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Crytek abandons idea of PC exclusive games

Adding a pinch more credibility to the rumor that Crysis is headed to the Xbox 360, Crytek just revealed that they don't plan on developing anymore PC exclusive titles going forward.

Chatting with PC Play, president of Crytek Cevat Yerli talked about their non-PC exclusive plans going forward saying that currently they're dealing with "huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis". This PC piracy problem is the biggest reason for their change of heart as Yerli admits that "it [piracy] was a big lesson for us and I believe we won't have PC exclusives as we did with Crysis in future."

Future non-PC exclusive games from Crytek is nothing but great news for 360 owners. But does that confirm Crysis on the 360? No sir. Though, it does open the window of possibility a little further allowing a draft of hope to waft in.


CryENGINE 2 on the 360 nearly equal to PC version

Team Crytek' gorgeous and uber resource intensive CryENGINE 2 (which is the engine that powers the visually stunning Crysis on the PC) is slowly making its way to consoles. But how well will the engine run on console hardware that equates to half of what Crysis demands? According to Crytek, surprisingly well.

In an interview with IGN about CryENGINE 2 and its performance on next-gen consoles, Crytek business manager Harald Seeley says that they "tailor the engine specifically to each platform" and that they "expect the final outcome will result in games that look like they're running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC." An amazing engineering feat if they can pull it off. So far, Crytek has yet to make their engine available to console developers as it's still under development, but if the console tech demo video (embedded above) tells us anything, it's that CryENGINE 2 reeks of promise. Just look at those colorful teapots roll!

[Via Ripten]

Crysis engine will be shown on 360 at GDC

The Crysis 360 saga continues today with the announcement that Crytek will be showcasing its CryENGINE 2 running on multiple platforms including the Xbox 360 and PS3 at GDC next month. Given the tug-of-war that has taken place regarding the often rumored Crysis port for consoles, this is particularly juicy information. The latest rumor, for those that don't remember, was that a port of Crysis was headed to the 360 this November. Said rumor was denied by EA the following day. Considering Crysis is currently the only game that actually runs on CryENGINE 2, and that CryENGINE 2 is now running on 360s, we're going to reassert our theory that someone is porting it to 360. Call us crazy.

[Thanks, WTangoFoxtrot]

EA says no to Crysis 360 ... again

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, Electronic Arts has again denied that an Xbox 360 version of Crysis is in development. Speaking to, an EA spokesperson said that there were currently no plans for a 360 version of the game. Of course, the denial is more or less expected now. Recounting the yes and no roller coaster is getting strenuous at this point, but here we go. First, a Crytek designer said that it was impossible to port Crysis to the 360, then a Crytek artist claimed it was possible, then 1UP reported a special version featuring new graphics and gameplay was headed to 360, which EA later said was a "miscommunication." Oh, and then Crytek's CEO said that Crysis could be ported to consoles with optimization and that this was always Crytek's stance on the matter. All of this, of course, leads to the Austrian listing discovered yesterday where gamers could actually pre-order the 360 version of Crysis (€70? Ouch) supposedly hitting shelves in November of 2008. This in turn, has now been denied as well, hence the existence of this article.

Frankly, we think it's bunk that EA has no plans for a console port of Crysis. EA is in the business of making money, and the money is in console gaming. This is especially true in the case of Crysis, which hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire with high sales (which might have something to do with its gargantuan hardware requirements). Maybe EA doesn't have any official "plans" but we bet there's a memo circulating somewhere.

Rumor: Xbox 360 to get Crytek's Crysis in Nov

It seems like the rumor mill is spinning away at full steam lately, so it should come as no surprise that today's juicy rumor involves Crytek's Crysis coming to the Xbox 360 later this year. And, here we go ...

The Crysis headed to the Xbox 360 rumor just started when a member of the inCrysis forums came across Austrian online gaming store's pre-order listing for Crysis on the Xbox 360. The listing has Crysis slated for a 360 release later this year on November 20th and even goes as far as to call it the "uncut edition". Does Austrian retail know more than we do about Crysis or is it simply a listing error on their end? And what about Crysis running on the 360. We thought Crytek was so proud that the game's physics and graphics were too advanced to run on consoles? Hmm, we seem to have created more Crysis questions than we actually answered. Oops.

[Via Gaming Today]

Crysis is possible on 360 says Crytek

And so, the twisted web of Crysis on consoles is woven ever tighter. Some of you might recall a Crytek senior game designer claiming that the PS3 and Xbox can't handle Crysis. Afterward, a lead artist claimed it was definitely possible to port the game to consoles, though he didn't know of any plans to do so. After that, we reported about a specially designed version of Crysis for Xbox 360 that wouldn't really be a port at all. It should come as no shock that EA later denied that such a project existed, claiming that it was a "miscommunication."

So, now that we're up to date, here's the latest: according to CVG, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has now gone on record saying that "Crysis could be on the 360 or PS3." Yerli goes on to say that bringing Crysis to consoles would require optimization and, furthermore, this has always been the stance of Crytek. O RLY? Yerli concludes that there are no current plans to bring the game to consoles and that Crytek's priority is finishing the PC game. Still, hope springs eternal, right?

EA claims no Crysis for 360

Despite 1UP's claims to the contrary, EA has issued a statement denying the existence of Crysis for the Xbox 360. The information originated from a 1UP podcast, in which the 1UP staff claimed to have communicated with Crytek about the existence of a completely different and retooled version of Crysis for the 360 (the reasons for the retooling stem from the 360's lack of DirectX 10 support). EA states that 1UP's information was the result of a "miscommunication" and that no plans for a 360 version of Crysis have been announced. Furthermore, EA expects a retraction to be made soon.

While there may have been some kind of miscommunication involved here, we're not buying that EA isn't working on a 360 version of Crysis. Considering its reputation as the prettiest game evar, we find it hard to believe that EA isn't going to leverage this franchise on every platform imaginable. Crysis will likely hit the broadest spectrum possible, from the 360 all the way down to mobile phones. After all, if EA didn't spread Crysis as far as possible, then they wouldn't be EA.

[Via Joystiq]

Non-PC Crysis bound for 360

In the latest episode of the 1UP Yours, Crytek has confirmed that a 360 version of Crysis is in development. It should be noted, however, that the game will not be a port of the PC version, but rather an entirely new game built from the ground up. The reasoning for this decision, according to the devs, is that the PC game simply couldn't run on an Xbox 360. Given that the title uses many of the advanced features of DirectX 10 (the 360 uses DirectX 9), this isn't too surprising -- although the explanation contradicts earlier statements from the developers. The game will reportedly share many elements with its PC counterpart, but contain entirely different graphics and gameplay.

Just curious, does anyone out there have a beefy enough PC to play Crysis anyway?

[Via Joystiq]

Crytek: No Crysis for you!

Crytek has a message for console gamers concerning their slobber-inducing FPS, Crysis -- and it's along the lines of "No soup for you!":

Speaking at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Bernd Diemer, senior game designer of Crytek, explained that next-generation consoles don't offer enough computational power to run Crysis, German publication Heise reported.

...Diemer explained that "next generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 do not offer the sufficient power" to assure the quality of gameplay Crytek demand for Crysis.

Pass the sour grapes. I'm beginning to think this game exists just to make the PC gaming-centric nerds in the IT department feel superior--as if their dinky home rigs could handle the specs either.

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