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Halo 3's latest Tool of Destruction: a traffic cone

Bungie is up to their silly antics once again, this time highlighting one of Halo 3's most awkward deaths with it's own recognition.

If you don't recall, one un-lucky gamer found himself looking straight into death's orange eye when a traffic cone struck his head in a game of Halo 3 resulting in instant death. He has since been rewarded for his death by Bungie with ultra-sexy Recon armor and now the Bungie gods have officially listed the classified traffic cone as one of Halo 3's Tools of Destruction. Check it out for yourself by making the jump and looking at the very last Tool of Destruction. It's kind of silly and kind of construction-esque.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Halo 3 Soundtrack website is alive and kickin'

The genius that is Marty O'Donnell has been harnessed once again with the release of the official Halo 3 Original Soundtrack on November 20th and what better way to prepare for this once in a lifetime experience than with a new website.

Microsoft just launched the Halo 3 Soundtrack's official website where you can preview a bunch of the tracks, watch some exclusive behind-the-scenes video and get your pre-order on. You can also download (PDF) the original sheet music from the Halo 3 announcement trailer and in December you'll be able to mix and edit your own musical Halo 3 score in Marty's Playground. The planets are perfectly aligned, all hail the magical Marty and all hail the Halo 3 Soundtrack.

[Via TeamXbox]

McFarlane Steel Spartan exclusive to GameStop

Continuing his iron grip on the Halo 3 action figure market, Toddy McFarlane (we call him Toddy, because we're tight) announced a new GameStop exclusive Steel CQB Spartan action figure. The Steel CQB figure (viewable in the gallery below) will be released alongside Series 1 sometime March 2008 and like we said, it'll only be available at GameStop stores.

Another factoid we found interesting was that the figure will come with removable shoulder pads, chest plate and helmet all of which will be interchangeable with other Halo 3 figures. It's an interesting concept and something we haven't heard about, but we know we'll be buying all the variants to build a figure to look like our multiplayer Spartan. Kind of like a Build-A-Spartan Workshop ... or not.

[Thanks, TMD]

Halo 3 bugs, DLC and matchmaking updates

Who doesn't love a Bungie Weekly Update that's both informative and newsworthy? We know we do and this week Bungie talks about all kinds of Halo 3 goodness including some matchmaking changes.

A new Halo 3 matchmaking "hopper" update will be rolling out sometime in the next few days with changes a plenty. The most notable being Lone Wolves getting a swords gametype, oddball frequency being reduced and games increasing to six players. Also, Team Slayer will be getting Guardian and Valhalla maps, Social Doubles has been removed and a new eight player max social Rocket Race has been added (X3F Live memories ...)

Other than matchmaking changes, Bungie says they're looking into the Halo 3 melee problems, screenshot uploads being slow and armor permutation unlock bugs, all of which are hella' annoying. Bungie also officially revealed the new Heatmaps feature and says they consider it to be in the "beta" stage and will tweak it accordingly. Finally, we've been promised more concrete and less code-namage Halo 3 DLC details in the weeks ahead, so keep your ears perked up for that. Bungie has spoken, get your Weekly Update fix after the jump.

Til death do us part: A Halo 3 marriage proposal

In news that'll either make your cry or chuckle we have ourselves the very first Halo 3 marriage proposal! Hooray! Gamertag Moviesign popped the ultimate question to his girlfriend whose unique gamertag is furtive penguin in a custom Halo 3 forge map. Upon inviting her in, Moviesign told her to follow him to a secret area where he places an energy sword. Upon arriving to the secret location, furtive penguin discovered her man's handy work where he wrote "will you marry me?" with random weapons. She said yes, he said okay and a wedding will go down sometime in the near future. Congrats to both of them on their commitment to being lifelong partners and their obsessive love of Halo 3. We expect a party invite when the date is set.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in] and Halo 3 stats get a hot upgrade [update]

Update: Other discoveries have been made including a global heatmap, Bungie Favorites archive and now you can use your 3D Spartan / Elite preview as your forum avatar. W00t!

If you make your way over to for some Halo 3 stats action you may notice a few cosmetic and feature upgrades. And even though Bungie hasn't announced the Service Record updates (look for news in today's Weekly Update) we spotted the changes yesterday, so let's get to 'em.

Heatmaps. Yup, Bungie added a multiplayer Heatmaps tab in the Career Stats section that allows you to look at each multiplayer map and see where you kill and get killed the most. It's what we in the biz call a "hot" feature. Moving along we also noticed some cosmetic changes in the Service Record's header. Rockin' a new honeycomb background the header now displays your rank and experience point details on the left with your rank, pin and campaign completion logos to the right. Back in the Career Stats section, you'll now notice that your Tools of Destruction area is sporting percentages and when you hover over each weapon it'll display a rendered in-game picture of the weapon instead of the blue and white outlined artwork.

There may be other Halo 3 Service Record features or cosmetic updates that we didn't see or stumble across, so hit the comments and speak up if you found something else. Otherwise, the new Heatmaps inclusion and overall cosmetic updates really add to the already feature-rich Halo 3 stats section and it's good to see Bungie is willing to make tweaks. Stats FTW!

Bungie confirms other non-Halo IP in the works

In an interview with develop magazine, Bungie studio manager Harold Ryan talks more in depth about the Microsoft / Bungie split and confirms that they are working various new projects including a brand new IP.

Ryan told develop magazine that the studio is working on numerous projects at once (seeing that their team has over 100 employees) including Halo 3 downloadable content, other Halo projects (MMO?) and a new IP in the prototype stage. "We kept that [new IP] prototype running throughout the development of Halo 3 and now we have a creative team which feels like they own that". What could the mysterious new IP be and how will it fit in with their Halo and Microsoft Game Studios agendas? Only years of time will tell, but our confidence in Bungie has never been higher. Full interview can be read after the jump.

Bungie Store: Grenade belt buckles and love

Continuing today's shopping theme we figured you'd be interested in some Bungie Store goodies that are so new, we feel guilty for talking about them.

Per this week's Bungie Weekly Update, there are four new items available for purchase at the online Bungie Store. New items including a Dual Deco Master Chief Hoody, a grey and black Canvas Messenger Bag, some Halo 3 Trading Cards and our personal favorite, a Frag Grenade Belt Buckle. And if this belt buckle doesn't result in oodles of females swooning down on you then you're a lost cause .... sorry, but it's true. All the new goods (as well as old) are available right now and can be in your hands in less than a week if you get your purchase on this instant. Now, about the Bungie Store's evil shipping charges ...


Which MP maps we'd like to see remade for Halo 3

After stumbling across MLG's article on the top five Halo multiplayer maps they'd like to see remade for Halo 3 it got us thinking. It got us thinking about what maps we wish Bungie would bring to Halo 3. MLG member Brick's list of maps is pretty decent and includes such "gems" like Midship and Colossus (eww!), but we're opinionated bloggers here and can sum up our map wants in four words ... Ivory Tower and Turf. Yup, those are the two maps we will bend over backwards for and are the two maps we'd go gah-gah over if they were remade in full Halo 3 glory. Yeah, there are other good ones out there, but darnit if we aren't in love with our Ivory Tower and Turf. Case closed!

But not really, because we're sort of curious to hear from you what maps you'd like to see remade for Halo 3. Tell us what you think, list your favs and there's a small chance that if Bungie reads this they'll bring back Chiron TL-34 (crossing fingers and toes).

Halo 3 Infection spreads slower in pairs

It's looking like our plans of group Halo 3 Infection will have to be put on hold for a bit, because there's something spooky going on.

According to Luke over at (and our own personal experiences) the Halloween exclusive Infection matchmaking playlist isn't playing nice when you're in a party. More specifically, going into matchmaking alone produces speedy results, but when you party up with a buddy or two then you'll have to wait a while ... a long while. A group of us sat in matchmaking for more than five minutes without getting paired up into a game before we quit and went our separate ways. Team Bungie is looking into the group slowness and we'll be sure to update you once we get an update from Bungie. Going solo produces quick Infection fun, but we're all about group zombie killing ... fix it Bungie, stat!

X3F Achievements 101: All Hallow's Achieve

Welcome to another wonderful edition of X3F Achievements 101. Today's topics of discussion include Major Nelson's warning about gamesaving, sludging through the online multiplayer Achievements of Fuzion Frenzy 2, my experience thus far with Project Gotham Racing 4, and the rather annoying list of Achievements found in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Anyway, all the goodness that you've come to expect is included after the break.

Continue reading X3F Achievements 101: All Hallow's Achieve

$1 million Halo 3 tournament in Texas

One million dollars. Sounds just great doesn't it? And $250,000 of the million dollar pool can be yours if your Halo 3 pwning skills are unnaturally super.

You can win said cash if you make the trip down to Dallas, TX on December 18th for the $1 million Halo 3 Competition held by the Cyberathlete Professional League. The competition is open to anyone, noob or l33t gamers alike, and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Like we said, first prize gets $250,000 cash with prizes extending all the way down to 64th place who'll still walk away with a cool $2,500. If you're interested and are willing to head to Longhorn country, make the jump, get learned and register. Who ever said your Halo 3 skills wouldn't earn you a living?

[Via Gaming Bits]

McFarlane planning lots of Halo figures in 2008

Good old Toddy McFarlane and his entrepreneurial spirit, always taking ideas to the next level and always willing to saturate a retail channel. It's something we value in a person more than good will or kindness. And his ambitious nature is spreading into the previously announced Halo 3 figures he's creating, because we're getting lots of 'em.

According to official product launch dates over at, the McFarlane Halo 3 figures we've all known about will launch sometime in March 2008, but there will be other series' coming later in the year. Series two is scheduled to land at retail a few months later in June 2008 including such highlights as ODST, Drone, Mongoose and Wraith figures. Series three is planned for an August 2008 release and includes figures like a Human Flood, Brute Captain, Banshee and Scorpion. That's not all, August will also bring a special 12" Master Chief figure and October 2008 will see the release of three highly stylized figures. Wowzaz! And for easier digestion, we posted a list of figures, release dates and a series breakdown after you click towards the break.

Good old McFarlane, we knew you wouldn't let us down.

Continue reading McFarlane planning lots of Halo figures in 2008

Halo 3 map talk and a Halloween surprise

In last night's newly released Bungie Weekly Update, the Bungie clan talks about VGA, banhammers, melees, maps and Halloween surprises. We're going to talk about the last two subjects, so if vga, banhammers or melees tickle your fancy then make the jump, because you're not getting anything from us.

Progress on the upcoming Halo 3 multiplayer map DLC is moving along swimmingly and are being developed in logical order focusing on filling current multiplayer map voids. All the new maps are in the testing phase and Frankie also mentions that "two of them in particular will cause a Three Mile Island scale pant-fill-disaster in the Halo community". We're not sure what that means, but we think we like it. Bungie also confirmed that they have a super secretly exciting Halo 3 Halloween surprise planned for next Wednesday. Details are scant right now, but we do know that their spooktacular surprise will last 27 hours around Halloween and relates to matchmaking. Our guess, expect a social or ranked matchmaking playlist featuring nothing but Infection. Oh, and maybe a special Halloween medal too.

The Weekly Update is chalk full of tidbits, news and Halo 3 details this week. Run (don't walk) over to and get your read on, you'll be happy you did.

Build it yourself, a paper Halo 3 Legendary Edition

If you missed out on purchasing the Halo 3 Legendary Edition in favor of one of the other editions and wish you could experience all the fun the Legendary Edition brings, then we've got something for you. Over at Paper Art Gadgets they've posted complete template downloads for you to create your own Halo 3 Legendary Edition (stand and helmet included) or a Halo 3 Xbox 360 in foldable paper form. The paper downloads can be downloaded right here, but we are not responsible for crippled, carpal tunneled or injured fingers as a result of the tiny paper folding you'll have to go through to create your own Legendary helmet. And, if possible, wear the proper finger protection. We've seen far too many lives ruined as a result of horrendous paper cuts.

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