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Former ESA Prez: Game journalists made Thompson

With the recent news of his upcoming disbarment hitting every RSS feed from here to infinity the gaming world was focused on the professional failure of Jack Thompson but have moved on. On the other side of the fence, former Entertainment Software Association president and frequent Thompson punching bag Doug Lowenstein has sent a letter to Kotaku asking them and other gaming journalists to reflect on how we helped to create the Thompson hype machine.

We can't but help but agree with Lowenstein in some way. However, with Thompson at the forefront of some of the biggest controversies the industry has seen in the last few years it would have been difficult to report on the issues without mentioning his name.

Would ignoring someone really make them disappear? If that were true then the entire Konami presentation at E3 2008 would have been a ghost show. Amirite?

Time to work on that resume, Thompson disbarred in Florida

While not pertaining to the Xbox 360 specifically this piece of news is important to gamers who are tired of defending comically-inaccurate statements lobbied at their favorite titles from a certain Florida attorney; or should we say soon-to-be-former attorney. Joystiq reports that the Florida Supreme Court has finally decided to disbar John Bruce (Jack) Thompson after being found guilty of 27 out of 31 violations of professional misconduct by the Bar association.

Documents filed by the court maintain Thompson, "has demonstrated a patter of conduct to strike out harshly, extensively, repeatedly and willfully to simply try to bring as much difficulty, distraction and anguish to those he considers in opposition to his causes."

In response Thompson has filed an emergency motion against seventy-seven defendants including the Florida Bar association, this despite the first filing posed against him that he may only file a motion in the Florida Supreme court through another attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar acting on his behalf. Lawyer or not, we wouldn't expect Thompson to hangup the gaming hate anytime soon.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Gallery: Jack Thompson disbarred doc

Jack Thompson: "I guess my "mistake" was not killing 3000 people to make my point"

He fought the law and the law is winning. Jack Thompson, hot off the heels of a Florida Bar recommendation that he be disbarred for ten years for 27 violations of professional misconduct, is again testing if the pen is mightier than the sword. In a letter written to Chief Judge Federico Moreno, Thompson claimed his recent trial was a mockery of the system and demanded a fair trial.

"We find yesterday that enemy combatants at Guantanamo are to get more due process from federal judges than what I am to have. I guess my "mistake" was not killing 3000 people to make my point ... I demand a hearing," Thompson wrote in the letter to Moreno.

Judge Moreno responded to the shocking letter by dispatching two U.S. Marshals to the home of Mr. Thompson. "The purpose of that visit was to intimidate and harass me," Thomson wrote to Moreno following the incident.

As the Florida Bar continues to seek disbarment for the controversial lawyer, Thompson is now seeking a meeting with the House Judiciary Committee in Washington to complain that the Justice Department is harassing him.

Jack Thompson is famously known in the gaming community for his stance against violent videogames, particularly titles from Take Two Interactive; publisher of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise.

[via Game Politics]

Thompson writes letter to Take-Two executive's mother

Protesting the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, which lands at retail on April 29, outspoken videogame critic Jack Thompson has written a strongly worded letter addressed to the mother of Take-Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick.

According to ShackNews, in the letter the Florida attorney equates Strauss to Hitler Youth, asks Mrs. Zelnick why her porn-peddling son doesn't leave her shamed, accuses Strauss of causing the death of three Alabama police officers, quotes scripture and asks if she was involved in training her son to push Mature-rated games onto children. Thompson did however find it in his heart to wish the nice lady a Happy Mother's Day.

Oh Jack, you're a sweetheart. In other news Thompson's legal career is still hanging in the balance as a Florida judge is ruling on a trial that could see him disbarred from practicing law in Florida. Wonder what Jack's mom thinks about that.

[Thanks, xblackplaguex]

Hey Mr. Thompson now in video form

Hey, remember that wacky "Hey Mr. Thompson" song we mentioned a while ago? We posted it as a respite from our constant torrent of timely and poignantly written 360 news. Well, Sarcastic Gamer has created a video now, and we think you should watch it right now. Go ahead, take a break from all this 360 nonsense. Seriously, the video has something for everyone. If your idea of a good time is watching someone in a crazy white wig pretending to be Jack Thompson, then this video is right up your alley. If not ... perhaps you fancy guitar playing men that serenade the camera? The point, if this rambling post has one, is that the video is hilarious, and we all like making fun of Jack Thompson, right? Good, then that's settled. Now, watch and enjoy.

Sarcastic Gamer takes on Jack Thompson

This isn't specifically 360 related, but it's an issue that strikes at the heart of all gamers. Or, rather, it's a person that strikes at the heart of all gamers: Jack Thompson. Our friends at Sarcastic Gamer (see Fancast 034) have taken it upon themselves to create a parody song about none other that our old buddy, John Bruce Thompson. The song is based on the Plain White T's hit, "Hey There Delilah" and, as you might expect, is hilarious. We've got the first minute of the song right here:

"Hey Mr. Thompson"
If you like what you hear, you can listen to the rest in the latest episode of the Sarcastic Gamer podcast (the song is about 35 seconds in). If you really like what you hear, we suggest you get to work making a music video, as the song is just begging for one.

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