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Dutch retailer advertises Euro Xbox 360 price drop [Update]

Update: While this flyer is out in the wild, it does not confirm that it is actually happening. Microsoft has yet to make any announcements regarding the supposed cut. This article has been edited to reflect that.

According to Dutch retailer Bart Smit, the rumored price cut of the Euro Xbox 360 is happening. As previously speculated the Xbox 360 Elite has dropped from 549.95€ to 399.95€ , the Pro console (which includes Viva Pinata and Forza Motorsport 2) was lowered from 399.95€ to 299.95€ while the Arcade bundle is down from 279.95€ to 199.95€.

At 199.95€ the Xbox 360 Arcade would become the cheapest console of this generation in Europe, edging out the Nintendo Wii which retails for 249.95€. The Microsoft camp has stated that the key to better sales in 2008 is the European market, where Microsoft is forced to fend off the strong PlayStation brand awareness and the popularity of the Nintendo Wii. However, considering Xbox 360's popularity in the Western market we don't recommend North American buyers begin holding their breath for a price-drop just yet.

[Thanks, Sander D. Via WackaB]

Canada shares in 360 price drop love

Microsoft has officially announced that Canada will also be receiving 360 price cut in line with the cut announced for the United States. The Core and Premium consoles are both receiving a hefty cut of $100 while the Elite will drop by $50. That means our neighbors up north can pick up a Core for $299, a Premium for $399, or an Elite for $499. Meanwhile, the Halo 3 special edition 360 is set to debut in September at $449. Frankly, if someone was going to spring for the Halo 3 system, we don't see why they wouldn't just take the plunge and get an Elite. At any rate, the price cut will become official starting tomorrow. Any of our Canadian readers planning on picking one up?

[Via Major Nelson]

GameStop prepares MS announcement for Aug. 8

And the hits just keep on coming. Joystiq received the above email -- sent to GameStop employees on Tuesday -- from several anonymous tipsters. The email details the arrival of signage regarding an "upcoming announcement" from Microsoft set to take place on August 8. As we try to rack our brains as to what such an announcement could possibly be, we are reminded of the ever mounting evidence that an Xbox 360 price drop is imminent. We're just going to go out on a limb and say that this is related. We're also guessing that nobody (including Microsoft) will officially confirm it until August 8.

Just to pass the time, how about you help us come up with some other kuh-razy thing it might be. Wait a minute, it's probably Voodoo Vince 2. You heard it here first.

Circuit City ad confirms 360 price drop on all models

Alright kids, it's probably safe to put the term "rumor" to bed now. Tipster ToeFurB sends us (and Joystiq) images of an upcoming Circuit City ad which reconfirms the 360 price drops we've seen in the Wal-Mart and Toys R' Us ads. The 360 Premium will see a $50 price break, the Elite will be reduced by $30, and the Core slims down by $20. For the Premium, Elite, and Core, this results in prices of $349, $449, and $279 respectively. Not only that, but those who purchase the newly discounted Premium console from Circuit City will also receive a free copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis. The ad is dated for August 12, so mark your calendars.

Analysts expecting a Xbox 360 price cut

If you didn't already know, today Sony announced that they've trimmed the fat on their Playsation 3 by dropping the price by $100. Surprising isn't it? Now the obvious question is whether Microsoft will retaliate with a price cut of their own or keep things the way they are. Industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks a price cut will happen and has gone on record to say that Microsoft will announce a Xbox 360 price drop sometime during E3. How Mr. Pachter sees it is that they'll knock of $50 from the Core and Premium and take $80 off the Elite making the price points $249, $349 and $399. This is of course entirely possible seeing that Sony is stepping on Microsoft's price point territory. Also, we're thinking a price cut is overdue seeing that the console has been out for nearly two years at the same price. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to see what surprises Microsoft has up their sleeves and if our 360 will get a fat trimming too.

Microsoft contemplates a 360 price cut

In an interview with Bloomberg, Peter Moore and others discuss the Xbox 360 demographic, how they want to target moms and their kids, and hint at a possible 360 price cut. "If we don't make that move, make it early and expand our demographic, we will wind up in the same place as with Xbox 1" Moore says, and what better way to move more consoles than with a price cut. Director of Xbox product management David Hufford reinforces this thinking by stating that "we (Microsoft) are well aware that the sweet spot of the market is really 199 bucks" and that "when mom walks into the store and sees she can get a console with a game for $250, she sees it as a $300 value". It really sounds like Microsoft gets it.

But will we be seeing a Xbox 360 price drop this year or just a game bundle? We can't be sure, but we know Microsoft is cut throat about gaining ground in the console wars this generation and a price drop would help significantly. They just have to make sure their pocketbooks can handle more losses, but we're sure Bill would be willing to co-sign.

[Via CVG]

Steve Ballmer teases about price drop

For those of you wondering if the Xbox 360 will have a price drop coming down the pipeline, our good friend Steve Ballmer has some words of wisdom. "I think every console in the world has had a price decrease sometime in the first few years. I don't know whether we'll have a price decrease in the first few years, and I don't want to comment on that, but I will highlight for you that every console has had a price decrease in the first few years."

Perfect, that answers everything. So, basically if history has a tendency to repeat itself, we'll see a price drop. Understandably, Ballmer doesn't want to flat out say what the plans for the Xbox 360 are, as the Entertainment and Devices Division is determined to be profitable in 2008's fiscal year. Still as production costs decrease over time, Microsoft may find an opportunity to drop the price without breaking the bank, or the aforementioned goal. So, a price drop will happen, and it's just a matter of when. Our question for you is will it be before or Halo 3 ships?

[Via Joystiq]

Xbox 360 price chop still a dream

Here's an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer telling the mainstream audience what we have already come to accept: Thanks to the PS3's lofty price tag, a price cut for the Xbox 360 is a long way off.

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