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Last chance: win Lost Odyssey

This is it people, the very last chance to win a copy of Lost Odyssey. Clocking in at over fifty hours, it's the perfect game to fill the summer gaming gap. Okay, so maybe it's not perfect, but it's free, right? As of this post, there is only one hour to go before the giveaway is over. For your shot at winning, head over to the official giveaway post, follow the directions, and, most importantly, relax.

Reminder: Win Lost Odyssey

Hey fanboys, just a quick reminder that a copy of Lost Odyssey is still up for grabs. Entering the contest is as simple as leaving a comment on the official giveaway post (no, not this post, silly!), so get crackin'. Don't forget that you can enter once per calendar day (Eastern Time), so it's okay to enter today if you also entered yesterday. In fact, entering every day, including tomorrow, is the best way to maximize your odds of winning. Now, head over to the official giveaway post and enter already!

Japan receives more Lost Odyssey DLC

As if two sets of downloadable content weren't enough, our gaming friends over in Japan are set to get a third piece of Lost Odyssey DLC this Thursday, April 10th. The new Seeker of the Abyss DLC is another dungeon, located in the sea and features a new Eternal Magic Engine that helps with MP consumption. Seeker of the Abyss will be available exclusively to Japanese gamers for 400 Microsoft points and, just like the other two DLC sets, no North American release has been announced. Though, we suspect Microsoft would want to start releasing these before Lost Odyssey's luster wears thin Stateside.

Rumor: Lost Odyssey to get sequel

With the first of Mistwalker's exclusive 360 franchises already rumored to be getting a sequel, it would be remiss if there wasn't a reciprocating rumor for the second franchise. So, to be proper as possible, here we are reporting on a rumor of just that. Nikkei Trendy.net, a Japanese game site, posted an interview with the H&E Head of Microsoft. In the interview he made a comment to the effect of being satisfied with the games initial Japanese sales, and that the series will grow with time. Wait ... how can there be a series when there has only been one game? Well, there's actually several explanations here. The first and most likely explanation is translation error, it's probable that the translator simply didn't think much and used the word "series" when the original meaning was closer to "IP". The second possibility is that it is of course all too true, and the game is getting a sequel. Readers, what do you think? Is the game worthy of a sequel? If it is being made, should Mistwalker drop it in favor of their rumored MMO?

Video: Lost Odyssey follows the white rabbit

Mistwalker released a new Lost Odyssey trailer today and color us white, it's rather enjoyable. The new trailer doesn't focus on Lost Odyssey's novel qualities or mention anything about the lackluster collector's edition, instead Mistwalker focuses on Lost Odyssey's art, story and epic RPG scale. The trailer's visuals are A+, but we think the background music track ("White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane) is what sells it. Tell us we're wrong if you like, but the latest trailer is a winner in our book. Follow that white rabbit!

Lost Odyssey: the best game you'll ever read

Multiplayer has an interesting little preview up for Lost Odyssey, the upcoming RPG from Mistwalker starring an immortal man with amnesia. We've reported before that a significant portion of the game is taken up by flashbacks. The twist is that these flashbacks are actually written short stories for the player to read (if desired). While Multiplayer reports that the game is more or less aimed squarely at Final Fantasy fans, the short stories are apparently an entertaining diversion. It's explained that one of the reasons these stories are so entertaining is that they are significantly different from things tried in other, similar Japanese RPGs. It's not uncommon for games to present unlockable content as an incentive for players to keep on playing, but we're pretty sure that short stories are a first. Fret not if reading isn't your thing, as Multiplayer also takes a look at the rest of the game. You can hit the "read" link to check out the whole preview, or you can let us save you some time: if you like Final Fantasy, it sounds like you'll like Lost Odyssey. Just get ready for a lot of loading.

New Blue Dragon items now on XBLM

Microsoft sends word that a new piece of downloadable content is now available for Blue Dragon. This is the second bit of DLC for the game, the first -- Hard mode - being released last month. This new DLC is entitled "6 Treasures" gives players access to 6 new items that grant special abilities to their characters. One in particular -- the Shuffled Helmet -- creates the most powerful armor in the game when combined with Shuffled Splint and Shuffled Breastplate. Honestly, we haven't delved into the game, so we don't know how useful all these items are, though they will probably be welcome to those endeavoring to complete hard mode. The DLC is available for 200 MS Points. Check out the all 6 of the items contained in the pack after the break.

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Video: Opening Lost Odyssey cinematic

Mmm, what's better than pre-rendered Japanese video game opening cinematic sequences that are based on massively in depth RPGs? Answer: not much. Embedded above is one of those movie quality opening cinematic from Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey. And after watching it, we bet you can't contain your urge to want to play the game, rent a horribly translated Japanese movie or at the very least order some Japanese food. Yes sir, it's that enjoyable and now we know why the game comes on four DVDs. Pre-rendered HD video eats last-gen media formats alive.

[Thanks, Chris]

Lost Odyssey's wordy little secret

Looking forward to Lost Odyssey, the next big thing from Mistwalker? Hope you enjoy reading then, because you'll be doing a lot of it according to IGN. Kaim, the game's protagonist, often has flashbacks to moments in his past. Considering he can't die, he's been alive for a very long time, which means he has a long history to look back upon. However, instead of letting the players journey back and actually experience these flashbacks through gameplay, they are played out entirely through text. The flashbacks are actually short stories penned by famed Japanese author Kiyoshi Shigematsu, and Lost Odyssey director Hironobu Sakaguchi decided to let players experience them in their "purest" form. All in all, there are 34 of these flashbacks, each taking 5-10 minutes to read. We have to wonder if these flashbacks are considered gameplay, because Sakaguchi has noted that fully half of Lost Odyssey's 40 hours of gameplay will be taken up by cutscenes.

Japanese gamers will find out when the game is released on December 6th, while the rest of us will have to wait until February of next year.

[Via Joystiq]

Lost Odyssey journeys through 4 DVDs

Speaking to IGN in behind-closed-doors meeting at TGS, Hironobu Sakaguchi, head of Mistwalker, intimated that the upcoming RPG Lost Odyssey will span 4 DVDs. Considering Mistwalker's previous title, Blue DragonMass Effect managed to hit retail on 3 DVDs, this isn't exactly surprising. Still, in the dark circles of the internet, the announcement is still likely to spark up the Blu-Ray / DVD debate yet again. Note to 360 defenders: the galaxy-trekking Mass Effect fits quite nicely on one DVD.

In less flame-worthy news, Sakaguchi also announced that Lost Odyssey will ship with multiple language options including English and Japanese, though facial animations will be synced to the English dialogue. Sakaguchi explains that many western movies are shown in Japan and that English lip sync is more or less a sign of gratitude to the support of Mistwalker's western audience.

[Via Evil Avatar]

Mistwalker developing 360 MMO?

Speaking to gaming site TVG at a Paris anime event, Hironobu Sakaguchi apparently revealed that his Mistwalker Studio is currently working on an unannounced MMO title for the Xbox 360. According to Sakaguchi, the new title -- which isn't Blue Dragon 2 or Cry On -- is "50% MMO and 50% RPG." Nothing else is known about the title at this point in time. With both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey preparing for release this year, we don't expect to hear about any new projects anytime soon. Of course, that doesn't mean we're abandoning hope that we'll hear something at E3 next week.

Blue Dragon demo set for July 20

If you've been on the fence about Blue Dragon, then we have some good news for you. According to Dengeki Online (helpfully translated by Siliconera), an international Blue Dragon demo is slated for July 20. Weighing an impressive 1.1GB, the demo will apparently contain a whopping 2 hours of available gameplay. We hope you've grown accustomed to the English voice-overs though, as Japanese will not be an option in the demo. There may be a few different subtitle options, depending on the language settings of your Xbox. Finally, be sure to grab the demo as soon as you can, as it will fly away from Marketplace on August 3rd, giving just over three weeks to save up for the real thing.

[Via Siliconera]

Blue Dragon officially lands on August 28

It was confirmed during GDC this year that Blue Dragon would be hitting the U.S. sometime this August. We've received official word from Microsoft this morning that the game will ship on August 28. Yes, in just 61 days, U.S. games will finally be able to play Mistwalker's first opus. In celebration of Blue Dragon, Microsoft plans to make a fan site kit available from the official Blue Dragon page on Xbox.com (it's not available right now, despite the press release's protestations to the contrary). Xbox.com will also be hosting a feature article about the game, though it still hasn't gone live as of this posting. For those of you still unfamiliar with the game, we suggest you check out the recent preview from Eurogamer.

Eurogamer takes Blue Dragon for a spin

Eurogamer got its hands on the English version of Blue Dragon and took the time to write up some impressions. Overall, the gist of the preview is that Blue Dragon tries to recreate classic Japanese role playing game design without reinventing it. As noted by the preview, everything seems as though it was pulled from classic RPGs and made to mesh with modern console aesthetics. The graphics look like old school 2D characters and worlds come to life, the characters are broadly drawn, and the combat is solidly turn-based. About the only concession the game makes to modern game design (or "progress" as Eurogamer calls it) is that battles are not random. In the end, it seems that Blue Dragon was meant as a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a new coat of paint. The only problem, according to Eurogamer, is that such nostalgia may be in limited supply outside of Japan. We'll find out when Blue Dragon hits North America this August.

Sakaguchi gives tiny Lost Odyssey update

Details on the progress of Lost Odyssey are few and far between these days, so we'll take what we can get. According to IGN, Hironobu Sakaguchi, head of Mistwalker, has given a small update on Lost Odyssey to Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu. According to Sakaguchi, the game's background music and packaging are complete. Also, an outside development team known as Feel Plus is currently tweaking the wall system and other gameplay systems. Readers will recall that Lost Odyssey uses a system in which soldiers in the front lines must protect the vulnerable but powerful magic users in the rear.

Sakaguchi notes that there will be new details revealed in the near future. IGN speculates we may hear more at E3. Considering this is one of Microsoft's biggest projects, we're inclined to agree.

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