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Burnout in Paradise with new bike DLC

Today, September 18th, 2008 is a monumental day for Burnout Paradise fanboys, because today is the day Criterion graces us with a new set of Burnout Paradise downloadable content. New DLC that brings bikes into the mix as well as a bunch of new challenges all for (get this) FREE! The new 445MB Burnout Paradise Bike DLC is waiting to make a home on your 360's HDD so, please, make your way to the XBLM and give it a download. Won't you think of the children?

Davis bike pack updates Burnout Paradise on Thur. [update]

Update: New Bike Pack teaser trailer embedded after the break.

This is a friendly and nagging reminder that, this Thursday, Criterion will be releasing the six hundredth title update for Burnout Paradise titled "Davis" which is better known as the Bike Pack. Among the changes included in the update are the inclusion of two new bikes, 38 additional beat-the-clock races, a day/night adjusting option, dynamic weather effects and 70 new Freeburn challenges. Wowzaz! If you're still playing Burnout Paradise, then this Thursday will be like celebrating a birthday in September. For Paradise gamers who have birthdays in September, then this will be your second birthday celebration this month.

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Airplanes in Burnout Paradise?

As Criterion Games wraps up development on the soon-to-be-released Cagney update for Burnout Paradise, the team is already experimenting with what future updates could bring to the title. Previously announced bikes, night-time driving and a new island have been revealed as key additions coming to the game but now Criterion has revealed the team is experimenting with airplanes. Continuing the developer's admiration for high speed, planes could be an interesting addition to the series but it doesn't appear that anything is set in stone just yet.

Until then we'll make do with the 3 new online modes, 70 online timed challenges, ranked racing improvements and live updates page all releasing for free with the Cagney update, which has been pushed to July 14.

[via Big Download]

Burnout's Cagney update delayed a few days

Criterion recently announced some "bummer" news regarding Burnout Paradise's upcoming Cagney update, saying that it will not release on July 10th as originally planned. Tear. Due to the Microsoft certification process taking longer than expected, Criterion confirmed that the Paradise's Cagney title update will roll out a few days later, on Monday, July 14th. The PS3 Cagney release will not be affected. So, you can look forward to some hot Cagney update action on the 14th, bringing with it three new freeburn modes, 70 freeburn challenges, new vehicles and a laundry list of gameplay tweaks.

Burnout Paradise Cagney patch releases July 10th

Earlier this morning, Criterion revealed that the second Burnout Paradise patch dubbed "Cagney" will be made available on Thursday, July 10th. With it, Cagney will bring new newness to the Burnout Paradise world, including three additional freeburn modes (Road Rage, Stunt Run and Marked Man), 70 new freeburn challenges, new vehicles, the addition of custom tracks and a ginormous list of gameplay tweaks and fixes. Not bad. Looking out a bit further, we still have motorcycles coming via the Davis patch in August as well as an island expanding Eastwood patch releasing sometime this Fall. As the saying goes, if you're a Paradise developer, you're a busy developer.

Burnout Paradise Davis new island screenshots

Team Criterion just posted new screenshot love of a just revealed Burnout Paradise island expansion that'll be released as part of the August 2008 Davis update. The same update that'll add motorbikes to Paradise City. You can view all four new island screenshots in the gallery below and before you look, we apologize for their small size. For whatever reason, Criterion doesn't want to shower us with hi-res screenshot magic. Meh! Take in the new Davis island, dream of motorbike exhaust and the tropical sun ... August is almost here!

Also, we embedded Criterion's new making-of the fish market video after the break for those of you who get all giddy with excitement over seeing the development cycle in its rawest form.

Gallery: Burnout Paradise

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Motorcycles and night driving added to Burnout Paradise this August

Team Criterion is taking a page out of PGR4's book with the announcement that they'll be introducing motorcycles to the Burnout Paradise mix. Just revealed as part of Paradise's August Davis update (which will release after the Bogart and Cagney updates, of course) are motorcycles which will get their own set of challenges, game modes and even some new locations. Joining the introduction of motorcycles, the Davis update will also add the ability to roam the streets at night to let players experience all the night time visual goodness Paradise City has to offer. Come August, motorcycles and darkness get added to Burnout Paradise ... w00tacular!

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Three new Burnout Paradise modes to Freeburn to

Over on Criterion Games' official website, they posted details about some new game modes that are headed to Burnout Paradise in the near future as part of the game's Cagney update which shouldn't be confused with next week's Bogart update. The three new Freeburn game modes showcased (other new additions will be announced in the future) are Online Stunt Run, Online Road Rage and Online Marked Man. We conveniently posted a description of each Freeburn game mode after the break for your reading enjoyment, but we must say that Online Road Road seems like a crash fest of fun where teamwork is rewarded by seeing chunks of car peel from your opponents' car body as if they were part of an orange rind. Criterion promises more Cagney update info and new Freeburn race modes sometime soon'ish.

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Burnout Paradise Islands DLC will be free

Fantastic news for Burnout Paradise fans who were looking forward to the upcoming "Islands" downloadable content. We just learned that the content is going to be offered for free! Criterion's own Alex Ward jumped onto their official forums to confirm that the upcoming Island DLC will be a free download and will add new locations as well as new vehicles to the mix. But don't get used to receiving free Burnout Paradise DLC, as Ward make it clear that other DLC releases in the future will be paid content. No worries now though, because we have free DLC headed our way, new vehicles to crash and new bridges to burn.

[Via EuroGamer]

Burnout Paradise Dust Storm DLC and bridges too

Yesterday, Criterion informed (and teased) everyone about upcoming Burnout Paradise downloadable content and finally revealed how exactly they will incorporate DLC without dividing the community. The short answer. Bridges.

Criterion's Alex Ward hopped on the forums to tell everyone that all upcoming Paradise DLC will be bridges that lead off of Paradise City into new DLC worlds and experiences. This of course is a great way to not divide the community, because anyone who doesn't have the DLC simply cannot cross the bridge and instead will remain in Paradise City. Genius! Criterion also dangled a carrot in front of our noses by giving us a video (embedded above) of a new vehicle, The Dust Storm, that'll be included in the next DLC batch. Yummy!

[Via Xboxic, Thanks Jonah Falcon]

Burnout Paradise to get a title update soon

Since Burnout Paradise released this past January, Criterion has been busy taking notes, getting feedback and listening to the Burnout community. Getting feedback all in an effort to make Paradise City more enjoyable via a title update.

The upcoming Burnout Paradise title update will tweak / fix numerous issues found in the land of Paradise City including surround sound fixes, gameplay enhancements, random hang up fixes and just general bug squashing. And after glancing over the list of changes, you'll be happy to know that there's a bunch of high profile problems that are being fixified. We don't have a specific release date for when the title update will go live, but the fellas at Criterion promise to keep us informed. Until then, head towards the break and take a gander through the complete list of Paradise changes that are coming to an Xbox 360 near you.

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Burnout Paradise DLC will not divide the community

Talking with the folks over at MTV Multiplayer, Criterion Games confirmed that new Burnout Paradise downloadable content is on its way in the near future and they promise to not divide the community. Criterion explained that any upcoming Paradise DLC (whether paid or free) will be released in such a way that it will allow "everyone to 'see' the content, even if they have not paid for it". We aren't sure how Criterion plans on implementing this "look, just don't play" method of DLC, but we're sure they'll make it a seamless experience. No matter how everything gets implemented, it's comforting to know that you'll still be able to play online with your pals even though your DLC purchasing habits may not be the same. That is if you both own a hard drive, but that's an entirely different story.

Criterion tells gamers why Paradise is perfect

Have complaints about Burnout Paradise after playing the demo? Well, tough! Because Criterion Games doesn't give a hoot and they'll tell you why you should feel guilty about opening your trap to talk bad about their baby.

Let's break it down. If you think you can compare Burnout Paradise to other game X then Criterion would say you are WRONG! According to them, this is an all new game, all new experience and it isn't comparable to any other game. Think the "new" crash mode sucks? Noper, Criterion says you haven't played the retail version and has N'Gai Croal linkage to prove that it's the bomb. Feel that not being able to retry an event is lame? Sorry, but your opinion is wrong again. Criterion thought about that, decided it was dumb to retry and hates loading screens so you should too. Get it? Got it? Good. It's easier not to have to think for ourselves. Thanks Criterion!

[Via Joystiq]

Entire Paradise City map revealed and it's BIG

As part of their Burnout Paradise advent calendar, Criterion just released the city map for Paradise City and trust us guys ... it's BIG! The highways, byways and roads in the city of Paradise intertwine in an expansive mass of roadage that looks to be hundreds and hundreds of miles of crashing turf. Looking over the map one can see that there will be variety of terrain and locations that should keep your interest and put a strain on your street memorization skills. Paradise City will rock kids. It will rock.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Burnout Paradise demo lights XBLM on fire

You've been waiting for it, you've been dreaming about it and now the time has finally arrived. Available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace is a free roam, car crashing Burnout Paradise demo featuring multiplayer play over Xbox Live. The demo is open to all Xbox Live territories (except Asia) and weighs in at a rather manageable 835MBs. We're definitely queuing this bad boy up for download, how about you?

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