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More Prince of Persia speedpaintings

Ubisoft has been a doing a pretty good job with the marketing of the new Prince of Persia game. It's not easy to build hype by slowly doling out new screens, info and more without revealing too much or over-promising. While that sometimes means that news of the game comes in some strange forms (like speed art) they're well done and provide some good background to the game and world the team is working on.

The above video is of an enemy called the hunter (not from Halo kids) and includes some interesting backstory too. A second speedpaint video embedded after the break is of the Prince's female companion, Elika.

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A few new Prince of Persia shots slip out

To go with the pixelated video from earlier, we've got a few much better looking screen shots from the new Prince of Persia game. While the shots don't exactly reveal anything new (and their origination on a message board smells a tad like viral marketing) they do reaffirm the amazing use of cel shading that the Assassin's Creed team has been able to pull off.

The three new screens are also accompanied by a few artworks of some monsters that remind us vaguely of Ico, as well some more traditional art of the new Prince and his companion.

Gallery: Prince of Persia: Prodigy

Video: Leaked Prince of Persia footage, sorta ...

As you you are well aware thanks to this blog's helpfully descriptive title, there's a new Prince of Persia video making the internet rounds, showcasing the game's first in-game footage. Allegedly. Though, before you get too excited, be well aware that the video is both off-screen and is nothing more than the camera circling around the prince. To be honest, it's quite a bad video showing us absolutely nothing new or exciting. But it is a Prince of Persia video (allegedly), so we figured we'd share. And for those who, just like us, aren't impressed by the low quality video leakage, we have achievement news for you. Remember Ubisoft's achievement vote? Well, voting is now complete and "Combat King" won. Yippy yippy!

[Via NeoGAF]

Choose your favorite Prince of Persia achievement

These days, achievements are getting to be a big deal among 360 gamers, so much so that Ubisoft and their Prince of Persia dev team have noticed and want your achievement opinion.

Over on the official Prince of Persia webspace, Ubisoft is asking fans of the series to vote on their favorite of three possible achievements to include in the upcoming release of Prodigy. You know, to thank the community for supporting the franchise, etc. etc. So, to cast your achievement vote, simply make the jump and use your Ubisoft account to choose your favorite achievement, either "Longest Grip Fall", "Xkm" or "Combo Specialist". Then, come July 1st, Ubi will announce the winning achievement thus giving fanboys across the globe a warm-fuzzy knowing that they participated in the implementation of a Prince of Persia achievement. Joy!

[Via Major Nelson]

Prince of Persia co-op a 'possibility'

Hey, remember how that new cel-shaded Prince of Persia game features not only the Prince but a new AI controlled partner named Elika? Wouldn't it be cool if a second player could plug in a controller and play as her? We think it would be cool. If you think so too, then we have some potentially good news for you. Speaking to Videogaming247, Prince of Persia community development manager Chris Easton has stated, "There are no plans for co-op as of now, but we may explore the possibility."

So, in other words, the game might, might have co-op. However, given that the game is scheduled to release this holiday, if co-op hasn't even been planned thus far, we're not counting on it. Here's hoping.

[Via Joystiq]

New Prince of Persia screens and video

As the embargo for Ubidays ends and news about the new Prince of Persia game begins to flood the tubes, the more promise the game seems to have. Ubisoft Montreal is looking to refresh the franchise by taking elements from everything from Ico to Assassin's Creed. The main change is the female character, Elika, who will be your AI companion through the game, similar to Yorda from Ico.

Unlike Yorda however, Ubisoft Montreal is looking to make Elika only helpful and never detrimental. As seen in the trailer Elika is now the source of many of your time powers, and she'll be intergal to the new combat system. The new system focuses entirely on single combat and you'll never find yourself in any fight that isn't a duel. Ubisoft is making some big changes with this one, lets hope it's a success!

Gallery: Prince of Persia: Prodigy

New Prince of Persia: Prodigy Screens

Since the reveal the that franchise would be continuing in a different form, the cel-shaded look has received both admiration and criticism. Unfortunately, there were only magazine scans until now, and with hi res direct shots of the game the debate about the graphical style at least has some sort of shared resources. Whether you you like the style or not, the shots are worth a look and obviously have some good art direction behind them.

Click below readers!

Gallery: Prince of Persia: Prodigy

Ubisoft trademarks Prince of Persia Prodigy

It's been rumored for a while, and even officially confirmed for fiscal year 2008, but we really don't know much about the next Prince of Persia game. The loose talk is that the next trilogy will be a form of prequel, and it looks as though the first game of said trilogy could be called Prodigy. Recently trademarked by Ubisoft, Prince of Persia Prodigy is an admittedly vague title and could possibly refer to another PoP product, but with a new official teaser site up and the game rumored to be hitting this fall, an official name hitting now feels about right.

Furthermore, other rumors say that the game will be shown at Ubidays (an editorial event) sometime in the near future and that the game's REAL title is in fact Prince of Persia Zero. We'll just have to wait for Ubidays for more concrete info, but those with time to kill can endlessly refresh the official page to attempt to quickly decipher the writing before it's covered.

Gallery: Possible PoPP Concept Art

[Via NeoGAF]

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