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TGS 08: Star Ocean secures worldwide release dates

Just announced at the Microsoft press briefing during the Tokyo Game Show, Star Ocean: The Last Hope will land in North America on March 3 after it debuts in Japan on February 19. Microsoft also announced that the title will be made available in European and Asian markets but did not announce specific release dates.

Developed by triAce and published by Square Enix, Star Ocean: The Last Hope joins the list of strong Japanese style RPGs to find life on the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 outsells PS3, Wii in Japan

According to data provided by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the Xbox 360 has outsold the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in Japan for the week ending September 14. At a pre-TGS event Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox 360 would be reduced in Japan on September 11, coupled with the release of the Square-Enix exclusive RPG Infinite Undiscovery, the Xbox 360 has landed on the top of the console charts. The sales breakdown from Enterbrain looks like this:
  • Xbox 360: 28,681 units
  • Wii: 27,057 units
  • PlayStation 3: 8,050 units
Speaking of Infinite Undiscovery, the tri-Ace developed RPG has found success in Japan selling 86,708 units in its first week of release. Recently, Microsoft has seen moderate success with exclusive titles in the region including a sales-spike in August when the Namco Bandai timed-exclusive Tales of Vesperia released -- which led to the Xbox 360 console selling out in the country.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

360's North American success helped Square go 'platform neutral' with FFXIII

When pondering the idea of bringing Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox 360, Square Enix based their decision to go "platform neutral" on the success each console had in reaching different demographics in different territories. Square president Yoichi Wada told that "we always consider the territory and hardware for titles, and I just want to make sure that we're neutral about dealing with companies," admitting that "in Japan we know that the Xbox 360 isn't really that strong yet." But Wada continues saying that "in North America Microsoft is doing very well with its hardware, and for that reason it's a very important partner for us," mentioning "we're now in the age of the multi-platform, but depending on age and territory, users have different tastes."

Different tastes, different consoles and different opinions. Square Enix is just sharing the love and stuffing their pockets full of cash and coin.

E308: Sony 'disappointed' by FFXIII for 360

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton discussed Sony's take on the recent announcement that Final Fantasy XIII will release simultaneously on the Xbox 360 with the PS3 with a round-table of journalists, including our own team at Joystiq. "Am I disappointed by it? Yes," Tretton told the group, adding: "Am I surprised by it? No." He was quick to stress that the game remains a PS3 exclusive in Japan, but that "seeing as there isn't that big of a [PS3] installed base in [there], I don't know how big of a coup that is for us."

Speaking on the subject of paying off publishers for exclusivity, Tretton told Joystiq "[Sony] invested so much money in the [PS3] hardware" that it simply "can't write checks for exclusive software."

While popular theory is that Microsoft paid Square Enix off for its recent handfull of upcoming releases, word around the industry campfire points at a decision made by Square Enix months ago to focus on multiplatform development that saw Final Fantasy XIII land on the Xbox 360. With a high install base and solid attach rate for the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe many developers are forgoing exclusivity in order to lessen the blow of "next-gen" game development. Capcom has been a prime example of this point with Devil May Cry 4; which saw better sales on the Xbox 360.

Regardless of the situation, Square Enix is happy to bring the experience to as many people as possible and as gamers we all should be too.

Gallery: E308: Final Fantasy XIII (Cutscene Screens)

E308: FFXIII team will find ways to compress and not 'affect the final product'

In a round-table discussion regarding its E3 announcements, Square Enix was asked the inevitable question of disc storage space for the Xbox 360 and how it will affect the final product versus the PlayStation 3 release. Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase didn't have a definitive answer but his response is sure to both cool and fuel flame war fires.

EGM editor-in-chief James Mielke asked Kitase, "Will there be any compromises made to the Xbox 360 version in terms of the FMV quality or audio quality?"

Kitase cooly responded, "At this point, nothing's really been decided; that will be a process that takes place in the future, but for the difference between the hardware, we'll work on trying to find ways to compress the prerendered movies and voice that take up a lot of data in ways that don't affect the final product. As for the in-game visuals, we're going to look for ways to ensure that the quality remains the same between the two versions."

Here's a question readers. If it had to be on multiple discs would it matter? Seems like the same amount of hassle compared to being forced to install a game. Just saying.

[Thanks, Jonnah]

E308: Final Fantasy XIII trailer [Update]

Update: Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will ship simultaneously in North America and Europe (although region ship dates may vary). The game remains a PS3 exclusive and will ship first in Japan.

Tried of squinting at your monitor attempting to watch the Final Fantasy XIII trailer showcased at the Microsoft Press Conference? Team X3F has got your back. Unveiled again, and for the first time (explanation to follow), during the Square Enix press conference is the trailer in its entirety (that's the again part) but with the added bonus of a PS3 Exclusive ... In Japan banner at the end (that's the first time part).

As usual with most Square Enix games, it looks beautiful and is sure to be a hit when it lands on the Xbox 360. Whenever that is. Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360! Just thought we'd say it again.

E308: Final Fantasy XIII release details trickle out [Update]

Update: Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will ship simultaneously in North America and Europe (although region ship dates may vary). The game remains a PS3 exclusive and will ship first in Japan.

After announcing Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 (see above) a few questions were left unanswered. The most pressing question regarded the release date and development of the title. Square Enix has just revealed some of those details in their own conference.

According to Siliconera, Final Fantasy XIII's 360 port has not been announced for release in Asia. The team is currently focusing development on the PS3 version of the title. Once the game releases in Japan, the team can then work on localization and porting it to the Xbox 360. It is unclear if the game will release simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America and Europe. We may be in for a long wait until Final Fantasy XIII lands on the Xbox 360 but who cares? It looks awesome!

Square Enix's plan to release the Xbox 360 version of the game is to focus on building the franchise utilizing the the Xbox 360's significant userbase. However, although Final Fantasy XIII has been announced for Microsoft's console, Versus XIII is still in development as a PS3 exclusive. Or is it?

As an added bonus, check out to download the music found in the reveal trailer above.

Update: To clarify -- according to G4TV, Microsoft requested the footage of the Final Fantasy XIII trailer be shown from this angle.

[via Joystiq]

E308: Star Ocean: The Last Hope gameplay trailer

Available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace is a new trailer showcasing footage of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Taking clips from its original release, the new trailer also shows off new in game footage as well as the recently announced 2009 release date for the role-playing title.

Square Enix: "No Plans" for Star Ocean on PS3

Since announcing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 earlier this week Square Enix has been playing coy on the subject of exclusivity. When speaking with Yahoo Japan's financial site, Square Enix took side stepping to a new level by stating there are "no plans" to release the fourth installment of Star Ocean on the PS3.

Of course the careful wording of "no plans" could mean the title may see life on other platforms. As we've mentioned before, the initial announcement of the title was made via a Sony branded device ages ago (the first Star Ocean 4 trailer was on PSP) and based on the history between Sony and Square Enix a PS3 version is a possibility. Either way, Microsoft fans are in store for one of the most well known and respected Japanese role-playing franchises from developer tri-Ace. As it stands, Star Ocean: The Last Hope will launch on the Xbox 360 exclusively in 2009 ... for now.

[via Wired]

Infinite Undiscovery: New trailer and release dates revealed

One of the many role-playing titles showcased at the recent Xbox 360 Japanese RPG event was the interestingly named, Infinite Undiscovery. At the event a new trailer for the Square Enix published, tri-Ace developed RPG was showcased (English version above) that showed off some of the story and gameplay elements of the game. While at the event Microsoft announced the release schedule for the title and it appears gamers all around the world will have their chance to battle it out as a fashionably conscience teenage warrior sooner than expected. Infinite Undiscovery hits North America on September 2, Europe on September 5 with Japanese and Asian markets joining in the fun on September 11.

The Last Remnant: New details and trailer [Update]

Update: An English language version of the trailer embedded above is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Originally touted as the first multiplatform, simultaneous multi-region release from developer Square Enix, The Last Remnant is now planned to release on the Xbox 360 first. At the recent Xbox 360 RPG event in Japan, Square Enix confirmed that The Last Remnant will release on the Xbox 360 in North America, Europe and Japan simultaneously with a PS3 version planned for a later date. Announced in 2007, the Unreal Engine 3 based role-playing game includes two playable characters; one aimed at Eastern audiences while the other was modeled to appeal more to Western audiences. No release date for the title has been confirmed as of yet, but it appears Microsoft has found itself some newfound love with the popular Japanese developer, Square Enix.

[via Famitsu]

Star Ocean: The Last Hope announced for Xbox 360 [Update]

Update: An original trailer, using some of the clips in the footage above, for Star Ocean: The Last Hope (then referred to simply as Star Ocean 4) debuted with the PSP release of Star Ocean: The First Departure. This in mind, we can safely say the new RPG will be multi-platform (to be clear, Star Ocean going multiplatform is our uneducated guess, not a confirmation).

Combining the West's love of space marines and the East's love of effeminate heroes, Square Enix and Tri Ace have announced that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will hit the Xbox 360 in 2009. The fourth in the popular Japanese role-playing series, Star Ocean: The Last Hope marks Microsoft's latest attempt to make a splash in the Japanese gaming market.

Taking its heroes from a dying Earth and into deep space, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the first established series brought to the Xbox 360 from popular publisher Square Enix since it introduced gamers to a ... somewhat ... hi-res edition of Final Fantasy XI. Based on the trailer above, the title looks like it could be an epic and hopefully gamers in the East will agree. Also, keep in mind no mention of exclusivity was made during the announcement of the title at Microsoft's Japanese RPG event.

Tales of Vesperia releases August, demo planned

As one of the exclusive RPGs to hit the 360 this fall and one of the few 360 games by Square-Enix, Tales of Vesperia is solidly part of the 360's fall lineup. It's just that many won't really care about it when it comes. Live blogs from the Microsoft RPG event in Shibuya report that the JPRG will be hitting Japan August 7 and in North America and Europe before that month is out. Also mentioned is the fact that a demo will be released for the game before this month is out. Unfortunately, no specific region for the demo was cited, and given the region specific release of demos lately, it'll likely be Japan only. Well readers, do you think you (or rather the 360's demographic at large) can find room in your hearts for a JPRG this fall? Or will Fable 2 eclipse it entirely?

[Source, 1up Live Blog]
[Source, IGN Live Blog]

Impossibly new Final Fantasy achievements added

The guys over at did some snooping around and discovered that Final Fantasy XI has received a Gamerscore boost. As if the game's achievements weren't already impossible enough to unlock (seriously, has anyone actually earned a 1000GS on this game?) Square Enix decided to add 25 more achievements, all secret because that's how they roll, totaling an additional 250 Gamerscore. The achievement additions are speculated to be due to FFXI's 2008 re-release. We feel for anyone who's actually going to white knuckle it through this game to earn these new secret achievements. We advise just staying away and saving yourself the pain and agony.

The mystery of Square Enix's secret 360 lineup

Square Enix fanboys can break out the bean dip, party streamers and begin their rejoicing rituals, because it's all but confirmed that Square has a few other projects headed to our beloved Xbox 360. How can we be sure? Well, it has just been brought to our attention that the press release announcing the release date for Infinite Undiscovery also (ever so subtly) mentions that it will be "the first in a completely new lineup of Square Enix titles for Xbox 360". A new Square "lineup" that could be as few as two titles or as many as ten, but a lineup we're sure includes Last Remnant. Though, we advise following Joystiq's advice and not getting our fanboy hopes up for the next Final Fantasy installment, because only a bunch of disappointment and sadness will result. And yes, we would love to be proved wrong.

[Via Joystiq]

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