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For a limited time, popular 360 DLC gets discounted

Through the end of October, Microsoft is running an "Extended Play Download Days" promotion on the Xbox Live Marketplace, where they've selected and discounted a few sets of popular DLC.

The discount priced DLC includes content from Beautiful Katamari, Forza 2, Guitar Hero III, Mass Effect and Oblivion with savings ranging from 25-60% off the original prices. That means you can get Mass Effect's Bring Down The Sky DLC for 300 (originally 400), Oblivion's Shivering Isles for 1600 (originally 2400) and GHIII's Foo Fighters Pack for 360 (originally 500). View the complete list of discounted Extended Play Download Days DLC after the jump.

Get 11 free GHIII Metallica tracks with CD pre-order

Best Buy has a rather enjoyable Guitar Hero III offer where, with a successful pre-order of Metallica's upcoming Death Magnet album, you'll receive eleven GHIII tracks. DLC tracks that we presume come from the album itself. There are three different flavors of the album to pre-order that range from $10 to $30 that'll get you the free songs (while supplies last). Metallica fans, it's time to go shopping.

[Thanks, SidearmS]

Dragonforce GHIII three pack releases this Thur.

Sticking to their word, Dragonforce and Activision will be releasing a new Guitar Hero III Dragonforce track pack to the Marketplace this Thursday, August 21st for an expected 500 Microsoft points. The new Dragonforce three pack will be comprised of "Revolution Deathsquad" and "Operation Ground and Pound" which come from their Inhuman Rampage album as well as the song "Heroes of Our Time". The debut single from Dragonforce's upcoming Ultra Beatdown album. Now go begin your strumming finger exercises immediately, because you'll need all the strength you can muster up. Presser after the break.

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Joystiq's updates the Instrument Compatibility Matrix

Now that Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Revolution are all headed our way, Xbox 360 gamers will soon be flooded with new instrument peripherals. This raises the question: which instruments will work with which games? Joystiq has stepped up to the proverbial plate and provided the answer: the Joystiq Instrument Compatibility Matrix 3.0. If you're planning to pick up any of these upcoming music games (and you really should be), consulting this handy chart is a must. It will be updated as new information is released, so be sure to bookmark it for the next time you've got a hankering for a new plastic instrument.

GHIII to get not so new Interscope DLC this Thur

Good old Acti just announced brand newish downloadable content for Guitar Hero III that's scheduled to hit the XBLM sometime tomorrow. The new DLC is called the "Interscope Track Pack" which we're labeling as "newish" DLC only because the three tracks were previously made available to those who purchased the Guitar Hero III album. Now, come this Thursday, the three GHIII tracks by Flyleaf, AFI and Marilyn Manson can be purchased for presumably 500 Microsoft points. Presumably, because that's what all the other GHIII track packs sell for and no pricing details have been announced for this latest track pack. Press release after the break, enjoy.
  • "Tina" by Flyleaf
  • "Carcinogen Crush" by AFI
  • "Putting Holes in Happiness (Nick Zinner Remix)" by Marilyn Manson

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GHIII Dragonforce DLC finds its way through the fire and flames this August

According to a post over Roadrunner Records' official website, the label which Dragonforce is currently signed under, there's brand new Dragonforce downloadable content planned for release to Guitar Hero III that will be making its way to the XBLM on Thursday, August 21st. The Dragonforce tracks to be included in the DLC track pack will be two classic songs from their Inhuman Rampage album "Operation Ground and Pound" and "Revolution Deathsquad" as well as "Heroes Of Our Time" which is the first single from their new Ultra Beatdown album. Get ready kids. You have less than a month to build up your strumming muscles for the torturous strumming onslaught that is Dragonforce.

[Via GamingShogun]

Guitar Hero III Virtuoso tracks now available

Available for a 500 Microsoft point purchase off the Xbox Live Marketplace is a brand new and oh so challenging Guitar Hero III Virtuoso Track Pack comprised of three songs. The three tracks included are "Surfing with the Alien" by Joe Satriani, "For the Love of God" by Steve Vai and "Soothsayer" by Buckethead. And early word on the street is that you'll have to be a darn good Guitar Hero virtuoso to master the crazy difficult riffs, hammer ons, pull offs and other guitar skills. Good luck with that.

The Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitar matrix v2.0!

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith recently released and we have Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 to look forward to later this year, meaning we're getting a bunch of brand new guitar peripherals. Take into account the older guitars from Guitar Hero II and III as well as the original Rock Band and you're left with a confusing instrument compatibility mess. Our head hurts just thinking about it. But team Joystiq has done their best to make sure you understand which guitar peripherals work with which games, breaking down the information into a convenient Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitar compatibility matrix (version 2.0). Make the jump to view the complete matrix of guitar compatibility and be in complete peripheral compatibility awe and, possibly, complete compatibility disgust.

Fresh and free RSV2 and GHIII DLC downloads

It's a free Xbox Live Marketplace download day, as we get not one but TWO free chuncks of downloadable content goodness. One being free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLC, the other being free Guitar Hero III DLC. All free, free, free!

The RSV2 "Gift Pack DLC" (no longer called the "Fan Pack") includes a set of three re-releases of the multiplayer maps Calypso Casino, Murdertown and CQB Training but now re-lit for a "darker" gaming experience. Today's free GHIII DLC is the July Fourth inspired "Top Gun Anthem" track of which we don't believe Tom Cruise will make an appearance in or would even support. Meh. Go grab your free XBLM downloads, kids, because ... you know ... they're free!

Source - Free RSV2 'Gift Pack' DLC
Source - Free GHIII 'Top Gun' DLC

A closer look at those Guitar Hero figures

Last week, we told you about Todd McFarlane's interesting decision to gobble up the Guitar Hero license and the subsequent creation of a set of four Guitar Hero figures that are set to release this Fall. No, we still haven't fully accepted the figures seeing that we don't have any real attachment to the characters of Guitar Hero franchise, but we do now know exactly what each figure will look like. Viewable in the gallery below are the final sculpts of the Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut, Axel Steel and God of Rock figures. Not horrible (except for the God of Rock's odd looking shoulder), but we'll stick with our Halo and Gears figures.

Gallery: Guitar Hero Action Figures

GHIII's July 4th surpise: Free 'Top Gun' DLC!

Continuing their downloadable content release frenzy, Guitar Hero III will be releasing another free download this Thursday, July 3rd, just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July.

This Thursday, available as free download off the Xbox Live Marketplace will be the "Top Gun Anthem" as GHIII downloadable content. An iconic 1980's anthem that single handily changed the world. No really, it changed the world! Though, we'll be the first to admit it is a bit repetitive and long, but we can't help but be uber excited to celebrate our Fourth of July festivities with a tribute to our Tom Cruise Maverick. Fly on Maverick, fly on!

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Thrashing footage of 'I Am Murloc' in action

With Activision and Blizzard working together to achieve total world domination, the fan favorite track "I Am Murloc" was released free for Guitar Hero III on Thursday. Surprisingly the World of Warcraft based track is no slouch in the difficulty department and, while it isn't a replacement for "Through the Fire and Flames," it may pose a challenge for nimble fingered casual players. Whether or not you enjoy the World of Warcraft reference, the song is a nice added bonus for gamers who are looking to freshen up their Guitar Hero III experience as they wait on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith or more information on Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Update: Readers are telling us that this is actually a custom Guitar Hero II track, but you get the idea of what to expect. Think of it as a dramatic re-enactment of what you'll get! Yeah, sorry for the error.

Rock out to WoW, free GHIII DLC now available

Yesterday, we told you about World of Warcraft's "I am Murloc" track making its way to Guitar Hero III as downloadable content. Well, we just wanted to inform you that today the 14MB track became available for download off the XBLM and can be downloaded for FREE! Free WoW themed Guitar Hero DLC, what could be better? What's that? Free WoW themed Rock Band DLC you say? Come on now, be fair and don't be that guy. For shame.

Purchase your own Guitar Hero ... action figure?

Okay, we aren't sure what the general opinion is going to be for why these are being created or who's going to end up purchasing 'em, but we think we can agree it's an odd franchise to spawn action figures from.

The Toddy McFarlane sculpting crew (the same crew who makes those lovely Halo 3 figures) just announced today that they've partnered with Acti to release Guitar Hero action figures ... yes, Guitar Hero figures of action. Odd, seeing that the GH franchise really doesn't focus on character development so our enthusiasm for owning a figure like, say, Johnny Napalm is kinda lacking. Oh well. The complete set of four figures (Axel Steel, Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut and God of Rock) will be available this Fall for around $15 a pop. Yup, yup ...

[Thanks, TMD]

Free WoW Guitar Hero III DLC on its way

Acti and Guitar Hero III are pulling another video game promotion card from their marketing deck (shout out to the free Halo theme DLC), with the announcement of a FREE piece of World of Warcraft musical DLC. WoW's viral, underground and cult hit "I Am Murloc" by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain will be released as GHIII DLC to the XBLM tomorrow, June 26th to celebrate the kickoff of the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational this Friday. But if you're a WoW addict, you probably already knew that. Actually, if you're a WoW addict you probably wouldn't be playing or even own GHIII seeing that your 40 hour gaming week consists of nothing but WoW. Third thought, if you're a WoW addict you probably aren't even reading this blog 'cuz you're busy traveling Azeroth. Humph. Press release after the break.

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