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Japan shuns Lost Planet and Dead Rising

As part of their 2006 fiscal year reporting, Capcom released sales numbers that prove that Japan hasn't been feeling Lost Planet or Dead Rising. According to their numbers, both games sold pretty well in North America and Europe, Dead Rising selling 730,000 and Lost Planet selling 810,000 copies in North America alone. But Japan is another story all together as both games have yet to sell even 100,000 copies, which makes up for less than 10% of each games' total sales. We understand that both Lost Planet and Dead Rising were geared towards Western audiences, so less than fantastic Japanese sales were a given. But we didn't think Japanese gamers would avoid these gems like the black plague. Don't worry though, Lost Planet or Dead Rising, we still love you and you can crash on our couch anytime you want.

Dead Rising: Frank gets free clothes again

If you're thinking Frank West's wardrobe is getting a tad stale, then we've got a couple of free clothing options for you. Up on the Marketplace you can download three new locker keys for Dead Rising that'll unlock three outfits including a pure white suit, stripe outfit, and an accountant look. Old Frank will feel like a new man! All three outfits are free and ready for download, so plop in Dead Rising and be sure to have Frank try on the white suit. It may get blood stained really fast, but killing zombies will have never looked so good!

Dead Rising and Lost Planet staying exclusive

Capcom's director of strategic planning Christian Svensson commented on their official forums to whether or not Dead Rising or Lost Planet would be appearing on the PS3 or Wii in the future. Bluntly put, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Svensson says that both games are "not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go" going on to say that he is "bound by NDAs on these matters so I can't divulge why this is the situation". We guess that with the Playstation 3 losing exclusives left and right, it's fair to question whether any of our previously thought Xbox 360 exclusives may be headed for multi-platform. But, in this case, we're happy to report that both Dead Rising and Lost Planet are pretty much locked up to stay 360 exclusives for the long haul.

[Via Joystiq]

Dead Rising gets its OST

Those of you looking to get your groove on while chilling in a mall and massacring zombies now have you chance, as the Original Soundtrack for Dead Rising has been announced. Ordering online will also net you a snazzy T-Shirt designed by Yoshiki Takahashi, who did the layout for the Kill Bill posters. It seems to be limited edition as our Babelfishery indicates there are only producing 2000 sets. If you buy it now, it will cost you a little over fifty bucks, but there are talks of the soundtrack making its way to Europe and North America. Did you enjoy Dead Rising enough to want to pick up some cool swag and its tunes?


Rumor: Co-op may be coming to Dead Rising

Keeping the rumor mill a twirling, Xboxic received word that in the latest issue of EGM they reporting that Capcom has co-op aspirations for Dead Rising. EGM says that when Dead Rising comes to the platinum hits catalog that it will include a new online co-op feature. At the same time there will be a co-op patch downloadable via the XBLM for current Dead Rising owners, but it will not be free. Do you think an online co-op patch could breathe new life into an aging Dead Rising or would you be dead set (get it?) against paying extra for the option via a download? Come on ... spill your guts!

Real life Dead Rising: "Fantastic!"

The boys at Mega64 are at it again, this time with a real life version of Dead Rising. For those of you unfamiliar with Mega64, we have only one question: how's the view? You know, like, how's the view from underneath the rock that you live under. We keed, we keed. Seriously, Mega64 goes around harassing people performing skits based off their favorite video games. Some of their works include skits based off Resident Evil 4 (one of our favorites), Paperboy, and Katamari Damacy. Check out the above video, and when you're done with that, hit their website for more hilarity. Because watching funny videos is always better than working, right?

[Thanks, Braith]

Dead Rising keeps killing, 1 million sold

Capcom's zombified shopping mall game has sold over 1 million copies since its release. Dead Rising has been out in the US since August 8th and has just broken the 1 million mark in worldwide sales. Hacking and slashing has never been so much fun! But after looking at the sales sucess of games like Gears of War ... it just goes to show that selling a million copies is great, but 2.7 million copies is all the better. Good job Dead Rising, because we're looking forward to a sequel with more zombies, a beefier story, some Live co-op, and a dash of multiplayer. Now get to work Capcom, our demands have been made public.

[Via Digg]

Get your vote on, Gamespot's game of the year

It's the end of one long gaming year and that could only mean one thing, Gamespot has just announced its nominees for 2006 Game of the Year. Among the ten nominees there are quite a few great 360 games on the list including Dead Rising, Oblivion, Rainbow Six Vegas, Viva Piñata, and our little engine that could Gears of War. It's nice to see that so many high profile games from the 360 made the list and that Oblivion may have some of its stiffest competition yet. Visit their site, vote for who you think deserves the crown, and wait patiently for the winner to be announced. It's a difficult decision so we're totally opting for a write-in and voting for Viva Gears Rising ... that's one great game.

Gears named 3rd most important game of '06

Gamasutra recently sent a request to its readers from the game industry, asking them to name the games that created a true "quantum leap" in game design this year. Sandwiched in between critical darlings, Okami and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, was Epic's Gears of War in the number 3 spot on the list. Each game on the list is supplemented with a paragraph or two contributed by Gamasutra readers and industry professionals. The achievements of Gears of War are nicely summarized by Game Developer Magazine's Brandon Sheffield, who notes the amazing graphics (of course) and cover-based gameplay. In particular, we share his sentiments about GOW's co-op: "I'm personally most fond of the game's cooperative play – the most fully-realized truly cooperative action experience in games since the days of 2D beat 'em ups – Double Dragon and their ilk." We were also reminded of 2D co-op games of yore (Contra, in this case).

Congratulations, Gears of War. The industry likes you. They really like you! Props also to Dead Rising for receiving an honorable mention. What game provided this year's greatest "quantum leap" in your opinion?

What are you playing: use the Force edition

What did I spy when I got home on Wednesday, buried among a week's worth of useless coupons? My rental copy of LEGO Star Wars II, of course! So, naturally, I'll be digging into that posthaste. I've still got to finish Overtime Mode in Dead Rising, too. Not to mention I've only just finished the first episode of DOOM. And, come to think of it, I've still got a copy of Enchanted Arms that I haven't even touched yet. Now all the holiday games are starting to drop as well. Damn, how the hell are we supposed to fit all this stuff in?

But enough of my petty problems. The real question is -- as always -- what are you playing?

What are you playing: Aloha edition

You may have noticed a few hints that I'm getting married soon. Well, tomorrow actually. Incidentally, that's why I wasn't in Barcelona covering X06 -- much to the dismay of many of my friends: "You should totally go, dude." But no, I'm getting married and that's more important. The point of all this is that I won't be here for a little while. I'll be enjoying the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Hawaii with my beautiful new bride (assuming we don't get rained on the whole time). As such, I won't have time for posting, because I'll be ... busy. Of course, Ken will still be here and Joystiq's own Chris Grant just might be popping in as well.

On a personal note, I really hope you have all been enjoying our new energy around here. Some of you may have guessed that this is now my full time job, and I'm taking it seriously. We're going to be growing X360F like crazy and all of you are a part of that. That means more community, more posts, more everything. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and if you think something is bull, by all means call us on it. Stick around, it'll be worth it.

So, what will I be playing this weekend? Nothing -- looks like Dead Rising will have to wait 'til I get back (just when I thought it was over ...). How about the rest of you? Hope you all have a good time. I'll see you on October 12th.

-- Richard Mitchell

Rumor: RE5 to reside solely on 360 [update 1]

Perhaps you noticed that there was absolutely no Resident Evil 5 information revealed at TGS -- not even a peep. This has led some to speculate that somebody -- Microsoft -- has secured the exclusive rights to the game. What's more, the head honcho of 360 Japan, Takashi Sensui, gave a tantalizing reply when questioned directly about the issue:

"All I can say is we are very good friends with Mr. Inafune."

As any good Fanboy already knows, Mr. (Keiji) Inafune is the producer behind Resident Evil 5 as well as the runaway smash hit, Dead Rising. Wait a minute, Scooby. Didn't we run a story last month about Capcom ending PS3 exclusives as a result of Dead Rising's high sales numbers? And Lost Planet looks like it could be pretty big, too. Hmmm, this RE5 exclusivity business just might have some legs after all. If only there were some huge convention where Capcom and Microsoft could reveal such a bombshell, somewhere in Europe. Spain perhaps.

[Thanks, The1]

Update: It looks like Capcom has officially shot this rumor down. Speaking with CVG, a spokesperson said, "Resident Evil 5 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as announced. There a no plans for an exclusive with the game." Oh, well. At least we know it won't be exclusive for that other console either. Thanks to Abraham for the tip.

Broken 360 from 2005? Repair it for free

Several of our readers have tipped us to the possibility that Microsoft was going to expand the warranty on all 360s manufactured in 2005, and it looks like they were right. Both Engadget and Joystiq have officially confirmed that Microsoft has acknowledged hardware problems with the first batch of Xbox 360s. In order to rectify the situation, Microsoft has decided to repair all consoles manufactured in 2005 for free. In addition, refunds will be paid to a limited group of people who have already paid for repairs, though at the moment we don't have details on exactly who qualifies for a refund. In the meantime we'd suggest readers get on the phone with customer support for more information.

Any readers out there who start the quest for a free repair or a refund, let us know how it went. We'll be sure to stay on top of this at it develops. See Microsoft's statement after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

Continue reading Broken 360 from 2005? Repair it for free

What are you playing: Rosh Hashanah Edition

It's Friday, that oh so special day when we ask our readers what they're playing. So, what are you playing, readers? If you haven't guessed from the picture, yes, I'm still playing Dead Rising. I've made a lot of progress though. That might change, as my online rental of Enchanted Arms has finally shipped. How 'bout the rest of you? Have you all grown sick of Dead Rising? Bustin' things up in Saints Row? Let us know.

Coincidentally, today is also the beginning of Rosh Hashanah so, happy Jewish New Year to all of our Jewish readers.

360 rocking in the UK

This week's sales numbers are in for the UK, and the 360 is still topping the charts. The 360 currently has games in four of the top five spots. In order, they are: Lego Star Wars II (#1), Dead Rising (#2), Saints Row (#3), and Test Drive Unlimited (#5). Granted, LSWII is a multiplatform title, but you can bet Microsoft is nothing but pleased with these numbers. Any of our UK readers rocking one of these great 360 games?

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