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NXE: A look at Themes 2.0 and the Friends Channel

Digging even deeper into the New Xbox Experience, today the Gamerscore Blog crew is showing off the NXE's "Themes 2.0" and the super special "Friend Channel". Complete with silly Avatars and other shenanigans.

You can view a bunch of today's newly released NXE screenshots in the gallery below (sorry, no video goodness this week) and read about how dashboard themes will work in the new dashboard as well as how you'll connect with your friends. We're loving the 3D effects that the new themes utilize, but are still torn regarding the Avatar friends visualizations. Oh well. Make the jump to read, click the screenshots below and get NXE informed.

Gallery: New Xbox Experiece - Themes and Friends

360 dashboard ad claims NXE releases in Nov.

An eagle-eyed tipster just informed and sent picture proof to our Joystiq pals that the New Xbox Experience dashboard update will be releasing sometime in November. Or so says a Rock Band 2 / Stride ad that's featured on the 360's dash.

As one can see in the photographic proof above, the dash ad tells us to "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November!" With this new information we have to ask ourselves, can this dash ad be trusted? Will we experience a NXE in November? What shall we eat for lunch? Microsoft has been contacted and we patiently wait for answers to these hard hitting questions.

The most common Fall update questions answered

If you're totally clueless in regards to all the "New Xbox Experience" talk, confused to no end and just want some of your basic questions answered, then TechRadar's "everything you need to know" article is just for you.

Have New Xbox Experience n00b questions like "what is it?", "why is this happening?", "what's an Avatar" or (our favorite) "what if I don't want the new dashboard?" Then their helpful guide can help and give you easy to digest answers. We'll even give you a freebie: Even if you don't want the new dashboard, you're out of luck, because it's one of those mandatory Live updates. Then again, why wouldn't you want it and all of its hotness?

Rare: Work on Avatars done 'before Miis were part of the gaming scene'

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rare's lead artist Lee Musgrave revealed that work on Avatars was done "before Miis were part of the gaming scene" and were only decided to be a part of the New Xbox Experience after Microsoft saw concepts of the lil' customizable characters.

"Microsoft did not turn up one day in a speeding car and say, 'They've got Miis - do something!' It wasn't like that at all," says Musgrave, making sure to drive home the point that similarities between Avatars and Nintendo's Miis is purely coincidental. So, yeah ... take that Miis! You aren't being copied on purpose, you're just being copied coincidentally. Yeah!

New Xbox Experience relaunch was lies, all lies

Earlier in the week, rumor spread quickly across the internets regarding Microsoft's supposed plans to hold a five hour long New Xbox Experience relaunch event aired on G4 TV. An event that would celebrate the rollout of the Fall update, usher in free games, new game announcements and excitement galore. Well, that was total balderdash. Fake, fake, fake!

G4's own Adam Sessler confirmed the fact that the network and Microsoft have no plans for an event later this month, going as far as to dedicate his latest episode of "Sessler's Soapbox" to the topic specifically (vid after the break). Sessler not only denies the baseless (but totally awesome) rumor, but goes on to discuss politics and how irresponsible the media can be by not investigating or looking for answers. Damn the media. We always disliked those media folks.

Continue reading New Xbox Experience relaunch was lies, all lies

Rumor: MS planning five hour long New Xbox Experience media blitz

In rumor news that could probably be filed under the sub-category "too good to be true", word on the street is that Microsoft is planning a huge New Xbox Experience blowout later this month. A five hour long G4TV "console re-launching" event that's said to be full of new Xbox 360 game announcements.

According to forum poster Dodece over on VG Chartz.com, Microsoft will hold their five hour long New Xbox Experience re-launching event on September 25th beginning at 7:00PM eastern and unleash an all out media blitz. Rumored to be announced during the event is news regarding free Halo 3 DLC, new Mass Effect DLC, the first of two chunks of GTAIV DLC and info regarding Portal. Also, during the event, six Xbox Originals will be released for free. There is also mention that MS will announce a Sirius Satellite Radio partnership, a new music download service and something called "Mad Lib" of which isn't explained. As if that wasn't enough, Microsoft will be announcing twelve new game titles exclusive to the 360, all of which are codenamed, but the rumor source confirms Assassins Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, a new Conker title, a new Rare shooter and two new Halo games are in the mix. Phew!

Sound too good to be true? Yeah, sounds that way to us as well. Then again, if Microsoft wanted to march into the holidays with their guns a blazing, holding a five hour long 360 media frenzy would generate a bunch of buzz. Try not to get your hopes up though.

[Via Kombo, Thanks Blake G]

PAX 08: A few fresh New Xbox Experience tidbits [update]

Even though we would have loved to capture video of the New Xbox Experience, Major Nelson requested that no video be taken due to the fact that the dashboard code hasn't been finalized. So, we respected his wishes. That said, Major's no video request didn't stop others from doing ninja-recordings.

Yesterday, we scurried across the Penny Arcade Expo show floor to make our way over to the Microsoft booth to view Major Nelson's final presentation of the New Xbox Experience. A fresh from their Seattle lab, newest and most updated version of the Fall update that showed off a few newly interesting facts. What exciting dash goodness? Check the list below:
  • Holy beautiful transitions! This latest Fall update build included never before seen transition effects including nifty fades, smooth sweeps and (our personal favorite) the guide pop up animation. We can't explain the transition effects, but trust that their addition definitely enhances the overall dashboard experience. Yum!
  • Dashboard themes will now instantly load a preview when hovered over. And, as an added bonus, the preview loading effect is sexy as hell.
  • While in a party, each person's gamer picture is placed on the top right hand side of the dashboard. When alone and party-less, only your gamer picture and gamercard are displayed.
  • Your overly Wii-like Avatar's comic-style text balloon displays your gamercard's motto.
  • EVERY Xbox 360 game's Xbox.com information (including game description, features and screenshots) is pulled into the dashboard while browsing the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Online XBLM to use unique URL for each download

While attending the UK Gamefest, develop learned an interesting tidbit of information regarding the Fall update's new internet browsable Xbox Live Marketplace that'll be releasing later this year. We already knew that each piece of downloadable content will be browsable via Xbox.com and "queued up" for download on the console itself, but we now know each piece of content will have it's own unique URL. This means that companies will be able to link directly to their newly released content, friends will be able to share XBLM content links and purchasing game goodies will be so much easier. Almost too easy. We better stock up on Microsoft points before the leaves begin to fall, because we have a feeling we'll be clicking our way to an empty bank account.

[Via TeamXbox]

Video: Fall update game installation process

Looky here kids, it's the Fall dashboard update in the hands of some uber l33t dude who "magically" has the new dashboard installed on his Xbox 360. Even better, he (or she) demos the new hard drive game installation process using GTAIV. From the looks of things, the process isn't quick (copying gigs and gigs of data never is), but does actually copy over ever single megabyte from the disc. Though, you'll need the disc to load the game. Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Fall update game installation process.

[Thanks, DCB and SS1029]

Avatars only to be used in family friendly games

As Microsoft figures out their game plan for how they're going to implement Avatars into the Xbox 360 community beginning this Fall, we're receiving a steady trickle of news surrounding their Avatar decisions. Most recently, Microsoft's Eric Kilgore confirmed with Develop that Avatars will only be allowed to be used in ESRB rated E10+ games which are seen as non-violent, family friendly games. So, we won't be seeing Avatars taking over our Gears or GTAIV worlds which, admittedly, is okily okay with us. Kilgore did say that their E10+ Avatar policy could change in the future depending on how things work out, but again, Microsoft's Avatar game plan has yet to be fully fleshed out.

[Thanks, DCB and SS1029]

Source: First images from 360 Avatar creator [update]

Update: Just to be clear, the two images we posted are NOT screenshots from the Fall dashboard but are instead a collection of image thumnbails and artwork that are supposedly used in the Avatar creator. We just created an image "collage" to make for easier viewing.

in the We were just contacted by our super secret source who forwarded us images that are supposedly from the Fall update's 360 Avatar creator. We're told that the images, all viewable in the gallery below, were pulled from the 360 Avatar creator's interface and showcase the icons that'll be used to customize one's Avatar. Icons and artwork are related to changing an Avatar's clothing, skin color, hair style and even height and weight. Now, we can't be sure if these 360 Avatar creator assets are legit or if they were created by a very skilled Photoshopper, so take this Avatar image extravaganza with a grain of salt. But what say you? Do these images look legit and, if so, do they coupled with the leaked Avatar options make you more or less excited with how Microsoft is presenting Avatars to the gaming masses?

Gallery: Avatar Creator Customization

[Thanks, DCB and SS1029]

Rumor: Avatar customization options discovered

Code snooping fanboys DCB and SS1029 sent us text strings that were supposedly extracted from the Fall dashboard update code. You know, the same Fall update that was leaked and is in the hands of hackers, modders and reverse engineers alike. Well, the text strings that we were sent supposedly detail every available option for the too cute and too friendly Avatars. After skimming through the list, we've come to the conclusion that most customization options are rather plain with Avatar decoration options including items like jeans, t-shirts and shoes. But some customization options are borderline quirky odd. We guess Avatars will have the choice of odd items like "elf ears", "Hawaiian hotpants" and even "Monday morning eyes" which are more commonly known as "hangover eyes".

Head towards the break to view a long and detailed list of (rumored) Avatar customization options that'll be a part of the Fall update. We even bolded a few of the options that we found to be odd or interesting. Oh, and prepared for a wall of text, because the list is a doozy.

Continue reading Rumor: Avatar customization options discovered

Video: New Xbox 360 Dash leaked early

"Who cares? I already saw the new dashboard at E3," you say. Understandable, but there is something magical about someone snagging the new dashboard early and uploading a shaky-cam video to YouTube for all the world to see. Even better, we get to see a few areas of the new dash that weren't on display at E3. That means you get the thrill of looking at the settings tab! One last thing: apparently it's possible for anyone to get their hands on the update right now, though it does require a modded Xbox. We're not suggesting anyone do that, of course.

[Via Engadget. Thanks, Tyler]

Network strain, not the update caused Live to act up

With yesterday's release of the Xbox 360 Fall Update, Xbox Live got hammered. No, not drinking hammered the kind of hammered that happens when millions of gamers clog Xbox Live's network causing all kinds of clunky things to happen. We confirmed with Major Nelson and his Xbox Live ops crew that there were Xbox Live network issues going on last night, but they've since been fixed and everything should be cleared up by now. So, know that it wasn't the Fall Update that was making your console and Xbox Live to act funny, it was simply Xbox Live getting hammered. Now go, enjoy and embrace your new Fall Update without a drunken Live dragging you down.

Xbox Originals are region locked, d'oh!

While we were busy marveling over all the fabulous additions in the Fall Update, others out there were eager to check out said features in new and exciting ways. First and foremost, the folks at Siliconera were keen to try out the Xbox Originals available to Japan. Knowing full well that gamers with Japanese accounts can download Japanese demos such as the Eternal Sonata demo released in May, they figured a similar method would work for Xbox Originals. With this in mind, they set out to download Magatama, only to discover an error message claiming the game wasn't available in their region (i.e. the U.S.). After a quick console restart, the option to download the game had disappeared, though the free content like themes and pics was still available.

So there you have it kids, your dreams of downloading wacky Japanese Xbox games have been crushed (unless you live in Japan, of course).

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