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Video: Call of Duty: World at War gameplay

Embedded after the break is freshly squeezed, off screen gameplay footage of Call of Duty: World at War straight from the Games Convention. What's our first impressions of the video? Well, it doesn't look too bad. Really, it doesn't look all that bad. The initial jungle crash landing sequence is intense, the visuals (from what we can tell) look satisfying enough and even the "bunker clearing" seems enjoyable. Give the gameplay a looksy and judge for yourself.

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New COD4 playlists inch toward release

Infinity Ward community guru fourzerotwo has once again posted an update on the upcoming Call of Duty 4 playlists in production. Fans will be disappointed to hear that we still don't know when the new playlists will actually be implemented. Still, fourzerotwo drops some info on new playlists and where they currently stand as far as testing. One interesting note is that there are some playlists in testing that would actually require a patch to implement, which may be more than Infinity Ward's current schedule can handle. Still, there are some playlists that might not require a patch, so we're hopeful that we'll actually get to see them soon. Check out descriptions of each new mode at fourzerotwo's blog. (be sure to check out Hardcore Ricochet, in which friendly fire damage is reflected back to the team killer).

[Via Joystiq]

New COD4 playlists are worthy, still 'in testing'

Infinity Ward community head fourzerotwo has informed the masses that all four of the new Call of Duty 4 playlists tested the weekend before last have made the cut and will soon find their way into the game. The four new playlists on the way are:
  • Bare-Bones Team Deathmatch
  • Hardcore HQ
  • Multi-Bomb Search and Destroy
  • Hardcore FFA
Harcore HQ and FFA are fairly self-explanatory, as they are simply more hardcore versions of standard gametypes. They include higher damage and no HUD, so tactics are key. Multi-Bomb Search and Destroy, unsurprisingly, gives all memebers of the attacking team a bomb for their planting pleasure. Bare-Bones Team Deathmatch may be the most intriguing of the bunch, as it removes all perks and kill streak rewards. In other words, you can't blame all your deaths on enemies that poop grenades when they die.

The new playlists are currently "In Testing," so there is no ETA on exactly when the playlists will arrive, though fourtwozero promises to keep everyone up to date on their progress.

[Via Evil Avatar]

Source -- New Playlists - Status / Process
Source -- Playlist Status Update (causes earthquake)

COD4 playlist changes in the pipeline

Considering how long the game has been out now, we're glad that Infinity Ward is keeping up with its community and making sure that they continue to play. Over at IAMfourzerotwo's blog he's updated readers on the playlists that'll be "in testing" over the weekend. The best and most liked of the lot will be added to the playlists in the next update. The four playlists that'll be tested include Multi-bomb Search and Destroy and Hardcore HQ. The full run down with playlist descriptions are listed after the break.

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Infinity Ward rewarded with new IP

When the rumor went around that the next Call of Duty from Infinity Ward would be going sci-fi, there was some who said that the described game might be an entirely new IP. We still don't know about the sci-fi part yet, but the new IP part looks pretty solid. Their deal with Activision was renegotiated (they 've got enough clout to do that these days) to give them a chance to do "a unique new IP by Infinity Ward, that we'll have complete control over."

[Via Joystiq]

Treyarch up to the Call of Duty

When it comes to public perception, Call of Duty: World at War developer, Treyarch isn't naive. Speaking with Develop Magazine, Treyarch senior producer Noah Heller discussed the developer's decision to bring the Call of Duty franchise back into the World War II setting that made it popular even though the series has found new success in a modern setting with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -- developed by Infinity Ward.

"Call of Duty 4 comes along and it is a fantastic game, so how can we live up to that? How do we do World War II after that? We want to show people what we're capable of," Heller told Develop.

Call of Duty fans remember Treyarch best for Call of Duty 3 which, the team is quick to remind fans, saw a very short development cycle due to Activision's decision to make the series an annual franchise. "[Look at] BioShock, GTA IV, Modern Warfare of course ... what all these games have is a lot of love and polish." Polish -- which some point at Call of Duty 3 for lacking despite garnering generally favorable reviews.

Polish and love added to Call of Duty: World at War or not, fans and critics have labeled the latest installment of the franchise a step backwards but Heller says the team is aiming for the best WWII based title in the market, arguing, "there are stories in WWII we haven't told yet."

[via Next Gen]

Rumor: COD6 goes sci-fi?

To be honest, we almost feel a bit dirty posting this rumor. The game that for all intents and purposes, is COD5, is currently still being teased, and there's already rumors about the next game? Indeed there is, thus the faintly dirty feeling. Apparently an Infinity Ward team member spoke to someone from and told them that the company is at work on a new sci-fi title that may or may not see reveal at E3.

With Call of Duty: World at War returning to the familiar territory of WWII, and the series' current hit staking the claim of Modern Warfare it would seem to make sense that Infinity Ward would want to jump things into the future. If this ends up being accurate (heck, they could be working on a non-COD sci-fi game too) let's hope Infinity Ward can do better than some other popular franchises that have used a futuristic setting. We can't help but get flashbacks of the ill-fated Battlefield: 2142 ...

[Via Joystiq]

Rumor: Possible COD5 box arts [update]

The rumors just keep coming readers! This next one is from the same source as all the rest, and has to do with the next installment in the Call Of Duty series. Just like the fourth installments various box arts, it seems that the fifth installment will have many different box arts before any single one is chosen to represent the game.

Also, as you may have noticed, none of the box arts have the number "5" on them anywhere. Instead, the game seems to have solely adopted the recently announced subtitle of World at War.

[Sources, Box art 1, Box art 2, Box art 3, Box art 4, Box art 5]

Update: Clarified confusion regarding the World at War subtitle.

Call of Duty: World at War announced

It appears that the rumors were half-true. Late Friday evening OXM UK posted the first details for the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise and new scans confirm the magazine's exclusive cover story. Call of Duty: World at War will bring the series back to World War II and include new weapons in the series' first foray into single player co-op territory; two-player split-screen and four player online is planned. In development at Treyarch (Call of Duty 3) the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine based title will focus on a Pacific campaign as US forces battle Japanese adversaries while the Soviet Army invades Germany.

Having been in development for two years--with the lead platform being the Xbox 360-- Call of Duty: World at War features enhanced environments that bend, break and burn during the historic battle (an example of the new flamethrower weapon burning flesh as well as the world was given in the 4-page story). Multiplayer fans have something to look forward to as the series makes it's return to World War II. Treyarch, having taken cues from Infinity Ward (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) will include a perks accomplishment system which was made famous by the current Xbox Live leader. Strap into the De Lorean gamers, looks like we're hitting 88MpH back to World War II.

[Thanks Nathan G and Private Ryan]

Activision sniper kills Call of Duty rumor

A few days ago a rumor was swirling about a claim an ex-Activison employee made to Next Gen about developer Infinity Ward. According to the insider, Infinity Ward had renegotiated their contract with Activision to be the sole developer of all things Call of Duty.

As it stand now, Infinity Ward has only developed Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare while developer Treyarch was behind Call of Duty: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3 and are rumored to be developing Call of Duty 5.

For a moment the world was at peace. Birds were chirping, sun was shining and food tasted better; then Activision shot it down. Describing the rumor as "erroneous information regarding the CoD franchise," Activision has essentially promised for CoD in quantity and not quality. Next stop, Call of Duty: Aerosmith!

Update: During editing the names of the titles were moved and I somehow placed COD4:MW with Treyarch. We all know IW made it. Mistake fixed.

[via Joystiq]

COD4 double XP extended an extra day

Many Xbox Live users trying to get their mitts on the new Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 last Friday ran into some trouble. Some reported problems downloading the maps. Others apparently had problems even playing games on Xbox Live as a result of so many people attempting to download the maps at the same time. Understandably, this irked many gamers that were looking forward to earning double experience points over the weekend during COD4's double XP weekend. Good news then, as Infinity Ward's community guru fourzerotwo has made it known that the double XP weekend has been extended for another 24 hours. While concrete times aren't mentioned, he notes that the weekend has been extended to "Tuesday morning."


Video: COD4 Variety Map Pack montage

With the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack seemingly only moments away, we thought it prudent to post this video montage of the new maps from GameTrailers. Strangely absent from the footage is Chinatown and Killhouse, which represent the two biggest departures from the maps already available with Call of Duty 4. We still get plenty of footage from Broadcast and Creek, though. We particularly like the look of Broadcast, which looks like a big violent mess (in a good way). Enjoy the video, and remember that all this fun can be yours in time for the weekend (at the cost of 800 MS Points anyway).

Shipping this week: COD4 again edition

It says something when the best game being released this week is a re-release of a game that originally launched last November. Then again, it's not like it's that surprising. After all, the game in question is Call of Duty 4 and there is only one other game releasing this week. That game, if you just have to know, is Smash Court Tennis 3. No offense to Smash Court Tennis 3, but it's frickin' Call of Duty 4, right? Actually, to be more precise, it's Call of Duty 4 Game of the Year Edition. Not only do you get COD4 goodness, but also a token to download the Variety Map Pack free of charge. Heck of a deal, no?

[Via Joystiq]

COD4 GOTY and DLC arrive April 3

A page on has popped out of nowhere to announce that both the Call of Duty 4 Game of the Year Edition and the (heretofore unnamed) Variety Map Pack will arrive on April 3, a mere two weeks away. The new map pack will be available for 800 MS Points and includes the maps Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown and Killhouse. Also, don't forget that the game of the year edition of COD4 will include a token for a free download of the Variety Map Pack, so if you haven't picked up COD4 yet, you'll probably want to wait another two weeks.

[Via Joystiq]

New COD4 maps detailed by GameSpot

The folks at GameSpot got their meat hooks on two of the four downloadable maps coming to Call of Duty 4. First and foremost, players will be happy to know that some of the new maps will not be set in the Middle East or Russia. GameSpot got to look at Broadcast and Creek, the first of which being set in the television station seen during the campaign mission "Charlie Don't Surf." The environment from the campaign is faithfully replicated with some design changes made to suit multiplayer. Creek, on the other hand, is set somewhere entirely new, complete with lush greenery, cliffs, a cave and, yes, a creek. The map is "massive" according to GameSpot with lots of places to go. The final two maps are "Chinatown" and "Killhouse." The first is fairly obvious, while the second map was apparently inspired by the training course from the first mission of the game. The price for the DLC remains a mystery as does its release date (though it was originally billed as a "spring" release). Hit the "read" link for GameSpot's full impressions.

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