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GTAIV officially dated April 29

Wow, the Devil May Cry 4 demo and the official release date for Grand Theft Auto IV in the same day? What did we do to deserve this? After a delay in late 2007 and the months of speculation that followed, Take Two has finally pinned down the official release date for the game, April 29. We should note that this is the worldwide release date for GTAIV, so gamers the world over can officially start getting excited now. If you're not excited, then perhaps you should direct your attention to the flood of previews that swept the internet yesterday. Once you've reached the proper level of excitement, please read this post again and react accordingly.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Grand Theft Auto IV

New GTAIV box art video, new trailer dated

No, it's not really a new trailer for GTAIV, but it is new and it is related to GTAIV. The video above showcases what we assume to be an an example of the normal, everyday process of creating box art for video games. This process apparently involves the use of several skilled artists, ladders, scaffolding, a brick wall, and a helluvalotta paint. If box art really takes this much work, it's no wonder so much of it sucks. You'd think they'd just use Photoshop. Oh, and while this isn't really a trailer for GTAIV, the video does mention a new trailer entitled "Move up, ladies," which should debut December 6. Wait a minute ... that's next week! And it's when the Fall Dashboard Update is due! Coincidence? ... Yeah, probably.

[Via Joystiq]

Take Two gets fuzzy on GTAIV release date

We were all hit pretty hard by the delay of Grand Theft Auto IV earlier this year. Since the delay was announced back in August, hardly a word has been written about the game (aside from a tongue-in-cheek video from Kane & Lynch). Originally delayed until 2nd Quarter 2008 (between February and April), Take Two now has a different tone on the matter. is reporting that Take Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has said the company will not announce a release date until the company is "utterly convinced" that Grand Theft Auto IV will be ready. It's not uncommon for games as big as GTAIV to receive the "it's done when it's done" treatment, but that didn't make it easier for industry folk to see the game miss the 2007 holiday season. On this subject, Zelnick says that missing the holiday season is no longer a concern. From his point of view, the holiday console sales will increase the number of consumers that will buy the "must have" title that is GTAIV.

So, GTAIV just got a little more nebulous. How does that make you feel? And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.

GTAIV delayed until 2008's second quarter

Take 2 Interactive just announced that Grand Theft Auto IV will be delayed until 2008's second fiscal quarter, to compensate for some development processes that have taken longer than anticipated. The release confirms that this is taking place for both consoles, so it should be expected than when a new firm date is announced, that the 360's will mirror the PS3's.

There has been no word of what this means for the episodic content under development for the 360 version of the game, as it was initially scheduled for a second quarter release in 2008. While we are saddened that we won't be experiencing Rockstar North's grand opus this holiday, our wallets definitely feel the pressure being lifted, if only slightly. We'll have to wait and see how this affects Microsoft's projected game sales this holiday, as 2004 may still remain top dog with the absence of GTAIV in October.

[Via Joystiq]

Only GTAIV on 360 is complete experience, says Rockstar

Speaking to Games Radar, Rockstar spokesperson Hosi Simon had some interesting comments regarding the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. When asked about the Xbox 360 exclusive episodes and whether or not the PS3 version would receive any similar perks, Simon replied, "not that I can think of." Simon elaborates that the games are identical, and that Rockstar does its best to make games that can be enjoyed on any console. "We're not like a pawn between these [hardware] companies," said Simon. That said, Simon admitted, "But I guess if you want the complete experience with the episodes, then yeah, you should buy the 360, I suppose."

We must mention -- along with Joystiq -- that the term "exclusive" has become more and more loosely defined over the years. We have to wonder if the Playstation 3 will ever pick up the episodes as well. Whether or not this comes to pass, it will be interesting to see if the initial promise of exclusive downloadable content will make GTA fans pick one version over the other.

[Via Joystiq]

GTAIV trailer is live. Thoughts?

Well folks, the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer is up. You can either watch the tiny, poorly streamed version at Yahoo! Games, or you can watch the higher resolution trailer at Rockstar's website. Either way, expect to do a little waiting. As we suspected, the trailer gives a marginally closer look at some of the colorful characters we'll be seeing in Liberty City. We also get a deeper look at Niko, the main character. Sprinkled throughout are bits of action, like kicking in doors, hanging from helicopters, hanging on to the back of a speeding truck, and evading the newer, smarter police. All in all, the trailer is short, but definitely sweet. Alright, talk amongst yourselves.

GTAIV trailer goes live at noon EDT

Just so you know, the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV will be hitting the internet equivalent of the airwaves today at noon EDT. It will be available at the official GTAIV website as well as, and hopefully it will hit Xbox Live Marketplace on time too. Now that we've been introduced to the world of GTAIV, we're hoping to see at least a little gameplay. We wouldn't be surprised, however, if the second trailer is used mainly to introduce us to the other characters aside from Niko (the game's protagonist). As you sit there watching the minutes go by (this time without an oh-so-trendy countdown clock), you might as well check out our GTAIV gallery, which we've updated with an entire two new images. Yeah, we know. We spoil you.

Gallery: Grand Theft Auto IV

2nd GTAIV trailer brings new theme, gamer pics

Those of you looking forward to experiencing the second Grand Theft Auto IV trailer tomorrow will be happy to hear that it will also be available on Xbox Live Marketplace and In addition, Rockstar will be releasing Grand Theft Auto IV gamer pictures and a theme. The press release (featured at Gamertag Radio) makes no mention of a cost associated with the gamer pictures and theme. We're hoping Rockstar has the sense to make them free.

If you simply can't figure out what to do with yourself until tomorrow, why not take a gander at our Grand Theft Auto IV galleries? We've got tons of screenshots, and some images of the special edition. Maybe that will take the edge off of the long wait.

Gallery: GTAIV Special Edition

Gallery: Grand Theft Auto IV

GTAIV Special Edition images revealed

Fresh from Rockstar we have the first images of the Grand Theft Aufo IV Special Edition. With the special edition -- for the not-too-low price of 90 bones -- you get the game, an art book, a soundtrack CD, a duffel bag, and the particularly cool locking safety deposit box. Yes, you'll have all the makings of your own (pretend) robbery. We have to admit, as special editions go, Grand Theft Auto IV looks to be right up there with the cat helmet. Check out high resolution images of the special edition in the gallery below.

Gallery: GTAIV Special Edition

GTA IV trailer incoming, here's some art for now

We haven't mentioned it recently, so we figured we'd remind you right now. The second Grand Theft Auto IV trailer will be releasing in a few days and it promises to be greatness. And Rockstar, knowing GTA fans need something to hold them over for a few days, released a new piece of GTA IV artwork for everyone to enjoy. Viewable above, the new art isn't anything special depicting a scene of Niko being pulled over by a cop, but darnit it's GTA IV media and you'll like it! Prepare for the internets to die, fanboys to cry, and hear everyone screaming "my oh my" when the second GTA IV trailer hits the web this Thursday.

GTA IV news from a Turkish Xbox mag?

We got some potential tantalizing tidbits of Grand Theft Auto IV from a Turkish Xbox magazine. Since this is posted in the Team Xbox forum, we're going to classify this as rumors until further confirmation. That being said, some of the stuff has been alluded to before, so it's not out of the question. Simple stuff like slight vibrations for your strides when running, or a lack of a HUD, with visual cues ingame instead sound reasonable. Getting something more than a lousy t-shirt for completing the game 100% is almost a given. Liberty City will be larger than Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas combined has been heard before. Some RPG elements from San Andreas will be included, expanded upon as well as removed, for example the love interests, working out and eating have been cut, but skill development is still in. For more details, and potential features, click the "Read" link.

[Thanks, Jeff]

Take Two silent on $50 million GTAIV content

We asked the question once: did Microsoft pay $50 million for GTAIV content? Readers will recall that Take Two's recent conference call made reference to two separate $25 million payments for "episodic content." Prior to this, confirmed that the episodic content for GTAIV would be exclusive to Xbox 360. Naturally, this stumped PS3 owners who were promised their own exclusive content as well. The obvious conclusion, then, is that MS coughed up some money to keep the content exclusive.

Whatever the reality is, Take Two isn't talking. contacted the company for comment on the $50 million quote and were greeted with no official responses whatsoever. Did MS buy exclusivity? The world may never know (but probably yes).

[Via Joystiq]

Did Microsoft pay $50 million for GTA IV content?

The other day it was announced that the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV would feature exclusive episodic content not found in other versions and today we've learned why. Per Take-Two's latest fiscal conference call the company discussed an extra $50 million on the balance sheets listed as deferred payments split into two $25 million dollar chunks. The transcript confirms that the $50 million relates to the 360's episodic content and when asked to explain the release of such content it was explained as such:

"The first 25 is for the first episodic content package that's supposed to go out and that is in March of '08. That's why it moved into current because it's in the next 12 months. The second 25 will be for the second episodic, the episode, and that will be later in fiscal '08."

So, Take-Two received an extra $50 million for GTA IV's episodic content on the 360 which will be available in two installments, one next March and one sometime in 2008. The question is where did the cash come from and we can only speculate Microsoft's deep pockets had something to do with it. And if it was Microsoft, we'd be almost certain that the once talked about PS3 content is now canceled.

[Via the gta place]

GTA IV episodic content exclusive to the 360

What's that smell? It's the unmistakable aroma of exclusive content coming to the 360 ... lovely. Yesterday, confirmed with a Take-Two representative that Grand Theft Auto IV will feature episodic content that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform. Yup, you'll only be able to get such episodic content on your lovely white box and no other console. Life is great isn't it? No other details were confirmed about such content other than its exclusivity.

GTA IV is huge game and if the 360 version is going to get content that no other version on other consoles has, it's a big deal. Now we just hope that such episodic content doesn't cost us anything or, if it does, it doesn't break the bank. Our fingers are crossed.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Second GTA IV trailer coming soonish

The last time we waited for a Grand Theft Auto IV trailer nobody knew what the game had to offer or even what it looked like. At the time it released, the interenet stopped for a moment. And now it looks like we're going to have to go through all the madness once again. Over on the official GTA IV website, the main splash page is announcing a second trailer called "Looking For That Special Someone" that will be available June 28th. And even though there is no suspenseful countdown clock, we're still excited to see more GTA IV goodness. We advise you to prepare for the worst, because June 28th could be the day the internet calls it quits.

[Via TeamXbox]

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