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Deadly fresh Dishwasher: Dead Samurai screens

Mr. James Silva, wearer of all the development hats for upcoming XBLA game The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, just sent us ten, you heard right, ten fresh screenshots from The Dishwasher. And again, we have to admit, we're extremely impressed! The art style sells us instantly and the not so subtle touches of gory violence makes us get a tingly feeling in our stomachs. Yup, it's Dishwasher and it better release soon before our patience wears thin and we're forced to partake in our own real life samurai-style killing spree. Admittedly though, new screenshots like these do take the edge off those urges.

Gallery: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (XBLA)

All of Dishwasher's crazy modes and 3 player co-op

Mr. James Silva updated his The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai developer blog a bit ago (yeah, it has been a week, sue us!) and has revealed all the game modes that are going to be included in the game. Confirmed for inclusion in Dishwasher are game modes Dish Challenge (a wave after wave, kill, kill, kill type mode), Story Mode and Arcade. And Arcade is rather interesting, featuring various challenges comprised of different modes including Insta Kill, Vampire and the slow motion Bullet Time. Make your way over to the dev blog to read all the game mode details.

Also, for whatever reason, we didn't actually acknowledge the fact that The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is confirmed to sport three player online story mode co-op! Huzzah! That's like, one more player than we expected. Thanks for that Silva.

Dress your desktop with Dead Samurai

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai creator James Silva recently posted this sweet 1440x900 wallpaper image on his Ska Studios blog for fans to dress-up their desktop in anticipation of the XNA title's release. Fans of the game, and of the wallpaper, could see the design make its way to a t-shirt in the future. While Silva hasn't decided on that yet, we'd recommend you drop into his blog and let him know you'd like to get this print on your threads ASAP. We know we do!

[Thanks, JAKEJAX]

XNA community games downloaded 750,000 times

Today, as we churned through February's NPD numbers, we came across an interesting number that was included as part of Microsoft's NPD press release. The magic number is 750,000 and it's the number of times the seven free XNA games were downloaded the week after GDC. Microsoft's internal estimates peg the seven XNA games (including gems like Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, JellyCar and Little Gamers) were downloaded around 750,000 times over Xbox Live and, by our internal calculations, that sounds like a lot! Hopefully the exposure these downloads received not only got gamers excited for their release, but excited for the big XNA community games rollout later this Fall. Bring on the free XNA goodness already, bring it!

Shhh ... Dishwasher: Dead Samurai demo not dead

Keep this one on the down-low, we mean don't go putting this on the internets or anything but it looks like someone at Microsoft forgot to hit the "off" switch on the XNA demo for The Dishwasher - Dead Samurai.

Set to expire at midnight on March 9, we found that the demo still booted up and worked correctly today -- March 10. Still having the demo on our hard drive, we attempting to boot the game when a screen told us that the demo had expired, but oddly continued to the main menu of the the game.

The Dishwasher - Dead Samurai
, created solely by James Silva, was heralded by Microsoft as their main attraction for the upcoming XNA Community Games feature, set to release this holiday. While we expect Microsoft has already noticed, they can see what you're playing you know, we at least can give the fantastic demo for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release a final farewell. Video of the demo going through after the jump.

At this time we haven't been able to confirm if all XNA demos are still functioning, but it seems likely that they will.

Gallery: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (XBLA)

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GDC08: Dishwasher - Dead Samurai impressions

Rounding out our extensive GDC08 coverage we end up where we began, talking about James Silva's Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. Eager to promote their upcoming Community Games feature slated to hit this holiday season, Microsoft released a number of demos made from their XNA development platform for free via Xbox Live Marketplace. One of the demos, Dishwasher, is one of four top prizes awarded by Microsoft for an XBLA release contract made by one extremely creative and passionate guy.

After spending the better part of a week "chopping dudes up," we've finally been able to put the controller down and tell you exactly how Dishwasher stacks up as a future, full-fledged, XBLA title.

Gallery: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (XBLA)

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X3F interviews James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

The annual Game Developer's Conference played host to something of a Cinderella story this year, plunging a once unknown game developer into the limelight. We're talking, of course, about James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and Microsoft's new poster child for XNA Community Games. We managed to catch up with James during the conference and ask him how things have changed since the last time we spoke. We also discussed just how James feels about Peter Molyneux and whether or not he's still considering the "Pulling a Peter Moore" achievement for Dishwasher's guitar segments (see 360 Fancast 044 at around 1:05:00). Find the interview after the break. The audio version of the interview is also available in our latest Fancast.

Continue reading X3F interviews James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, best XBLA game ever?

More XBLA news today, as we bring you a fresh trailer for The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. One of the two winning titles in the Dream-Build-Play contest held earlier this year, the game looks to be a hack-n-slash shoot 'em up with elements of Guitar Hero thrown in to boot. Yes, you read that correctly. The 2D action game features katanas, chainsaws, guns, and at least one guitar. How exactly the guitar sections -- in which players match button inputs with corresponding prompts -- meld with the game proper we have no idea, and honestly don't care. All we know is it looks like glorious, violent fun. Check out the video to see what we mean.

[Via XBLArcade]

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