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Creepy Xbox 360 alligator skin creeps us out

Posted over on the Llama's Game Console Forums (yes, llamas enjoy gaming too), forum member dfw monkie posted a few images of his custom Xbox 360 skinning creation that we are certain PETA doesn't approve of. Behold the alligator skinned 360 complete with rough alligator skin and an alligator eye that you have to jab your finger into to power up the console. We have one word for this custom skin ... creepy! Seriously, this thing is creepy odd creepy. Who comes up with this stuff? It's cool and all, but hella' creepy. KAH-REAP-EE!

[Thanks, Rob K]

Controllers modded specifically for Gears, Halo, etc [Update]

Update 1: It seems that HGcontrollers is not the only company around modding controllers for online shooters. Their products are different from each other, so check 'em both out.

Controllers with turbo buttons have existed for many years, going all the way back to the NES, and controller mods for the 360 are nothing new. But having a turbo button (among many other things) modded into what looks like a standard controller is news to us. The guys over at HGcontrollers seem to have started up a fine little business doing just that. The above graphic is really from their site (can you spot which are the real and fake buttons) and details some of the special enhancements made to the controller for the express purpose of playing shooters.

The goal of these mods is to create a controller configuration that can be played through the entire game experience without having to remove one's thumbs from the sticks. Theoretically, this means that your aim with said sticks will improve, as you no longer have to take your thumb off it to hit the essential buttons. However HGcontrollers does more modding of controllers than simply moving buttons. The staff there will actually create a controller with a custom button layout, toggle switches, microprocessors (turbo) for rapid fire, and more if you've got the cash for it. In fact, their website seems to be a bit behind the times forgetting to tell its readers that there are even controllers specially built for Gears that do your Active-Reloading for you. These controllers look great and all, but specifically modding (or buying) your controller to get better at a game sort of defeats the purpose (FUN!) for us here.

[Thanks, chaostheory0982]

Voice recognition controllers really listen

With Xbox 360 controller and speech recognition kit in hand, the guys over at AcidMods went out and modded their own voice recognition 360 controller. For real. The entire controller assembly wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but the voice recognition (surprisingly) works rather well. Just check out the demo video we've embedded after the break for proof's sake. Though, we're not sure how useful a bulky mod like this would be in the real gaming world (not to mention the mod's cost), but it's interesting nonetheless and packs a lot of potential. Now follow along ... reload, jump, switch, reload and jump. Good!

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Whisper Max cooler promises RROD protection

Coming from the zany folks over at Talismoon is a newly updated Whisper Max cooling fan system for your Xbox 360 featuring NITRO SWITCH! They claim that their "higher quality" fan can cool your 360 and prevent RROD from happening all while lighting up your console with three purdy colors. And if by chance your console would red rings after you install the Whisper Max (with NITRO SWITCH), then we guess you'd be screwed since you technically void your warranty while installing the fans. So, we'll leave the decision up to you. Plop down $25 on the Whisper Max (with NITRO SWITCH) while voiding your 360's warranty or use your console's current fan system as is intended.


It's so cute, it's a mini Xbox

Completing one of the coolest case mods we've seen in a long while, ghostavel over at the Xbox-Scene forums showcased his latest project ... the Xbox Mini. As you can see in the picture above, the Xbox Mini is a super condensed form of the original Xbox designed after Apple's Mac Mini and features a built-in wireless adapter and beefier 80GB hard drive. You can check out more pictures of the Xbox Mini after the break and you'll see that this mini console is one beauty all right. It's so darn pretty that we get all misty eyed looking at it.

[Thanks, Josh]

eFuse blown, 360 homebrew now possible

Microsoft seems to be losing the war against modders attacking their precious Xbox 360 hardware with news hitting the internet that a group of modders has successfully downgraded the 360's kernel. Since our last hack / mod update, modders have been diligently working to gain access to a vulnerable kernel by flashing an eFuse without relying on the nearly impossible CPU-key hack and they're happy to announce that they've been successful. Using some sort of "timing attack" a group of modders has flashed one of the CPU's eFuses and been able to revert back to a vulnerable kernel which could possibly allow homebrew apps in the near future. The specific details are quite techie, but if you're curious you can read about the blown eFuse news over at Xbox-Scene.

But before everyone gets all worked up and runs through the streets screaming "teh haxorz are modding my Halo 3s!" you should know that any consoles with old kernels which modders revert back to will not connect to Xbox Live or let them play games online. So, in effect, any kernel downgrading would prevent the console from making its way onto Xbox Live ... that is unless they figure out a way to use a dual kernel system. Just play nice online fellow Xbox 360 modders and if you don't ruin our games then we won't tell Microsoft you opened up your console. You rub our back, we'll rub yours.

It's the CPU key that prevents 360 modding

The Xbox 360 modding community's excitement levels are reaching an all-time high as they are one key away from making their modding dreams come true. The ultimate goal of 360 modders is to get the console to revert back to the vulnerable kernel that was found, but quickly patched by Microsoft. And it sounds like Microsoft blocked the ability to revert back to that kernel by blowing an eFuse on the CPU. Modders have now found out that they can bypass this whole eFuse thing and revert back to the vulnerable kernel if the CPU key is known. But guess what. The CPU key is only attainable through blown eFuse data, so it's a catch twenty-two and no progress has been made on attaining the CPU key through other methods. So, as of now, their attempts have been unsuccessful.

If we were Microsoft we'd be working on another way to block the modding community's advances, because it may only be a few weeks before they find out how to get the CPU key, revert back to the vulnerable kernel, and mod, mod, mod until the sun goes down.

New firmware prevents modders from being banned

A few weeks ago Microsoft dropped their ban hammer on any modded Xbox 360, but the modding community has quickly adapted. A new firmware version has just been released for all 360s with the TS-H943 DVD drive preventing against any Xbox Live detection attempts and allowing the 360 to play all "backup" game copies. This firmware update ultimately prevents Microsoft from "seeing" the modded 360 thus not allowing them to ban the console from Xbox Live. Now we'll just have to wait and see if Microsoft can counter the modding community's left hook with a jab of their own. Let the fists fly!

[Via Xbox-Scene]

Halo 3 four player co-op confirmed?

The other day we reported on a hacking group that cracked opened the Halo 3 beta code and found values referring to new weapons, new vehicles, and new gametypes. But now it looks like the beta code has revealed more info about how we'll be playing the campaign. Over at the 7th Columnist they dug up some error text in the Halo 3 beta code that could confirm four player co-op, which states "The party size is too large to start the game. Up to 4 players may play coop on Xbox Live or System Link". Does this confirm four player co-op in campaign? Well, not just yet ... but we'll be an optimistic bunch and cross our fingers and toes. Anyone thinking four player co-op over Xbox Live would be the greatest thing since, say, sliced bread?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Christ 360 mod is totally religious

What do you get when you mix an Xbox 360, a religious symbol, a pair of scissors, and a few LEDs? No, not Peter Moore dressed up like the Pope wearing glowing angel wings. But you were close. Mix them them together and you get a modded Xbox 360 named the Christ 360 featuring a religious cross cutout and three rings of "life". We're pretty sure this mod isn't going to be the next Virgin Mary grilled cheese or inspire millions of religious followers to make a pilgrimage, but it's interesting nonetheless. Repent your sins if you feel the need and take a look at the Christ 360 after the break.

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Modders' Xbox 360s banned from Live

It looks like Microsoft has finally brought down the hammer on modded Xbox 360s. With the release of the Halo 3 beta and as part of Microsoft's efforts to make Xbox Live a fair, fun, and unified community they are actively banning any Xbox Live connection from a 360 that has been hacked or modded. So, as such, the Live account isn't actually banned, just any connection to Xbox Live from the console is banned. As a result, some people may be finding that they can't connect to Xbox Live and get an error message similar to the one above. You know who you are and shame on you.

What do you think? Is banning modded Xbox 360s from Xbox Live a good thing or is Microsoft taking their banning powers a little too far?

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Guitar Hero II cardboard fret mod

Over at they've posted a helpful tutorial to fix those unreliable Guitar Hero II fret buttons on your X-plorer guitar. Their tutorial is for those of you who experience not so responsive fret buttons when rocking out to your favorite jam. This unresponsive fret button problem occurs when the fret buttons don't fully press down on the contact due to some shifting action. And all you need to fix those buttons is some confidence to open up your guitar, some cardboard, scissors, and tape. And voila! Fret buttons fixed. We're just wondering what type of cardboard would work best. Gushers, Pop-Tarts, Fruit By the Foot, or Cheerios ... oh the choices.

[Via Digg]

Zoozen's rather sexy 360 case mod

Xbox 360 mods are a dime a dozen, but truly amazing case mods are rare. Insert Zoozen's re-styled, re-hashed, and re-shaped custom Xbox 360 housing above. Their little case mod not only gets rid of the traditional inhale gesture that we all know and love, but makes it into a flat curvaceous oval of sexiness. Though, we're a bit torn between their vision of what the 360 should look like and what Microsoft has already created for us. But it's not like we have a choice, because we won't be seeing any official Xbox 360s looking like this anytime soon. Zoozen, we have to give you guys props. You created one pretty case mod indeed.

PS3's Sixaxis wants to be a 360 controller

That Ben Heck has used his evil genius to do it again, gutting an Xbox 360 controller and replacing its innards with ::shutter:: PS3 Sixaxis technology. Being commissioned to do so, Ben used his technology knowledge to put a functioning Sixaxis controller into a 360 controller shell. We definitely know there is some Xbox 360 controller envy coming from the PS3 fanboys, but why did you have to do this Ben? What have you done with our colorful buttons and you even replaced our spherical guide button with a ... Playstation logo. And is that a USB cable going to the back of it? Please, say it ain't so! It's a sad sight to see, but we know how hard it is for Playstation fans to use that dreadful Sixaxis controller. With heavy hearts, we'll share our controller ... but just this once.

[Via Digg]

Hacked! Ubuntu loves the 360

That wee little unsigned code problem Microsoft dealt with months ago has finally produced some hacking results. Taking advantage of those hackable kernels, Cpasjuste was able to install and run the operating system Ubuntu on his Xbox 360 including web browser functionality. We're sure Microsoft is kicking themselves already, trying to figure out either why they didn't sign their code or why they can't figure out how to get Windows Vista to be compatible. Stupid drivers. So, are we one step closer to a full blown Xbox 360 mod chip or modding community that will unleash terror on every Xbox 360 north of the equator? Or should we just forget about it and go back to playing some video games?

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