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Industry vets sound off on sex, violence, ratings and design

Peter Molyneux, Greg Zeschuk, Cliff Bleszinski and David Jaffe are four of the industries most respected, creative developers working today and also have the distinction of creating some of the industry's most controversial titles. From the over-the-top violence in Gears of War to the sexual content found in Mass Effect, this quintet of creators know their way around industry hot-buttons.

Over the past few months the team at the content knowledge site What They Play have interviewed each of the creators for their distinctive views on the sex, violence, ratings and design in videogames.

"If the blood is graphic, exploding out and all over the screen, you instantly know you're successful. I'd use flowers and confetti but I don't think it would be nearly as effective," Bleszinski said of the violence level found in the upcoming Gears of War 2. "You know, there's a huge M on the freaking box. If your eight year-old kids can acquire $60 and you're not aware what they're doing with it, you've got bigger problems than your kid playing God of War. You're a sh*tty parent," adds Jaffe.

BioWare president Greg Zeschuk, whose 2007 role-playing title Mass Effect was lambasted by the mainstream media for its sexual content, pointed out how our society is dictating content. "It's all obviously a reflection on society," says Zeschuk. "The bottom line is that violence is just more acceptable than sexual content in the U.S., which makes an interesting situation for game developers. You have to really balance these tolerances."

Check out the entire feature at What They Play and let us know what you think about sex, violence, ratings and design of videogames in the comments.

Molyneux: Fable 1's moral choices were 'rubbish'

This past May, during Microsoft's Spring Event, Chris "cool dude" Paladino from the Gamerscore Blog had a chance to sit down and interview the man behind Fable 2, Peter Molyneux.

During the video interview, Molyneux admits that the moral choices a player made in the original Fable and how they affected the world was complete "rubbish." According to Molyneux, we can expect more than moral choices simply affecting one's appearance, Fable 2's moral choices will change your pet's looks, the community, how people react to you and the scenarios you'll be introduced to.

Also, when Molyneux was questioned whether or not he played Fable as good or evil, he responded "when I have bad days, people in my games suffer." We never would have expected our Peter to be such a torturing man, interesting.

Report: Molyneux "ambitious" for day one online co-op [Update]

Update: In an interview with Videogaming247 Molyneux said he is "ambitious" for a day one patch but cannot confirm it will make day-one. The legendary designer did say the process is going well and that the team is close to a solution. The original post and original keynote information is availabe below which cited Molyneux had denied the delay.

According to French gaming site Game Focus, Lionhead CEO Peter Molyneux has denied recent reports that his upcoming role-playing title Fable 2 will not include online co-op at launch. Molyneux batted down the recent news during a keynote at the Festival du Jeu Vidéo (Video Game Festival) in Paris, yesterday. Late last week the Microsoft operated GamerScore Blog announced the "no online co-op" news to gamers, suggesting the mode could be added within a week of launch. GSB apologized for the absence and even quoted unnamed employees of Lionhead Studios, thanking fans for their patience and understanding. So, what happened?

There are three possible solutions to this equation: Microsoft and Lionhead had a miscommunication and the mode will be made available, Lionhead knows the mode is ready to go for launch or Molyneux is sure the European launch of Fable 2 will land at the same time as the update. Fable 2 is set to launch in North America on October 21 and in Europe on October 24 so he may be citing that date specifically. Considering the title has already gone gold and the mode is in question we're sure it isn't available on the disc and, regardless of time frame, will only be available via auto update. Microsoft has yet to respond for our request to comment on the matter.

Fable 2 ships non-line, online co-op to be added later

Remember at E3 2008 when Peter Molyneux dropped the co-op over Xbox Live bomb during the Microsoft Press Briefing? Good times. Oh by the way, Fable 2 doesn't ship with online co-op. Microsoft's community team at the GamerScore Blog have dropped the news that Fable 2 will only ship with a single-player and local co-op experience but no need to grab your pitchforks and rioting boots because online will be added into the game later via an auto update.

We suppose some people will be upset about it but considering the GSB team expects the co-op to be added soon after release, Microsoft hopes for an update within a week or release, we aren't freaking out yet. However, considering most reviews will take the omission into account we wouldn't be surprised to see Fable 2 take a few dings on the Metacritic front. If that means anything to you, at all.

Gamerscore Blog ends the post by sending over a thank your from developer Lionhead for your understanding and patience. The team at Lionhead are very excited to have you play their grand RPG, so much so that the game went gold before, you know ... it was finished.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Molyneux okay with Fable 2 defining his legacy

After Fable 2 went gold and having some time to reflect, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux is so happy with the final product, that he's comfortable with having Fable 2 being the game that defines his "position in the industry."

"At the end of the day you can stand up in front of people and wave your arms, but unless you actually create a product, you don't deserve that attention," Molyneux told saying that Fable 2 "should define my position in the industry, and if it's not good, that says something about me. And if it is good, that also says something about me. I'm incredibly proud of Fable and with what the team has managed to do with it."

Awww shucks, Mr. Molyneux is not only happy with the final product Fable 2 has turned out to be, but he also isn't giving us any excuses to why it wasn't his ideal vision. We can't wait to give it a go and make our determination of Molyneux's worth. How exciting!

Molyneux: the PS3 is waiting for a defining title

Game designer - and Microsoft employee - Peter Molyneux said in an interview with GamesIndustryBiz that the PlayStation 3 is still waiting for a game that defines the platform and sets it apart from its competitors.

"Nintendo did a brilliant job of doing that at launch with games like Wii Sports and Wii Play - maybe Fable 2 is a defining title," said the proud father of the upcoming Lionhead RPG who admitted to not being tremendously objective when referring to Fable 2.

Molyneux then stated the PS3-exclusive LittleBigPlanet, which launches a week after Fable 2, has the potential to be a defining title. "I'm incredibly proud of what they've done, and it's just an amazing experience to see how their game has progressed," he said of the Media Molecule developers who are mostly made up of former Lionhead staff.

Sorry flame war lovers, Molyneux just ended classy on y'all!

Joystiq interviews Peter Molyneux on Fable II

Using their incredible powers of persuasion, the crafty kids at Joystiq have landed an interview with Peter Molyneux. They have also, somehow, managed to play Fable II. And now, they want to talk about it. Molyneux is happy to oblige, talking about the game's moral choices and cooperative gameplay. Molyneux also talks about Fable II's combat system and how it promotes a sense of community. The interview covers a few other topics, including Molyneux's opinion of Too Human ("Dennis Dyack is going to come and kill me now.") -- and the original Fable -- "For me, going back to Fable is a terrible experience." Head over to Joystiq for the full interview.

Your questions, Peter Molyneux's answers

If you've ever wanted the chance to pick Peter Molyneux's brain without going to the trouble of concocting a brilliant kidnapping scheme, now is your chance. GameDaily has chosen Fable 2 creator Peter Molyneux as its next participant in its 10 Questions series. We're not terribly familiar with the series, but we're guessing that the questionee (that would be Molyneux) will be asked 10 questions by the questioner (GameDaily). The twist here is that the questions will be submitted by gamers just ... like ... you. Head over to GameDaily and submit your questions. Be quick though, as GameDaily will stop accepting questions on August 7.

Molyneux: Three more Fable games planned

In's latest interview with Fable 2 head master Peter Molyneux, we used our ninja-ears (yes, ninja-terming body parts is allowed under the ninja-naming rulebook) and actually picked up on a Fable franchise fact. At around the 5:10 mark (video after the break), Molyneux talks about his intent for the Fable franchise going forward saying that "we got plans for Fable three, four and five" and that "it's actually a big story arc." With the average turnaround time to develop a Fable game being around the eight year mark, our kids' kids will be playing Fable games for decades to come.

Continue reading Molyneux: Three more Fable games planned

Molyneux feels sorry for Dyack and Too Human

Why all the Denis Dyack (stuck) hating? That's the question Fable 2's Peter Molyneux (stuck) seems to have asked himself because recently, in an interview with VideoGamer, Molyneux expressed sorry feelings for Dyack and how he and Too Human have been treated as of late. "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that really unfortunate showing at E3 a few years ago" Molyneux continued, saying that "everyone got on the bandwagon of saying things about Too Human." Peter then threw his support behind Too Human saying that "it's a good game" admitting that "it doesn't deserve a lot of that harsh criticism."

A perfect example of how developers have to stick together if they want to survive in the industry. Strength in numbers, friends, strength in numbers.

Molyneux is considering MMO options

If it wasn't for those Microsoft PR wranglers, Peter Molyneux would sing like a blue-jay regarding upcoming Lionhead projects. But that's in a perfect world, darn those PR wranglers. Though, Molyneux isn't gagged completely as Eurogamer found out after probing Molyneux about his interest in MMOs.

When asked about his interest in MMOs, Peter Molyneux gestured over to his PR wrangler saying that "there's someone in this room to make sure that I don't say too much about that question", but did confirm his interests in the genre saying that "I have been looking at MMOs". He continued, "I love the interaction, and I'm fascinated by the idea of really feeling secure and cool enough to actually do it." Just then, as juicy Lionhead MMO information was about to roll from his lips, Peter was silenced by his wrangler. If you ask us, a Lionhead developed MMO sounds delicious.

E308: Fable 2 trailer

Finally confirming our long standing suspicion of online co-op, Fable 2 was a major focus for Microsoft during its E3 2008 press conference. The trailer shown, now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, showcases the storyline that weaves throughout the game. A tale of vengeance where you can choose to seek revenge for the wrongs done to you or rise above and help those in need. Fable 2 is set to hit stores this October.

2008 Yearbook: Microsoft Game Studios

After a solid year for the Xbox 360 in 2007 many thought the system could never showcase the same amount of quality exclusives in a single year.

In the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook, we've compiled a list of this year's graduating class with a detailed account of each title's current status and the stories surrounding them.

From heartbreaking cancellations, surprise feature announcements and expected sequels, the 2008 MGS Yearbook is filled with fun facts and information on your soon-to-be favorite titles. Also included in the yearbook are special joke awards given to each title that releases in 2008 that poke fun at the details most commonly argued about in the comments.

From Ninja Gaiden II to Alan Wake, the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook will have something for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios graduating class ...

X3F interviews Peter Molyneux about Fable 2, BC, XNA

We've already posted the audio of our interview with Peter Molyneux, but we know not everyone is down with spoken word. As such, we've transcribed the entire interview for your reading pleasure. In this massive interview, Molyneux discusses Fable 2 co-op (he thinks Live co-op is a great idea by the way), the possibility of versus multiplayer (which is also a good idea according to Molyneux), and we even manage to squeeze in questions about Microsoft's new XNA initiative and the ill-fated BC. Find the lengthy and informative interview after the break.

Continue reading X3F interviews Peter Molyneux about Fable 2, BC, XNA

Fancast Xtra: Peter Molyneux interview at GDC08

Don't ask us how we did it, but we managed to corner Peter Molyneux at GDC this year. We subsequently tied him to a chair and forced him to answer our questions about Fable 2. No, no, of course we didn't do that. Peter Molyneux is, in fact, an entirely amiable man -- perhaps too amiable -- and was happy to answer our questions. We learn a few details about Fable 2's newly announced co-op features, the Xbox Live Arcade tie-in, and we even wedge in a question about the ill-fated BC. We've posted the audio from the interview below. The audio will also be delivered to subscribers of the Xbox 360 Fancast. Feel free to download the MP3 using the "Read" link as well. Finally, if you can't be bothered to listen to things -- we know how important you are -- stay tuned for the transcription coming later this week.

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