So, let's get to it ...
  • Since the Halo 3 Qee are actually monkey Qees painted to look like a Spartan (no joke, they even have monkey ears), comment on this post today with your best monkey impersonation.
  • One comment per person. Multiple comments by the same user will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until later today, Wednesday, February 27th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • On Thursday, we'll randomly choose and announce one winner.
  • One winner will receive a green Halo 3 Qee valued at $20.
Again, we'll be giving away a new Qee everyday from now through next week, so keep your eyes glued to X3F and be sure to get your entries in by 5:00PM eastern. We also have to send another giant thank you to our friends over at Toy2R for their Qee generosity. Official giveaway rules can be read right here.

PGR4 Valentine's DLC is waiting for your love

Just a reminder for Bizarre fans that today, racing out of the XBLM gates, is a pair of previously revealed Project Gotham Racing 4 DLC downloads including some paid and some free goods. First up we have a 400 Microsoft point Premium Challenge Pack which includes an additional seven new cars, three new bikes, a new World Challenge Mode that adds 20 new chapters, a new Tourist Mode and ten additional achievements. It's what we'd call DLC that's "packed full of fun". The other piece of PGR4 DLC is the free Challenge Pack which is comprised of a 2007 Peugeot Flux racer, the new Tourist Mode and the Cat and Mouse Mode that didn't quite make the cut last time free DLC was offered. Both packs are available for download off the XBLM right this moment, just be sure to buckle up and watch for deer. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you on Valentine's Day.

PGR4's Cat and Mouse mode missed the update

Today, PGR4's title update released to the masses allowing gamers to race it out in all new tournament modes. Which is all exciting stuff indeed, but Bizarre Creations had another gametype that was supposed to be included in the title update, but it was late to the release party.

In press materials that were sent out, Bizarre's community lead Ben Ward mentioned a new PGR4 Cat and Mouse free roam gametype that was to be included in today's update. Though, soon after, we received another email retracting the Cat and Mouse release saying that it didn't make it into the new update, but "will be rolled out in a separate update in a few weeks time". So, no Cat and Mouse today, but at least you'll have something to look forward to in a few weeks time. Plenty of time to stock up on catnip and Cheez Whiz.

Get competitive, PGR4 gets tournament modes

We just received word that Project Gotham Racing 4 is getting four new (and integrated) tournaments that'll allow the best PGR racers to show off their skills and be recognized.

Available as a free download tomorrow, November 15th, PGR4 players will have access to four new tournament modes including Daily Tournaments, Super Saturday, Simulation Sundays and Global Cup. Each tournament has different rules, ways to qualify and number of entrants all of which are conveniently outlined for you after the break. And what do you get if you win one of the tournaments? Instant leaderboard fame, that's what! Winners of each of the four tournaments will be featured on the leaderboards with the monthly Global Cup winner getting his or her gamertag posted on PGRNation's homepage. Check out all the competitive tournament deets after the break.

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PGR4 and F.E.A.R. Files demos land on XBLM

Two new game demos hit the XBLM this morning, adding a little bit of speed and a little bit of fear to the Marketplace. The first demo comes from our pals over at Bizarre Creations and is the critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing 4. Weighing in at a rather hefty 1.27GBs, the demo includes three racecars, two bikes and features an exclusive Nürburgring Snow Challenge and an exclusive Arcade event. Oh, and the PGR4 demo is available to all Xbox Live locales, w00t, w00t!

F.E.A.R. Files: Extraction Point is the other new game demo and clocking in at 585MBs we presume it to be a single player mission-o-fun that F.E.A.R. fans the world around will enjoy. Funny thing is that the demo is only available to US and Canadian Xbox Live members ... so maybe the world around can't enjoy it. Both demos are available for the free on the XBLM right now, so get your download queue on and give 'em a whirl.

Read - PGR4 demo
Read - F.E.A.R. Files: Extraction Point demo

Win big during PGR 4 LIVE Kudos weekend

In celebration of its launch Project Gotham Racing 4 will be hosting a PGR 4 LIVE Kudos Weekend starting October 12th and running through the 14th. During LIVE Kudos Weekend (which we expect to be US only) gamers will be able to register for the Play & Win sweepstakes, challenge others in the Superstar Challenge or race for the quickest time in the Time Attack Challenge. There will be prizes awarded to the top racers of course, including a set of new Michelin tires (wowzaz!) and various other Xbox 360 goods. Pre-order your copy of PGR 4, register for the Play & Win and get ready for some Kudos racing fun in a few weeks!

GW Waves not on XBLA, Bizarre has other plans

Sure, we're all sad that Geometry Wars Waves will be forgoing Xbox Live Arcade in order to be an exclusive mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 4, but we all have the same nagging question: why, Bizarre Creations, newly acquired subsidiary of Activision, why? In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bizarre Creations community lead Ben Ward gives this answer, "It's because we had plans for Live Arcade, but Waves isn't it." According to Ward, Geometry Wars Waves isn't really being designed as a full featured sequel to Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, but more as a simple mini-game. Waves is "an Easter egg" as Ward puts it, "not a full retail product." So there you have it folks, Waves may be an exclusive to PGR4, but Bizarre isn't done with Xbox Live Arcade. Hey, maybe when they create their next XBLA game, they can slip in a little mini version of PGR.

[Via XBLArcade]

PGR4 features eco-friendly race mode

Our partners in crime at AutoblogGreen -- just like Autoblog, only with more miles per gallon and fewer emissions -- have discovered that Project Gotham Racing 4 is set to feature a very interesting racing challenge. Part of the game's invitational series of races, the challenge is called "Electric Vs Petrol Showdown" and allows players to "take the wheel of a two-seater, silent, electric sportscar (the Tesla Roadster) and face-off against a gas-guzzling, noisy, mean machine (the Ferrari Testarossa)." For those that don't know, the Tesla Roadster is reportedly a damned impressive piece of kit, boasting the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4 seconds. The environmentally friendly super car can also travel 200 miles on a single battery charge. The best part, thanks to PGR4, is that you won't have to spend $98,000 (base price, mind you) to try one out.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

PGR 4 demo coming and features exclusive content

Talking with the crew from Bizarre Creations, Eurogamer learned that a Project Gotham Racing 4 demo is planned to hit the Marketplace sometime (it has to pass through Microsoft cert first silly) and that it'll be worth downloading, because it offers a few exclusive bits not found in the retail game. The five cars / bikes, Arcade mode only Macau portion of the demo will features these exclusive challenges not seen in the retail build. The demo will also include a PGR 3 favorite Nurburgring Snow Time Challenge with full leaderboard support, so you'll be able to gawk at your friends' or enemies' rather poor racing skills in the demo. No word to when the PGR 4 XBLM will drop, but October 12th is the retail release so hopefully it'll be available before then. Race on kids, race on.

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