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Fan Stuff: Master Chief Across the Multiverse

With the undeniable recognizability of the character, the design of the Master Chief has become an iconic part of popular culture. And just like any other part of pop culture it sees reinterpretation, exploitation, and well, perversion. In celebration (or possibly disgust) of this fact GamesRadar collected a whole host of various iterations of the Chief, across all sorts of different mediums. It's an interesting collection of images and info, and reads as a sort of vertical slice of the property, showing all the ways that it has been seen, viewed, used and skewed. With versions across everything from papercraft to Lego to stained-glass, the Master Chief is definitely a fan favorite. But has the character and likeness been sold-out to the point that it has become cheapened in the eyes of the masses, or is this motley collection of fan-made products and art just a sign that the property is finding it's "expanded universe" feet?

Bungie WWU: Tidbits and Teasing

Having updated the Halo 3 playlists earlier in the week, this week's Bungie Weekly What's Update has TONS of information for players to sort through. Touching on a variety of subjects, the update is rather long and actually begins with a list of things that it will not contain (sorry folks, no lolcats or Mister Chief). The update does give more details on the March Playlist update, as well as updating the community on the status of a potential bug that made an appearance on ESPN. The more interesting bit (for us anyway) of the write-up comes at the end where we're told of an quirky (though not very useful) feature of the plasma pistol and an explanation of how the game creates the screenshots that we all know and love. Not surprisingly the explanation is rather technical, surprising however, is the method by which the game arrives at the final screen that appears on Most folks around the net assumed it was just a bunch of anti-aliasing, and well, they were wrong.

Reminder: get double XP in Halo 3 this weekend

Hey kids, just a quick reminder that a special Grifball playlist is now available on Halo 3. What's so special about it, you ask? Well, for one, winning teams will be awarded double XP, making their ascent through the Halo ranks (and their Spartan Officer achievements) that much easier. Second, the playlist is considered a tournament playlist, and appropriate prizes will be given to appropriate players. We're not exactly sure how said players will be chosen, but we're talking about free prizes, so you may want to check it out, right? The playlist will be active until Monday at noon Pacific, so hurry up, log on, and start earning that precious XP. Don't know what Grifball is? Get yourself learned.

[Via Joystiq]

Lego Halo in the works at Bungie! [Update]

[Update] Sorry, folks, this news appears to be fake, as it appears in EGM's April Issue. Apparently we were taken in by the most elaborate EGM Aprils's Fools day joke ever. Here, this is for us.

With the massive popularity of the Lego-branded games, it was only a matter of time until something blew the doors for open anyone to get in on the bricking action. With this EGM scan, it seems that the doors have indeed been blown. With Lego Master Chief and Elites, and the ability to follow the entire story from first game to third game, it seems like this one will have fanboy's all over wetting themselves in delight. Bungie's next game was promised to be "totally different" and this certainly qualifies as different, even if the guys at Bungie are mixing things up by making at least ten-percent of the game "traditional Halo" (first person). Just like in the other Lego games, there will be a multitude of playable characters, which will probably include Arby, Sarge, etc, as well as other Spartans (if you read Ghosts of Onyx, prepare to meet Kurt's brother!). This game honestly sounds like eighty different kinds of awesome, and you know that this is going to end up selling over a million copies. The only question is, where could they take it for a sequel?

Would You Rather ... Spartans! Edition

In our continuing effort to bring you fresh and interesting content, X3F presents Would You Rather ... a weekly feature that asks you the hard questions. The point? If you had to choose one or the other, which would you go for?

In week two of WUR we ask you to decide between a true sequel to Halo in the form of Halo 4 or a Halo first-person massively multiplayer online title. So, putting the Halo storyline aside, we want to know:

Feel free to share the reasons for your vote in the comments. We'll share the results of the poll during the next edition of Would You Rather ... which hits X3F every Wednesday.

Last weeks surprising results can be find after the jump ... Engage!

Continue reading Would You Rather ... Spartans! Edition

Halo veterans join to form Tyrant Studios

With a resume that rivals the length of Webster's Dictionary (fourth edition), Halo alums Hardy LeBel and Anders Hejdenberg have decided to branch off and create their own tyrannical development house in Seattle, Tyrant Studios.

Like we said, both LeBel and Hejdenberg spew industry experience with LeBel previously working with Bungie on projects including Halo, Halo 2 and Oni (instant street cred right there). But that isn't all, LeBel also carries development experience with a hand in games like Vigilante 8, Jade Empire, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, SOCOM 3 and the list goes on and on. Oh, did we mention that their seven employees also back a diverse industry resume including work on games like Viva Piñata: Party Animals, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Midnight Club 2 and Crimson Skies for the PC. With a team this talented, Tyrant Studios shouldn't have any problem churning out a solid game and, from the teaser image on their website, their first project looks to be some sort of extreme action sports experience titled ESP. Go get 'em Halo alums, we know you'll do team Bungie proud.

[Via Joystiq]

Bungie's next game "totally different"

It looks like Bungie took notes on the subject of hype while under the massive money-lined wing of Microsoft. On the latest installment of the Bungie Podcast regulars Frank O'Connor, Luke Smith and Brian Jarrard were joined by Christian Allen, former Ghost Recon 2 creative director, and teased listeners with the studio's newest project. Brian "Sketch" Jerrard confirmed that at least some of the staff are working on a new title and not Halo 3 downloadable content or an expansion. Jarrad specifically states the next game for Bungie is not Halo 3 related, but could it be related to the Peter Jackson project? It seems unlikely as Jarrard calls the new project, "totally different" and talks up what he's been able to see thus far. While Bungie makes everyone guess, we'd like to go on record and wager Bungie's next game is going to be a sequel of another popular Xbox title, Barbie's Horse Adventure 2: Horse Whisperin'.

Find local Halo 3 players with Halocal

X3F reader Terry Scott wrote in to tell us about Halocal, a website that allows gamers to find Halo 3 players based on their geographical area. In other words, you can find some like-minded gamers in your very own backyard (well, hopefully not actually in your backyard, but you get the idea). The site isn't just a directory -- although we imagine it would help if you wanted to start up a local clan -- it also culls together lots of Halo 3 stats to please your inner geek (or outer geek). There are kills, deaths, rank, and of course the all important kill-to-death ratio. Not only that, but the site sorts out rankings for its registrants across many different criteria (by zip code, state, or nationwide). So, if you think you're hot stuff in your neck of the woods, now you can prove it. Once you've done that, look up your nationwide ranking to see if you're really that good or just a big fish in a small pond (don't look at me, I'll admit that I'm a small fish). We wonder how well Halocal works on an iPhone ....

iHaloStats brings Halo 3 stats to iPhone

Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, Simon and Garfunkel: all of these stand the test of time as perfect combinations. Here's a new one for you: Halo 3 and iPhone. Yes, it seems Halo zealots and Apple fanatics have gotten together and made a baby. That baby is iHaloStats, a web app designed especially for the iPhone that culls all of your Halo 3 data for your perusal. Just pop into your iPhone web browser, enter your gamertag, and voilà, instant Halo 3 stats anytime, anywhere. A match made in heaven? We think so.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: iHaloStats

Halo 3 Spartan Laser suicide for the ages

There are so many Halo 3 videos out there, we try not to post too many. That said, the occasional video shows up that just begs to be shown. And this is just such a video. If the headline didn't tip you off, the video above displays an unsuspecting Halo 3 player being destroyed by his own Spartan Laser blast. We won't spoil the particulars for you, but suffice it say it's not likely to happen again. Oh, and a tip to all the Halo 3 clip makers out there: good music can make your video. Our hats off to the creator of this video for his musical choice.

[Thanks, Progn0sticator]

Bungie's homegrown Forge tips

Bungie's Brian "Ske7ch" Jarrard has posted some Halo 3 maps he created before the holidays over at As is all the rage these days, Ske7ch made his creations on Foundry, the map specifically designed for the Forge map editor. In addition to explaining each map in detail and the inspirations behind them, Ske7ch also gives a few modest tips to would be Forgers. First and foremost, those wishing to design a map should think about exactly what kind of map is being made. Maps should be designed with certain game types in mind, like CTF, Slayer, or Assault. Another practical tip is using crates to help line up wall placements. Other things to keep in mind: Forging in multiplayer may not be the best idea, give players landmarks (signs, set pieces, etc.) to help them navigate the map, and remember to just keep at it. Head over to to read his tips in detail and don't forget to queue up Ske7ch's creations in Halo 3 so you can try them out yourself.

Master Chief: A supporting role in Halo movie

Talking with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Joseph Staten (Halo writer to the stars) uncharacteristically opened up about the now stalled Halo movie and talked about how Master Chief was set to be a ... supporting character? Twah?

N'Gai Croal bluntly asked Staten if there where issues with Master Chief wearing a helmet in the movie and how it would affect the emotional connection between viewer and our Chief. Staten agreed that the mystery surrounding Master Chief posed problems in translating the story to film and confirmed that in the final Halo movie script, Master Chief was to be "the most important supporting cast member". Bungie didn't feel that Chief could be the main character of a movie due to his emotional restrictions and because it would put limitations on the story they wanted to tell. Though, Staten did mention that Master Chief would be "absolutely critical to the film" in moving the story along and would be a perfect "anonymous problem solver" for the film. Just all the focus wouldn't be put on him.

So fanboys, what do you think? We fully understand that the Halo movie probably won't see the light of day for years and years to come, but we are torn apart by the fact that Master Chief wouldn't be the main character. Would you rather see a shoot-em-up, Master Chief focused explosion fest-o-fun or a more character focused story that is geared towards the Halo universe rather than the Chief himself? Discuss.

Arby 'n' the Chief continues "Master Chief Sucks" series

We're fans of the Master Chief Sucks series of videos, in which a Master Chief action figure (appropriately enough) sucks at playing games in the Halo series. With three videos in that series, it's time for Master Chief to return in a brand new series, Arby 'n' the Chief. While the other videos did a great job of showcasing the often infantile mindset of Xbox Live Halo players, this one introduces a character that says what most of us are already thinking. That character is, as you may have guessed, the Arbiter. He is Felix to the Chief's Oscar, the Rocky to his Mugsy, the sane person to his jabbering idiot. It's an old concept to be sure, but when applied to an aspect of gaming culture that is understood (and reviled) by so many rational gamers, it's hilarious (and somewhat relieving). So, if you're tired of all the jerks on Live, particularly the ones that litter the lobbies of Halo 3, check it out. If you happen to be one of those jerks, you might want to skip it.

Man arrested for stalking girls via Halo

A New York man by the name of Joshua R. Stetar was arrested Friday for stalking two young girls, a 15-year-old and her sister, he met while playing an unspecified title in the Halo franchise. Stetar, 20 years old, had discovered the girl's address by searching online and had been sending flowers and other packages -- which her parents returned -- to her home since they first met online in 2006. Stetar had apparently driven 40 hours straight from his home in Saratoga Springs, New York to the girl's home in Spokane, Washington, where he drove by her house and sent her threatening text messages. According to the Associated Press, the girl's parents were outside the home at the time and saw Stetar driving past. They wrote down Stetar's license plate number and called the police, who later tracked down Stetar at a hotel and arrested him. He has since posted the $10,000 bond and was released on Saturday.

A disturbing story to be sure. Let this be a reminder to the parents out there to utilize the 360's parental controls and keep an eye on what their kids are playing.

[Via Gaming Today. Thanks YGZ Kentucky and Foolio]

Read - Detailed report from KHQ
Read - AP report via KOMO

It's a Halo Thing: It's Halo, animated and hilarious

It's a Halo Thing is a new and uber hilarious flash animated series by Havaha that pokes fun at the Halo universe in a very tongue in cheek kind of way. It's so unexplainably awesome that you'll just have to watch it for yourself over at NEWGROUNDS. Oh, and we guess we should warn you that the video is probably NSFW (depending on where you work), because the dialog and content can get a bit "mature". Anyway, the Havaha guys have been working on this series since mid 2006 and it shows. The animation is amazingly crisp, the writing is done very well and the offbeat humor just works. This is only the first video of the four part series and after watching it, we can't wait to see what the other three will offer up. Listen to Frankie, listen to us and watch It's a Halo Thing. Prepare to laugh.


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