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Gears of Wars 2's storyline said to rival BioShock's

In an interview with OXM, Carlos Ferro (the actor hired to voice Dom Santiago in Gears of War 2) reiterated the fact that Gears 2's story will be much more emotional and deeper this time around. So much so that he feels it goes "beyond" what BioShock had to offer. "A lot happens" says Ferro, "it's going to be more emotionally effecting than BioShock." Really?

Now, we must say, we're hugely optimistic that Gears of War 2 will deliver come November, with the features and badass'ness that Epic has already promised, but to say its storyline will go beyond BioShock's? Well, that just seems super ambitious. Though, we have full faith in the Epic crew, so we say go get 'em guys. Write your Epic hearts out and deliver an emotional Gears experience that we yearned for last Emergence Day.

Beware of the 'Meat Shield'

Sometimes it almost feels like people are trying really hard to start controversy where there isn't any. Arizona's KTVK-TV is the latest in a long line of videogame fear mongering by warning parents of the horrors of the 'meat shield,' according to Game Politics.

Citing a Yahoo!Games report detailing features in Gears of War 2 KTVK-TV warns, "A popular video game for the Xbox 360 is getting a sequel this year - and it seems to be raising eyebrows with its level of gore and detail ... The game certainly attracted attention for its realistic visuals and battle scenes, but caused some pause when game designers showed off a new attack players can use in the game."

The report continued to warn, "Players can pick up the corpses of fallen enemies and use them as a "meat shield" to protect themself from enemy fire as they engage in battle from behind the corpse."

As good as Gears 2 looks, calling it's visuals realistic is like saying E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial is based on a true story. Are we really resorting to hyping-up hate for a game months before it releases?

Wait, did Cliffy confirm GoW2 four player co-op? [update 2]

Update 2: As much as we'd like to think Cliffy was referring to four player co-op, the evidence is proving otherwise. For the time being, let's all let go of our four player co-op dreams until Epic talks deets.

It has come to our attention that Cliffy may have actually said "multiple difficulty settings FOR co-op players", meaning different difficulty levels for all co-op players and not confirmation of four player co-op. Though, there is a noticeable vocal pause between "settings" and "four" or "for". Meh, make your own judgment and be just as confused as everyone else.

Gears of War 2 multiplayer details were noticeably lacking at this year's Spring Showcase, as Microsoft sticks to their well thought out marketing plan by feeding eager fanboys nuggets of GoW2 info piece by piece . But sometimes information leaks prematurely from loose lips, loose Cliffy B lips that make us believe that we can count on four player Gears of War 2 co-op come November.

Why do we speculate four player Gears 2 co-op? Well, because we think Cliffy B actually let slip the secret in a recent interview with Gamespot. You'll have to click towards the jump to watch the video interview (stupid Gamespot embedding works like crud), fast forward to about 4:12 and listen carefully to what Cliffy says. From what we can tell, it sounds like Cliffy says "the co-op is drop in, drop out, multiple difficulty settings, four co-op players, uhh, much more multiplayer modes." Four co-op players? Hmm, he either confirmed GoW2's four player co-op secret or said something about "more co-op players". Either way, we're interested in hearing what's the real word.

[Via XboxFocus]

By golly it's Carmine, alive and at Comic Con!

Even though we can't quite figure out how it's possible, we've been informed that Carmine will in fact be back in Gears of War 2 with or without his head attached. Knowing this, the action figure gurus over at NECA created an Anthony "Tony" Carmine action figure that's set to release exclusively at this year's Comic Con. This seven inch tall Carmine figure comes complete with Lancer and Gnasher in hand and will only be available at the convention between July 24th and the 27th. We wonder if his head is detachable? Pics below.

Epic to set limits on GoW2 achievement progress

During their interview with Cliffy B, the guys over at CVG learned an interesting Gears of War 2 achievement fact that will probably make "achievement whores" a bit furious. Scratch that, it will make achievement whores furious.

As it's currently planned, Epic will be "throttling" GoW2's achievements by limiting how much unlocking progress can be made per game or round. Cliffy gave an example of the unlocking system by saying that "if you're going for headshots, you get one headshot that counts and any other headshots won't count towards your Achievement" which is being done "so players don't just play to get headshots the entire round just to get Achievements." It's an interesting idea, but one we aren't sure we (or any achievement addicts for that matter) fully embrace.

[Thanks, shay07]

CliffyB: No party system in GOW2 would be "a pretty big f*ckup"

Joystiq managed to grab a second of Cliff Bleszinski's time at Microsoft's Spring Showcase yesterday (seems like everyone did). Naturally, the discussion centered around Epic's bigger, badder, more badass sequel to Gears of War, which they have wisely dubbed Gears of War 2. Lots of things are discussed in the interview, ranging from merchandising to how Gears of War pacing will work with hundreds of enemies on screen. The biggest tidbit in the interview, however, centers around the game's online functionality. When asked whether or not Gears of War 2 will feature a party system, Cliffy responded, "I think that if we were not to have a feature like that, it would probably be a pretty big fuckup."

Yeah, that should be enough to pique your interest. Head over to Joystiq for the full interview.

Cliffy: GoW2 has best cover system ever, trilogy talk

Adding to what we've already learned about GoW2 (thanks to the media's poking and prodding of Cliffy B), the Eurogamer crew got the chance to chat with Cliffy who was more than happy to gloat about the newly reworked cover system in Gears 2 and even talked about the possibility of doing a trilogy.

As far as cover is concerned, Cliffy admitted that, in the original Gears,"10 percent of the time, players were going into cover when they didn't want to" so they reworked by doing "some of those [cover system] tweaks in a patch for Gears 1, we iterated on them for Gears PC, and now we're bringing it full circle for Gears 2." Simply said, GoW2 will feature what Cliffy calls the "the best cover system ever seen in the videogame industry". Can you say oh-freakin-yeah! Finally, when talking about a sequel to the upcoming sequel, Cliffy wanted to make it clear that he "never announced a [Gears of War] trilogy" no matter what any journalist says, but also wanted everyone to know that if "Gears 2 has a wonderful ship-in, if gamers buy it, then we'll consider a sequel." Confirmed. We get a trilogy if 3 million GoW2 units ship ... start pre-ordering NOW!

GOW2 details: multiplayer, vehicles, Carmine's back!

In a recent interview with GameTrailers at Microsoft's Spring Showcase event, Gears of War 2 maestro Cliff Bleszinski dropped a ton of details regarding Marcus Fenix's second outing. Cliffy had plenty to talk about, including new details on Gears of War 2 multiplayer, storyline, vehicles, and the return of a certain fan-favorite character. Here's a quick rundown of exactly what CliffyB had to say:
  • Gears 2 will feature 5-on-5 multiplayer with more modes and more maps out of the box than Gears 1. Online functionality wasn't detailed, but Cliffy promises it will be "very competitive with other titles in this space." Dare we hope for a Halo-inspired party system?
  • About executions:
    • Chainsaw duels can end in a draw, but only occasionally.
    • The curb stomp is back
    • Players are no longer invulnerable when performing executions
    • Once a duel is over, the actual chainsawing is faster, making the entire duel last about as long as a normal chainsaw kill.
  • Players who are down but not out can now attempt to crawl away, tapping the A button to crawl faster.
  • The game will have "buckets and buckets" of blood. For example, Marcus will leave trails of blood on a wall while taking cover after being injured. "Meat shields" (i.e. hostages) will also drip blood as they are dragged around.
  • Players will be able to drive the new Centaur tank, which is something like a cross between a tank and a monster truck (we think it's briefly in the video at around 3:50)
  • Carmine (most famous for being on the receiving end of a headshot in the first Gears) will return ... somehow.

Gears of War 2 features weapon specific executions [update]

Update: It was just brought to our attention that GSB's Spring Showcase video features previously unseen footage of another execution. Look for Marcus fist punching the snot out of a Locust at around 30 seconds in.

After digging through today's new Spring Showcase Gears of War 2 press kit, on what we initially thought to be an unsuccessful mission to find something new, we stumbled across an interesting feature reveal. Listed on the official GoW2 May 2008 fact sheet comes mention that the "overall tone of 'Gears of War 2' is more badass - replete with new weapon-specific executions, chain saw duels and shocking boss fights." Weapon specific executions? SUH-WEET! Maybe that's why the recently released gameplay video didn't show the option to curb stomp Locusts which lead us to think neck-snapping replaced the iconic foot to the back of head, head to the curb move. We can only imagine what other weapon specific executions will be included when Gears ships and what twisted execution the crew over at Epic will think up for the torque bow.

Gears of War 2: 4 screens from Assault

Microsoft released four screen grabs from the first gameplay footage of Gears of War 2. Hitting this November, Gears 2 is the sequel to the critically and commercially successful Gears of War which released exclusively on the Xbox 360.

In Gears 2 humans are bringing the fight to the Locust, utilizing new moves, weapons and various ways to cut dudes in half.

Gallery: Gears of War 2

Graphics Comparison of War

We're aware of the recent GameTrailers comparison video debacle, which we assume was an honest error rather than a deliberate one, but here's another one to look at. Comparing footage from Gears of War to the recent gameplay footage of Gears of War 2, we can see slight improvements in the Unreal Engine 3 graphics. Character models look less "rubbery" and smooth. The game also features something that was rare in Gears, sunlight--and it looks nice.

While Gears of War had to prove the power of the Xbox 360, Gears of War 2 has more to prove in terms of storytelling after releases like BioShock, Portal and Grand Theft Auto IV have taken the stage. The storyline in Gears of War was underwhelming to say the least but we have high hopes for Gears 2 and everything it will teach us about Microsoft's newest universe. But so help you Epic if we have to play as a Locust.

Things learned from the GoW2 gameplay video

Okay, we've had some time to collect ourselves after watching the new Gears of War 2 gameplay video (hyperventilation FTL) and decided to analyze the crap out of it. Posted after the break, we compiled a rather complete list of new GoW2 facts, tidbits and information we discovered after giving the latest video a good watching analysis. And wouldn't you know, we actually learned a lot! Click towards the break to view our list and feel free to comment telling us if we missed something. We have a feeling we're going to love chainsaw duels.

Continue reading Things learned from the GoW2 gameplay video

Video: This is Gears of War 2

Even earlier then promised, here she be in all her glory! Embedded above is the just released (literally minutes old) and very first in-game footage of Epic's Gears of War 2 thanks to the fine folks over at GameVideos. We don't want to spoil the video experience for you, so we advise just jumping in head first. But if you have to know, there's bunch of sexy gameplay, some story talk, chainsaw duels, hostages and neck snapping ... FREAKIN' DELICIOUS. Click play, take it in, discuss and commence your drooling mechanisms. We'll have time for analysis later.

Remember, there is only ONE exclusive GoW2 video being released tonight and this is it. Both Gametrailers TV and the XBLM will be debuting this same trailer today at 2:00AM eastern.

Reminder: Gears of War 2 first look video releases tonight

The moment Gears of War fanboys have been waiting for is almost here. The time when gamers across the globe get a first look at in-game Gears of War 2 footage. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Tonight (depending which time zone you're in), at 10:30PM pacific (1:30AM eastern), GameVideos will be the first to premier the exclusive GoW2 gameplay video featuring an introduction by Cliffy B and promises a "first-look of chainsaw duels and large scale firefights with Locust Horde." Then, at 11:00PM pacific (2:00AM eastern), Gametrailers TV will be airing that SAME GoW2 video. There was some confusion to whether or not the GameVideos and Gametrailers videos were the same and we just confirmed with our sources that to be true. There will only be one GoW2 gameplay video. Finally, at 11:01PM pacific, the same GoW2 video will be available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace in full HD glory.

Strap in tight fanboys, because Gears of War 2 video eye-candy is but hours away ...

1up will have exclusive Gears 2 video on Friday

The headline says it all folks. 1up seems to have gotten their hands on some new Gears 2 footage, and come Friday we are going to be, by their own admission, blown away. We're thinking massive amounts of enemies on-screen and nice water, but whether or not we'll be privy to anything at all close to gameplay is unsure. Epic has proved before that their Unreal engine is up to the job, but gamers will want more than just a tech demo. For now it's just a waiting game till week's end. Oh, and the video won't go live till 10:30pm PST so those of you overseas or cross country may have wait until morning. Boo hoo.

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