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Fracture: New trailer, like love, can move mountains

Lucasarts debuted the latest trailer for the upcoming action-shooter, Fracture, on GameTrailers early Saturday morning. Setting the stage for a war that takes place between a split United States, two factions face-off for dominance over the nation. The evil-doers, known as the Pacificans, have altered DNA to create a stronger, more dominant race while the Atlantic Alliance have put their effort into creating advanced cybernetics to thwart a Pacific attack. With an interesting concept and unique gameplay (terraform weapons look awesome!) can Fracture make a name for itself when it hits this October? Time will tell. Also, Pacificans? Really?

id leaves the ESA

At this point the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) must be thinking, "another one bites the dust."

Today developer id Software revealed to GamePolitics its intention of leaving the ESA group of members. Following suit with their publisher Activision, who recently left the organization with Vivendi, and Lucasarts, id has yet to release a statement explaining the decision.

The ESA has yet to comment on the decision that we're sure the organization hopes will not become an industry-wide trend.

[via Joystiq]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo to be unleashed

Speaking to (most straightforward website name evar), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed producer Cameron Suey revealed that a demo for the game is definitely in the works. Suey stated that LucasArts "definitely want to get it out there," noting, "the gameplay itself is so engaging, people who aren't Star Wars fans or who aren't even hardcore gamers, once they get their hands on some of the gameplay and how it works, are really going to be won over by it." Strong words to be sure. No details were given regarding when the demo will actually be available. Presumably, it will arrive shortly before or just after the game launches in September.

[Via Joystiq]

LEGO Indiana Jones achievements swing online

Let's get the best part out of the way right now. Every single achievement in LEGO Indiana Jones is named after a line from the films. From the well-known "Why did it have to be snakes?" to "He chose... poorly," the lines run the gamut of all the films released thus far. There are a total of fifty achievements to earn, ranging in point values from 10 to 100 points. The single 100 point achievement is awarded for reaching a 100% completion level. If the LEGO Star Wars games were any indication, reaching 100% will take a significant time investment. Oh, and we hope you like secret achievements, because there are sixteen of them. Hit the "read" link to check out the list on 360Sync.

LEGO Indy website launches and a new trailer too

Heads up! LucasArts just launched the official LEGO Indiana Jones website and with it comes a brand new gameplay trailer as well. Whiptacular!

The official LEGO Indy website features your standard array of game screenshots, videos and community forums, but also boasts a lil' treasure hunt where you can use your newly discovered gems to "purchase" wallpapers, avatars and (our favorite) coloring sheets! The new trailer (embedded above) gives curious LEGO Indy fans a look at what's to come, including the occasional ride on a LEGO elephant and tons of whip usage. So much whip use that one has to wonder if whipping things can become an addiction. Whips Anonymous anyone?

Darth Vader playable in Force Unleashed

Is making Darth Vader a playable character even a bonus anymore? Regardless, we're sure Star Wars fanboys out there will be happy to know that Darth Vader is indeed playable in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Darth is playable in the first level of the game, in which he travels to Kashyyyk and locates the boy that will become his secret apprentice. For those of you keeping score, said secret apprentice is the actual star of the game. Darth Vader comes complete with the Force powers you'd expect, most notably Force choke, which he uses to ... um ... choke people. Check out the video above for the first gameplay footage of the Sith Lord in action.

[Via Joystiq]

Force Unleashed launches September 16

LucasArts today announced that the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be arriving on United States shores on September 16, 2008. Southeast Asia and Australia will see the game the next day on September 17, whereas Europe gets the latest Jedi fix on September 19. The Force Unleashed takes place between episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars saga and tells the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice who, among other things, utilizes incredibly strong Force powers and has discovered yet another weird way in which to wield a light saber. The most notable feature of the game thus far is its implementation of physics among its characters and environments.

Please note our use of extreme self-control in not resorting to an "unleashed" pun when writing this article.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Lego Indiana Jones hilarity in action

Whipping into retail soon is Lego Indiana Jones: The Video Game, from the makers of the über-popular Lego Star Wars series. The title features gameplay pulled from the story of all three classic Indy films and if the video above is any indication, the humor and reference homages will be front and center. Set to hit retail on the Xbox 360 and pretty much every other console under the sun this Summer, the developers at Traveller's Tales look to continue their streak of solid licensed releases. Now someone get them to actually make that Lego Halo game EGM joked about, like ASAP.

Update: We knew there was a reason we quit drinking. We posted this story earlier in the week, that's what we get for going to $9 beer night.

Lego Indy Footage: Gameplay, Boulder Running

To go with today's earlier story about Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures we bring you the latest piece of footage released by Lucasarts. The clip begins in a cutscene that displays the quirky humor that the Lego games have become know for, then moves into gameplay where we see the whip in action alongside the usual brick-breaking Lego action. After a few minutes the gameplay cuts to the infamous boulder scene and we get to see the characters run toward the screen while jumping over spikes, pits and more. Despite the increase in number of games for the IP (don't forget, there's going to be a Lego MMO) it seems that the quality across the board remains high, with everything from level design to humor to reward systems all looking to be worth their while. It's just too bad that Lego Halo game turned out to be fake.

Lego Indy Demo included in US Indy DVD set

For those big Indiana Jones fans out there who were thinking of picking up the DVD box set of the original trilogy, it will be seeing a little something extra in that box on May 13. The special edition boxed set is set to come with a trailer and demo of the forthcoming game, Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, which is itself set to be released almost a month later on the 3rd of June. Unfortunately, our European readers are out of luck on this, as the promotion applies only to Region 1 discs, but it is likely that there will be a demo released via XBLM, after all, Lego Star Wars had a demo. With the new movie set to open worldwide a week after the special edition boxed sets, one would think that Lucasarts would've that promotion worldwide too. Oh well.

Rumor: KOTOR III Concept Art?

Long the source of many rumors and much speculation, the possibility of KOTOR III being a real project just became a bit clearer. With the rumor mill spinning anew, we bring you latest loose talk, that is, possible KOTOR III concept art. Discovered in a hidden folder on the concept artist's website, the art showcases everything from main characters to droids and ships. Now when we saw that news for the first time, we got excited, thinking this had to be real, that no one can fake good concept art. Well, this stuff is the real deal, but perhaps not in the way we would have wanted. See, it's dated from almost four years ago, in early/mid 2004. Now a quick wiki check reveals that KOTOR II was released in 2005, and that much of that game was left on the cutting room floor to ensure a holiday release. So in all likelihood these concepts are from that game, just never used. Still, it's nice concept art, and we'd love to be proved wrong, as we've said before: Bioware + Mass Effect tech + KOTOR IP = Massive Win.

Gallery: KOTOR3Concept

GDC08: The Force Unleashed - Producer Interview

In the aftermath of GDC and the releasing of more Force Unleashed information, the game's Producer, Cameron Suey, sat down (so to speak) with the guys from Gamersyde and gave them a bit of an insight into the development of the newest entry in the Star Wars saga. The interview contains no bombshells, but has plenty of interesting little tidbits, such as the reveal of some limited RPG elements, discussions of the game's enemies and their abilities, as well as talk of the new tech, the DMM, and Euphoria. Check the video out if you're at all interested in the game, as Cameron does have some interesting anecdotes about the gamplay. Set to be released this summer, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is really starting to shape up well, and we just can't wait.

And as with the previous gameplay videos, sorry in advance to readers who are having issues with slow loads. We still love ya'll.

[Via Gamersyde]

GDC08: Star Wars - The Force Unleashed gameplay videos

Fresh from GDC08 are a few videos for the upcoming, and looking awesome, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from LucasArts. The first video is a trailer titled Raxus and showcases the beautiful environments and combat that have been touted as the best thing seen from a Star Wars license since Knights of the Old Republic. The second video, embedded after the jump, is a compilation of gameplay from the floor that literally has us picking our jaws up off the ground. Force pushing trees and knocking them down? Chopping trees down with a lightsaber throw? Do want. Check them out and may the force be with you. Yeah that line was really forced. Ha, pun.

[Thanks, zizzy]

Continue reading GDC08: Star Wars - The Force Unleashed gameplay videos

Scratch that, no four play co-op for LEGO: Indy

We'll apologize in advance to those fanboys who have an obsessive love of the LEGO franchise and were looking forward to LEGO: Indiana Jones' four player online co-op. True, it was "confirmed" a few days ago by the crew over at MTV Multiplayer, but we've since learned that four player co-op has been ... "un-confirmed".

MTV Multiplayer just posted a mild retraction after a LEGO: Indy producer cleared up the four player miscommunication. The new official details state that the game will allow for four players to be on the screen at once, but only two players can be controlled at any given time. Not four. And really, that's a big bummer. We guess we'll just have to stick with Halo 3 if we want four player co-op shenanigans. Stupid bricks.

The Force Unleashed ... in Vanity Fair?

After having been off the radar a bit since it's announcement, the hype train for The Force Unleashed is finally leaving the station. Though it's destinations do seem to be a rather strange: the latest being a three page article at, of all places, Vanity Fair's website. In the article, the ostensibly mainstream writer is actually rather friendly to the game, praising the team, the technology and more. Unfortunately, if you've been following the game at all then there isn't really much news here.

The real news for us followers is the host of new screens from the game, exclusive to Vanity Fair. Though they are quite small, they do give an idea of the visual fidelity that the team is shooting for this summer as well as the first look at few characters outside of concept art (Shaak Ti, and your protocol droid). There is a video up as well, which while slow to get going and rather short, is still full of eight kinds of awesome. The article itself has some nice tidbits even if you have been following the game (such as the confirmation that you will play as Darth Vader for at least a bit of the game) and is a good read, but it's Vanity Fair, they're not going to be dropping any megatons with this one. Still, it's nice to see video games moving toward the mainstream in even a small way.

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