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Quake Arena announced for XBLA

Yesterday, Id Software made an announcement from the comforts of QuakeCon confirming that Quake Arena is being developed for the Xbox Live Arcade. A release date wasn't announced nor any other details were talked about other than the fact that Pi Studios was working on the port.

So fanboys, you already have your Arcade Doom and it'll only be a while until you have your Quake too ... you're so spoiled.

[Via Joystiq]

Quake III Team Arena on XBLA?

The ESRB is becoming a better resource for leaking Xbox Live Arcade titles than we could have dreamed. This time, it's an entry for Quake III: Team Arena. Granted, the Xbox 360 is not short on shooters, but Quake III is one of the best. Quake III provided some great multiplayer thrills back in tha' day, and it would be a perfect addition to Xbox Live Arcade, especially at a budget price. Quake III is graphically more sophisticated than most XBLA titles, so it's a safe bet that the game will utilize the new 150MB size limit.

Would you buy Quake III for Xbox Live Arcade, or do you have enough shooters already? Frankly, we miss good old fashioned rocket jumping, so we're willing to give it a try.

[Via Joystiq]

No cross-plat play for Quake Wars

CVG reports that id's Kevin Cloud has confirmed that cross-platform play will not be featured in the upcoming Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. According to Cloud, the concept is possible, but requires too many tweaks to each platform in order to level the playing field. We imagine Cloud is referring to the advantage of a mouse and keyboard on PC (and potentially PS3). The mouse obviously offers an aim advantage, and the keyboard could provide plenty of shortcuts for the game's RTS like features. Cloud does mention, however, that id is striving to make sure that the overall Quake Wars experience will be maintained across all platforms. Well, thank God. Expect Quake Wars to debut some time this year.

Quake Wars confirmed for Xbox 360

Id Software confirmed today that Quake Wars: Enemy Territory will be arriving on the Xbox 360. The 360 version is being developed by Nerve Software, best known for their expansions to games like Doom 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Quake Wars sets players in an epic struggle between humanity and a malicious alien race known as the Strogg. The game will support up to 16 players and features strategic team play, deployable structures, and both land and air vehicles. Players can choose from five different classes and will enjoy persistent character promotions and plenty of online stat tracking. Quake Wars is expected as early as April 2007 for the PC; hopefully we won't be waiting too long for the 360 version. Keep in mind though, this is an id Software title, so "it's done when it's done®."

[Thanks, DarkSaviour69]

DOOM possesses Xbox Live Arcade [update 1]

DOOM is now available on Xbox Live Arcade ... well, go get it!

Update: Reader Dylan Copeland has brought to our attention that we promised to name drop whoever guessed the mystery XBLA game. Right you are, Dylan. Congrats to Ed for being the first to guess correctly that DOOM was the mystery game (and being the second comment on the post altogether). Honorable mention to Dylan Copeland for also guessing correctly and reminding us of our promise. And, by the way, the full game, as most of you know by now, is 800 points.

Carmack: 360 is "a really sweet development system"

John Carmack is a video game deity. Responsible for many of the graphical and technological advancements of the medium, through his work on the engines for everything from Wolfenstein to Doom III, Carmack's opinion carries with it an almost incomprehensible amount of industry weight. So Carmack saying the Xbox 360 is "a really sweet development system" means precisely that.

His praise isn't completely unequivocal though. He says about both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, "They can quote these incredibly high numbers of giga-flops or tera-flops or whatever, but in reality, when you do a straightforward development process on them, they’re significantly slower than a modern high-end PC."

The interview is from the February issue of PC Gamer UK, which hits newsstands today. We can probably expect to hear more details about both consoles therein. Any UK readers have a subscription?

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