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Design a GRiD livery for the game's upcoming DLC

While we're not exactly sure just how many people out there are still interested in such a thing, Codemasters, the GRiD developers, are holding a contest for its players to design a livery (skin) for the above pictured car. The rules are real simple and you don't need to be an art whiz or anything. Basically, download the picture package from here, and do your best to create an official "Codemasters Racing Team" livery incorporating the Codemasters logo into the design.

Going a step further, Codemasters artists will then turn that into game art for the car. And not only does the winner get his (or her) car in the game, but they also get " a load of GRID swag" and "a framed high-resolution render of your car as it will appear in the game." The contest ends July 25th, get designing!

Race Driver: GRID patches tire, races on

Codemasters just released (or will be releasing soon) a new Race Driver: GRID patch whose goal is to make your GRID gaming more GRID-like and less "this game sucks"-like. The patch or as we like to call it, a "title update", will fix an entire laundry list of bugs, including numerous network updates, a few gameplay tweaks, achievement fixes and our personal favorite, a "fix for occasional excessive smoke coming from other players in network mode". Because, as you're well aware, that excessive smoke really took away from the racing experience. View the complete list of Xbox 360 GRID patch title update fixes after the break.

Continue reading Race Driver: GRID patches tire, races on

360 GRID plagued by freezing issues

Our compatriots over at Big Download stumbled on some unsettling performance issues while preparing a GRID comparison piece that pits the PC version against its console counterparts. It seems that the game suffers from pausing and freezing during races and replays. Pauses are reported to be up to one second in length, which would be unacceptable in most games, but is especially so in a racing game. The issue is currently setting the Codemasters forums on fire. Solutions being offered include removing and reattaching the hard drive, playing with a memory unit and no hard drive, and clearing the cache, although it appears that no solution is effective in all cases.

Codemasters is working on a solution that will be included in a forthcoming patch, which is should be available "within the next few weeks or sooner."

Shipping this week: Real Ultimate Power edition

It's finally here kids. Yes, it's the granddaddy of all ninja simulators, Ninja Gaiden. This particular entry in the series is somewhat anachronistically titled Ninja Gaiden II. We can tell you unreservedly (and from experience) that it is glorious in execution. It's also goriest in executions. Eviscerations abound as gamers take on the role of Ryu Hayabusa, the superest of all super ninjas. But wait, what's that? There are more games shipping this week and they don't all suck? Whoa. Imagine our surprise. Behold this week's list:
Which of these will grace your 360's DVD drive?

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Ninja Gaiden II (Gamers' Day 2008)

It's deals time! Bourne, LEGO Indy and more

You've been waiting for it and now it's finally here. It's Sunday deals time where we dig through the Sunday newspaper, pull out the retail ads for the week, toss the actual news part of the newspaper in the garbage, look for Xbox 360 deals and share with you our findings. It's always good times! So, let's get to the money savings fun ...

This week, Best Buy is offering Guitar Hero III for $75, a chance to buy an Indiana Jones DVD for $5 with the purchase of LEGO Indiana Jones, a free Bourne DVD with the purchase of The Bourne Conspiracy, $5 in concession money with Kung Fu Panda and they're still offering a free $50 gift card with purchase of an Xbox 360 console and GTAIV. Circuit City is giving out a free tshirt and a character unlock with LEGO Indiana Jones, a free Bourne DVD with the purchase of The Bourne Conspiracy, a free plush toy with Kung Fu Panda, Overlord for $15, a free Ryu wall graphix with Ninja Gaiden II and a $10 gift card with the purchase of either The Incredible Hulk or GRID. Finally, Target is giving away a $10 gift card with The Bourne Conspiracy. Phew!

As always, feel free to comment about any deals you find when you are on your own weekly Xbox 360 deal search. Happy shopping!

GRID demo goes platinum; game to follow?

When the demo of Codemaster's newest racer was released at the beginning of the month, it was mostly to praise and positive feedback. Now as the month ends and GRID is almost on store shelves, Atari has announced that the game's demo has now been downloaded over a million times. If other demos that "went platinum" are any kind of indication, GRID is set for success.

Codemaster's previous racer, DiRT, sold well initially, but never broke one million (at least in the US), so with a shift to an arcade style of racing and a customer base downloading the demo in large numbers, GRID could be the next online racer to see million-plus sales. Considering the recent debate surrounding the game, the community seems to be well aware of the game, so what of it readers? Will you be buying GRID come next Tuesday, or will Ninja Gaiden 2 be the major purchase of the week?

GRID vs Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

We're not in the habit of taking shots at the PS3 here, regardless of our name, but this user-made YouTube video was too funny for us not to share.

Posted back on April 25, JudgeRice compiled a comparison video of the upcoming TOCA Race Driver game GRID versus PlayStation's premier racer Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Before the hate floods in, we know GRID is leaned toward a more arcade-style racing experience whereas Gran Turismo is a simulation. Still, we LAWLED.


Joystiq talks to GameTrailers about GRID fiasco

What fiasco, you ask? If you surfed GameTrailers over the weekend, it's possible you came across a (now pulled) video comparison of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Race Driver GRID. There were multiple segments edited together, some of them labeled as PS3 footage while others were labeled as 360 footage. The problem and, hence, fiasco surfaced when sharp-eyed viewers realized that all of the footage appearing in the video was from the Playstation 3 version. Adding fuel to the fire, many denizens of the net concluded that the video painted a better picture of the "Xbox 360" footage (though no specific declarations were actually made in the video).

Many shouted conspiracy, while more levelheaded viewers assumed it was simply a mistake. To find out exactly what happened, Joystiq went directly to the source, GameTrailers. The verdict, according to GT Editor in Chief Shane Satterfield: "It was a mistake in our post-production process." Head over to Joystiq for the full interview, which includes an explanation of why GameTrailers is so teh bias.

GRID demo speeds onto the XBLM

Codemasters just released a new demo to the Xbox Live Marketplace for their upcoming street racer Race Driver GRID and yes, this demo surprised us too.

The 795MB GRID demo allows gamers to race around in and experience three different regions including Europe Touring Cars at Jarama Circuit, U.S Muscle cars at San Francisco and Japanese Drift Racing at Yokohama Docks. We're also told that GRID demo players in Europe will have a chance to win a BMW 3-Series, if they can log the fastest lap time in the Jarama Euro Touring cars championship. So, no more complaining that European Live gamers don't get any exclusive offers. Mmkay? Download the GRID demo, see if it's your cup of racing tea and try and win team X3F a new BMW. Dibs on riding shotgun.

GRID and eBay Motors partner in advertising deal

Codemasters, their in-game advertising peeps at Engage In-Game Advertising and eBay Motors are all happy-go-lucky today with the announcement that upcoming racer GRID will incorporate eBay Motors' auction service into the game. In-game advertising FTW!

According to Codemasters, the eBay integration "allows GRID players to buy and sell performance vehicles in a realistic setting" as the "marketplace experience becomes an essential element in a player's strategy to win races by upgrading cars for optimal performance". There will even be an in-game eBay Motor Muscle Series. And, per the new GRID video embedded above, it looks like there will be a special eBay Motors car as well. Hell, GRID is eBay'tastic! It makes us wonder if eBay will be waiving all selling fees on copies of GRID that are sold through their online auction service. That'd be a great promotional tie-in.

GRID screens and box art skid online

Race Driver: Grid is the latest installment in the TOCA Race Car series developed and published by Codemasters. Running on the same engine that powered Dirt, Race Driver: Grid is set in an urban environment where street racing has taken over the underground circuit.

Underground street racing? We're surprised no one thought of this idea for a video game a long time ago. They should really look into making a movie or something. Well, at least these 20 screens look good.

Gallery: Race Driver: GRID

GRID will burn rubber mid 2008

Codemasters just officially announced that their upcoming racing game (once referred to as Race Driver One) will be ready for a mid 2008 release and it's going to be called GRID.

GRID is currently being worked on by Codemasters' DiRT team and aims at being all about racing with no busy car work. You know, just straight up racing. GRID will dabble in the somewhat standard list of locals around the world including Washington DC, Pagani and Japan's ever popular drift racing circuit. The game's early visuals look solid enough and it does have the DiRT team's pedigree behind it, so it's quite possible GRID could be something worthwhile. But we'll just have to sit back and see if game's visuals impress, if the gameplay is there and if it can bring something unique to the racing genre sometime next year. Until then, we'll just play with our graph paper

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