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GDC08: Too Human gameplay trailers

Fresh from GDC, we have the game that the future of Denis Dyack's career rests on: Too Human! These new gameplay trailers actually show off rather a lot, with snippets of combat, displaying of armor and weapons, and some cut-scene bits. Now, when watching the gameplay portions of these it's important to remember that Too Human is not an action game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden, but rather an an action-RPG that is closer to Phantasy Star Online. With that in mind the game is looking rather good, though with a ten-year dev cycle and three changes of platform, people will always find something to complain about. Whether you love it or hate, the game is coming together and looks to be coming together well. All thats left at this point is to release it and see just how good it really is.

A second trailer after the break.

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GDC08: Tech Demo - Havok cloth physics

Already some of the most-used middleware around, Havok seems to be working on expanding their repertoire, adding cloth physics to their software. The video above showcases a tech demo from GDC08 and depicts a cape on a human figure who runs and jumps, with the cape reacting accordingly. The tech seems to be working well, with no evident clipping (at least to our eyes), and if there is any complaint to made it's that the cape's movements seem a bit exaggerated and unrealistic. With the tech delivering on it's end and Havok being used in a myriad of different games originating from a variety of genres and across many platforms, we can hope to see (mostly) accurate cloth physics appear in many more games going forward. (Also, what does this mean for cloaks, shrouds, togas, robes and all other in-game cloth?)

[Via 1UP]

XBLM to receive "Bringing it Home" GDC Content

Just as they've done in the past, Microsoft will be "Bringing it Home" once again for those who check the XBLM during GDC. Specifically, the show will run from Feb 18 to Feb 22, but the Marketplace will begin to see content from it on the the 20th. Theoretically the content flow will stop after the show ends two days later, though there may be some final additions after the official end date. The only content that's an absolute at this point is the keynote address highlights from Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, John Schappert, which is entitled "A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community." With all the rumors swirling and the dwindling of E3, we'll likely see see some juicy nuggets come out of GDC, and (with any luck) onto the Marketplace.

The full announcement after the break.

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BioWare to discuss "Future of MMOs" at GDC

With GDC coming sooner and sooner, the news about exactly what will happen there is beginning to flood out, and this tidbit of news was released without much fanfare. At GDC there is to be a session that is titled: "The Future of MMOs" with speakers ranging from Blizzard's VP of Game Design to one of the founders and General Manager of BioWare. Wait ... Founder of Bioware? Huh?

First and foremost, BioWare has never released an MMO, and this session is described as: "Several experienced MMO developers will discuss their respective visions for the future." Experienced, hmm, that's got to refer to that MMO that the "new studio", BioWare Austin, have been working on. If so, could that long-under-wraps MMO actually be the long rumored KOTOR MMO? The Lucasarts collaboration has been announced for a while now, could GDC be the time when these two pieces of information and one piece of speculation are finally put to rest in the form of a single game? We'll have to wait and see just what materializes out of this, but GDC is looking more and more interesting all the time.

XBLA Awards to award games that deserve awards

Today, Microsoft announced and launched the first annual Xbox Live Arcade Awards, where they're asking the community to help determine the best of the Arcade. The 2007 XBLA Awards are broken down into six categories that can be voted on by the community (yes, even you) over on and four categories that are industry only votes. Then, come February at the Game Developer's Conference, Microsoft will announce the XBLA winners, confetti cannons will shoot and we'll get a chance to see XBLA developers get teary eyed on the award stage. That is if there is a stage to weep on. The voting booth is only open until January 30th and you get to choose the best of the XBLA best. Go vote, your voice must be heard!

GDC floorplan speculation with Epic, MS and Gears

TeamXbox put on their speculation hat today with their analysis of this year's GDC floorplan and how it relates to a possible Gears of War 2 announcement. Strap on your tin foil hats and chew on some for extra measure, because we're going in.

Let's break down TeamXbox's speculative theory. This year at GDC Microsoft has outdone themselves and has paid for the largest floorspace of any company attending. And guess who has the second largest floorspace? No, not Sony or Nintendo, it's our friends over at Epic Games. And guess where their floorspace is situated. Correct, both Microsoft and Epic Games' GDC gigantic floorspaces are right next to eachother. Gasp! Taking everything one step further, both Microsoft and Epic have absolutely no partnership or connection other than their Gears of War roots. So, this all must mean that the massive amount of floorspace and close proximity means that we'll see a Gears of War 2 announcement at GDC! W00t! Or Epic just needs lots of room to showcase their Unreal Engine 3 and Microsoft wants to make a splash, because they're Microsoft and have money coming out of their ears. Meh, we prefer the Gears 2 speculation. It's more exciting and gives us something hope for.

Games from XNA challenge ready for download

Those four day XNA games are finished and ready for your downloading pleasure. If you remember, Microsoft's held a four day XNA Challenge at this year's GDC, pushing four development teams to the edge by requiring them to complete a XNA Studio Express game in four days. Sounds hard doesn't it? But all the teams did indeed finish as Microsoft is pleased to announce that all four games are free and available for download to play on your PC right now, if you have XNA Studio Express (it is also free). Be sure to read the game descriptions after the break, check out some screenshots, and download these four day masterpieces.

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GameTrailer's GDC video wrap-up

Our 2007 Game Developers Conference has come to an end, we've had a fun ride, but there is still more to see. And the nice folks over at GameTrailers have their GDC section quarantined off and ready to showcase some of the best Xbox 360 media. You can sit back and watch a new Portal video, maybe some Mercenaries 2, a Fable 2 dog demo, or The Darkness. It's every video they have to offer from GDC that is Xbox 360 related. And we definitely recommend watching the Fable 2 dog demo, because it just might make you think differently about this new "revolutionary" feature. GDC may be over, but your video watching has just begun.

Castle Crashers gets bumped into 2008

Joystiq cornered The Behemoth's Dan Paladin after the GDC awards ceremony and asked about a release time-frame for Castle Crashers. To their (and our) dismay, Mr. Paladin stated that there was still "about a year of development left" on the XBLA title. Shocked, Joystiq then inquired to whether The Behemoth was going to take advantage of the 100MB bump in the XBLA size limit and were pleased to learn that Castle Crashers would benefit by adding additional features and content. So, we'll be seeing more Castle Crashers content, but will also have to suffer a longer wait. With a year or more of development nobody will be having any Castle Crashers fun until 2008 ... so you better make one hell of a game Mr. Paladin, because this hurts. This hurts a bunch.

Revolutionary Fable 2 feature is a dog

There's a reason Peter Molyneux is smiling in this picture. He was nervous to reveal the "revolutionary" new feature in Fable 2. Several people on his own team told him not to do it. In fairness, it's definitely a risky feature. No one in their right mind would call it revolutionary at first glance. Yes, the intertubes were right: Fable 2's secret new feature is a dog. That's it. So, why is Peter smiling? He's smiling because he just convinced a room full of jaded journalists that a dog is revolutionary. Yup, it's a dog, but believe it or not, you will love it.

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A very early look at Schizoid

Among the news from GDC we learned that the first ever XNA created game Schizoid will be coming to the XBLA sometime later this year. 1UP posted some screenshots from the game and talked with a few people from Torpex's dev team to learn a little bit more about the gameplay. Per Microsoft, Schizoid is "a co-op action game in which teamwork matters like never before, as gamers and their friend or AI ally protect each other from barrages of glowing enemies". Presumably, the game is heavy on the co-op gameplay, where each player can only kill their corresponding color's enemies and protect their partner from the evil that they cannot kill. Think top down space shooter, with color coded gameplay, and a little bit of fl0w thrown in for good measure. Make the jump for a few more screenshots and some speculation goodness.

[Via Game Stooge]

GDC Awards: Gears takes home the hardware

The GDC's Game Developer's Choice Awards were announced last night and our very own Gears of War came away with a handful of metal statuettes. Gears walked off stage with a few trophies for best in technology, visual arts, and of course game of the year. Gamespot reports that when Cliffy B went on stage to accept the game of the year trophy for Gears he, in all his Cliffy B glory, exclaimed "holy sh**!". We congratulate you Epic Games (again) for the numerous awards you've received for Gears of War. Though, you'll probably have to invest in a new trophy case pretty soon.

Jackson's Halo project will be episodic

During Microsoft's annual Blogger Breakfast at GDC (which Richard will be writing about soon), our Joystiq blogging army received some interesting news. During the breakfast, Shane Kim revealed that Peter Jackson is currently in the pre-production phases of two episodic games for the Xbox 360, with one being based on the (previously announced) Halo universe. When hearing the news, everyone jumped at the chance to pry more information from Shane's lips, but he refused stating "I may have said too much already". So there you have it folks, two episodic games coming from Peter Jackson. Anyone want to speculate to why Jackson chose to go with episodic content rather than a stand alone game? So many questions and so much waiting ...

In-game Forza 2 footage is pretty

Game Trailers posted an exclusive video of a quick Forza 2 in-game demo. As you can see above, the Ferrari Enzo is quick, shiny, and darn pretty. Hell, that car model is gorgeous! And we understand that games like Forza aren't all about their damage effects like the Burnout series is, but we would like to see a few pieces of car fly off when the Ferrari slams into the barrier. But overall, after looking at this short clip, we think Forza 2 fans will be satisifed with how the game looks and what the development team has accomplished with the sequel. Anyone care to share their opinion on the video?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Fable 2 is getting a cute puppy dog

The French folks over at Xboygen posted pictures of a new "character" in Fable 2. It's a dog! Your own personal dog to play with, train, and love while exploring the lush green world that Fable offers. In one picture, Peter Molyneux is pointing to our furry little companion and probably explaining how to get your dog to attack on command ... or so that's what we want to believe. And of course these screen grabs beg the question to whether or not this is the big Fable 2 announcement or just one interesting addition to the game. Only time will tell, but we'll find out soon as our very own Richard Mitchell will be getting the complete dish on Fable 2 during his coverage of GDC: 07. Stay tuned.

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