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Halo 3 Scans from Famitsu magazine

Gamersyde has some scans of Halo 3 from the latest Famitsu magazine. The text is pretty much all in Japanese though we expect few of you to notice as it's surrounded by pretty pictures. Shown across the seven (Ha!) scans are some campaign missions, armor permutations, weapons, equipment, and multiplayer levels. Most of these have been seen before in some form or another, but any Halo 3 news is good Halo 3 news, even if we don't get to play the Epsilon build.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

The 70's called, they want their Valhalla back

The Bungie Store hopped into their (Microsoft paid for) time machine and traveled to the 1970's to learn about disco, big hair, and the artistic design. Then, they jumped back into their time machine, made a rest stop in 1992 for some Crystal Pepsi, and arrived back in 2007 to offer up a new 70's inspired tshirt. The tshirt is none other the Valhalla Tee with what the description calls Barracuda Fastback stripes and enough retro style to make you one cool cat. It is $16.95, but how can you put a pricetag on something that is so studly and took so much time travel research to create?

Up close and personal with the Halo 3 Xbox 360 [update 1]

You've heard about it and have seen a few pictures, but we wanted to share with you some higher res up close and personal shots of the Halo 3 Xbox 360. After digging around some press kits we stumbled upon the images in the gallery below of the Halo 3 Xbox 360, pretty green controller and headset and man are we enjoying the design. Go ahead, take a look at the high res photos in our gallery below, you'll be glad you did.

Also, we're trying to contact Microsoft to clear up some confusion we have about the included headset. You see, Xbox.com and the press materials we received specifically state the bundle will include a wired headset (now confirmed). But we heard from E3 and Bungie stated in their Weekly Update that they were going to include the Halo 3 wireless headset instead. So, we aren't sure which it is, wired or wireless, but we'll be sure to pass along any clarification when we get it. Until then, take a look at the photos below.

Update 1: We just got confirmation from Microsoft that the pictured wired headset will be included in this bundle. The wireless Halo 3 headset will be a separate purchase for $59.99. All cleared up.

Gallery: Halo 3 Xbox 360

Halo 3 four player co-op semi confirmed

In a video interview with Xbox.com's Major Nelson, Microsoft's Vice President of Global Marketing Jeff Bell just might have let one of Halo 3's long rumored secrets slip. Towards the end of the interview, while talking about his gaming habits, Bell said that he loved playing Halo 2 co-op with his son and then said that "we're really looking forward to playing with my three sons, all together on Halo 3". All together playing Halo 3 eh? Sounds a lot like a four player campaign co-op Halo 3 experience to us. But, to be fair, he didn't specify how he and his children were going to play Halo 3, although his remarks came right after he was talking about the teamwork he and his one son experienced while playing Halo 2 co-op. So, it's not "officially" confirmed, but darned if it doesn't make for some great water cooler material.

[Via UNSCleric, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Bungie's podcast rises from the ashes!

Has it been nine months since we've had our last taste of sweet, sweet Bungie podcast nectar? Frankie says so, so it must have been that long. Anyway, after a nine month hiatus lukems forced the Bungie team into the podcast booth as they talk about E3, Halo 3, and all kinds of other topics that reference to the number three. Some coolio new information revealed in the podcast are such things like the rename of multiplayer map Shrine to Sand Trap (which 22 Oblivions will fit in), saved films/screenshots will work in multiplayer AND campaign, and Frankie admits he freezes when on stage. This podcast is overdue and busting out after nine months of hibernation, go download now!

Halo 2 wireless battlefield communication

The clever and very observative fanboy SRU Phil spotted a little mistake over on Xbox.com's accessory page pertaining to the Halo 2 Halo 3 wireless headset. It's not called a Halo 2 headset guys and mistakes like that could so get a guy's hand chopped off or tongue ripped out. Unless of course the ad isn't a mistake and is really a leaked announcement. Maybe something along the idea that the Halo 3 wireless headset will come with a free copy of Halo 2 Vista. That's it! It's confirmed, buy the Halo 3 wireless headset and get Halo 2 Vista for free. Man, we're too good.

[Thanks, SRU Phil]

Sighted in Halo 3 demo: Gravity Hammer

We got looks at Halo 3 (more on that soon) today, and during a walk through of the multiplayer "Save Film" feature a weapon was noted, and Sketch even went so far as to point it out specifically just to say that he couldn't comment on it, twice. The first time players saw this weapon was in Halo 2, in the hands of Tartarus. Of course, we're talking about the Gravity Hammer. We only saw it in a character's hands when the camera was panning across the battle field, and again attached to a character's back. We can't wait to see it on hte battlefield.

[Image Via Halopedia]

Halo 3 Rumors: New grenade type and map editor

E3 has produced a few Halo 3 rumors that have been brewing deep inside the internets for the past few days. One of the rumors comes straight out of the Halo 3 E3 trailer when it was quickly noticed that a few of the trailer's video clips include what looks to be a new grenade type. The grenade type, as seen above, was mentioned in Joystiq's Halo 3 trailer analysis where they referenced the icon's look to The Art of Halo book, and it looks very similar to what is called the Supa Double Cap Bomb. Though, the art book's description of the Cap Bomb is nothing more than a flash grenade that shoots out sparky sparks, but here's to hoping said flash grenade has a Gears of War "stun" effect.

The second rumor comes from 1UP and their Halo 3 campaign impressions writeup. In their article, they mention that while watching the demo they saw a menu option called "Forge" and when they asked Bungie about it, they received no comment. Well, any good Marathon fanboy would know that Bungie used a program also called Forge to create levels in their Marathon series. So, does this Halo 3 Forge menu option confirm some type of multiplayer map customization? Possibly. What we do know is that some of these rumors could be cleared up in the September issue of EGM which will include brand new Halo 3 details. We can't wait.

[Via Live-360, Thanks Daniel Allen]

Free music download from Halo 3 E3 trailer

Bungie's music man to the stars Marty O'Donnell decided to offer fans a free music download straight from E3, into lukems' inbox and landing onto Bungie.net. So, click your way over to Bungie.net for the complete music track from the lovely and very satisfying Halo 3 E3 campaign trailer. We've seriously been listening and looping this track all morning and are currently on our sixth helping of Halo 3 musical bliss. Yup ... it's butta.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Special Halo 3 Xbox 360 console announced

Yesterday, rumors were flying around the internet that a new gray Xbox 360 would be revealed. Well, we were close as a new Xbox 360 was shown, but it wasn't gray. Microsoft just announced that they'll be releasing a special edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 sometime this Fall. This army green Halo 3 360 is accented by yellow highlights (think Halo 3 wireless headset color scheme) and includes a matching green 20GB HDD, wired headset, and wireless controller. The package will also include a play and charge kit and limited edition theme and gamer picture set. But what's most interesting is that the console WILL include an HDMI port on the back. So, it's kind of an Xbox 360 Elite/Premium hybrid where you only get a Premium style 20GB HDD, but you also get Elite style HDMI connectivity with only component cables included. Again, Microsoft did not set a firm release date or pricing for the new console.

Halo 3 Xbox 360 bundle contents recapped after the break including a bigger photo of this army green wonder. Oh yeah, Halo 3 game sold separately.

Continue reading Special Halo 3 Xbox 360 console announced

Video: Halo 3 and Halo Wars make us salivate

Fresh from E3 are two Halo videos that made us salivate uncontrollably and just may make some fanboys become giddy little school girls. Yup, they're that good. Embedded above is the trailer everyone and their grandma is talking about and is the the new Halo 3 campaign trailer shown at E3. The Arbitor, Cortana and the entire Covenant race make an appearance in the trailer and be sure to watch for the Brute Chopper ... it's teh badness. After watching the trailer we think we can all agree that Halo 3 is looking a lot prettier and will feature one epically awesome campaign. Also, be sure to check out Joystiq's Halo 3 E3 trailer analysis.

The second video is embedded after the break and is Halo Wars' coming out video featuring gameplay footage. Not only does it look graphically impressive, but it looks darn fun to play too. Ensemble Studios has done a fantastic job on this one as we can't wait to get our hands on those little Warthogs and Grunts. Adorable little guys. Halo 3 and Halo Wars ... this is gaming my friends.

Continue reading Video: Halo 3 and Halo Wars make us salivate

Is this the rumored Halo 3 Excavator?

Recently, the guys over at the 7th Columnist did some digging and stumbled upon what looks to be a render of the rumored Halo 3 Brute Excavator weapon. If you aren't familiar, mention of the Excavator was discovered while digging through the Halo 3 beta code a while back, but Bungie has been quite mum about any details or acknowledgment of its existence. The Excavator render could easily be a fake, but it looks eerily similar to a weapon that was held by a Brute in the "Et Tu, Brute?" ViDoc. It's up in the air and for you to decide if this is our Excavator rendered in the flesh or if it's all hogwash. Now we just want to know if we'll be able to wield a Gravity Hammer come September.

Time for an update, Iris ARG is still kicking

It's time for another Halo 3 ARG update and we actually have news to discuss since our last downtime report. So, here we go. On July 4th args.bungie.org discovered a mysterious glyph symbol on a cardboard Halo 3 promo item further linking our Halo 3 to the ARG fun. July 5th brought news that the 100 lucky souls who "unlocked" the first server back on June 20th received packages from Microsoft. These packages included a sweet Halo 3 Iris tshirt (yeah, we're jealous), a gamer picture download code, and some Society of the Ancients materials. On July 6th a member on the args.bungie.org forums used the power of Google to find numerous job listings by a company called Flood Containment Control. The job listings referenced to the glyph and listed cell number (888) 778-5672 which is a voice recording of a conversation. And that's where everything sits right now. The conversation on the voice recording is being analyzed (transcribed here) as everyone is trying to put these confusing pieces together.

This ARG has yet to kick into fourth gear and is still moving at a slow (but steady) pace. But we're watchful and hopeful that the goodness will come together soon and the missing pieces will be put into place. Until then, keep an eye on the Halo 3 Iris Wiki for up to date recapped info. And Iris, we love you too.

McFarlane previews Halo 3 action figures

As you know, McFarlane is busy working on creating a set of Halo 3 action figures for release next Spring and so far all we've seen has been a Master Chief prototype. But yesterday McFarlane decided to reveal their work-in-progress models and boy are they beauts! Viewable after the jump are unpainted sculpts of the Brute Chieftain, Jackal Sniper and the Puma Warthog. Just look at the detail on these little guys! Analyze these work-in-progress models and agree with us that they are not only pretty, but will totally be worth the cash.

[Thanks, TMD]

It's 7/7/07 ... Happy Bungie Day!

Today is Bungie Day, the day we celebrate Bungie and all the greatness that comes from their studio. From Gnop to Marathon to Halo, Bungie creates games that are teh roxorz! And this year is something special, not only because it's the year 2007 which makes use of three sevens, but because Bungie is offering up all kinds of goodies today. As we mentioned yesterday, you can download a free Bungie Day theme and gamer picture set off the XBLM. But hurry, because they are only available for download today and if you miss them they'll be gone forever. You can also head over to Bungie.net and download Quicktime VR's of the Brute Chopper and C.Q.B./E.V.A. armor variants and learn some interesting facts about them. Also, they put up a new Halo 3 wallpaper in their gallery which is the same artwork featured on the Gamepro cover. Finally, Frankie mentioned in yesterday's Bungie Weekly Update that the Halo 2 Blastacular maps would be free starting today. But, after signing into Halo 2, the Blastacular map pack still reads $4.00. Bummer ... but maybe it'll be fixed a little later in the day. Fixed! The Blastacular maps are now free.

Thank you Bungie for creating some amazing games and being one of the most accessible developers out there. We just want to say that we love you too.

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