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Epic commits to dedicated servers for UT3

In a move we never thought we'd see coming from the studio who birthed our Gears of War, Epic Games has confirmed that they'll support the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 with dedicated servers.

According to UT3 forum admin WarTourist, Epic will be setting up a "similar number of official 360 dedicated servers to what we provided for the PC and PS3." And our inner skeptic says that Epic is only doing this to add a bullet point to UT3's multiplayer so it can differentiate itself among the 360's already hotly contended FPS genre. That said, who really cares the reason they're doing it, we fully support and embrace the dedicated server move. You hear that Epic? We fully support dedicated servers and wouldn't mind you doing the same thing for Gears of War 2. Sound good?

[Via Gearheads of War, Thanks dongcopter]

Gears of War 2's active sniper will not insta-down

The one and only Cliff Bleszinski popped up on the NeoGAF forums where the latest video of Gears of War 2 was being discussed, to clarify the Longshot sniper's abilities. Responding to a remark claiming that "active downs with the Longshot are still existent in Gears 2", Cliff denied the claim, stating that the Longshot will not have insta-down abilities in Gears 2. Honestly, we're glad. An active reload with Gears' Longshot sniper was a downing machine in multiplayer that was way too easy to pull off. Though, this begs another question, what damage will an actively reloaded sniper cause in Gears 2? Hmmm ...

[Thanks, Josh]

Gears 2 video straight from the UT3 disc

Well folks, the Gears 2 content that was promised to be on the final release disc of Unreal Tournament 3 for 360 has hit our inbox (despite the fact that game itself hasn't yet hit stores). Consisting of a mash-up of interview segments with the dev team and clips of gameplay, the behind the scenes video touches on everything from new game modes to player count to weapons. Heck, why are still reading this? Just watch the video already! Still reading? Well all that's left to really say is just how much of a bomb UT3 is likely to be, especially if the only thing enticing about it is this vid.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

More Gears of War 2 beta footage: disrupted chainsaw duel

Yes, there is more Gears of War 2 beta footage to feast your eyes upon (again pulled from and uploaded to YouTube by AnalogHype). It's amazing, almost as amazing as the fact that the other two Gears of War 2 beta videos are still online. There are a few tasty bits in this one. We get to see the Locust version of the UFC-style punching execution for one. Perhaps most interesting is the instance of an interrupted chainsaw duel. As a Locust and COG duel it out (at around 2:45 in the video), a second Locust interrupts with his own chainsaw, thus disrupting the duel, scoring a kill and ensuring that his buddy lives to tell the tale. A beta tester then shouts "duelus interruptus." We think that's going to catch on.

[Thanks, robbie grassl]

Cliff: Metal Gear is a 'game we're not doing'

Chatting with the IGN crew, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski made it clear that Gears of War 2's storyline will not be presented like a certain game featuring Solid Snake and its 45 minute cutscenes. "Games aren't movies and aren't consumed in a single sitting" explains Bleszinski, "Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out."

Our interpretation of his remarks pretty much boil down to Gears 2 not having a too confusing storyline that features nothing but cut-scenes. Cliff isn't dissing MGS as much as he's explaining what Gears 2 isn't going to be, for better or worse. Though, we have a hunch Gears fanboys will think it's better to actually experience chainsawing through Locust scum rather than just watching the action unfold.

Gears of War 2 beta footage leaked [Update]

Update: Even more beta footage, including executions and the "death crawl" can be found after the jump!

Looking for even more Gears of War 2 news today? Leaked footage of the Gears of War 2 beta has leaked on YouTube that showcases new environments and weaponry. Earlier in the day we posted new renders and concept art for the anticipated sequel but other details have been scarce. If you're a fan of all things Gears of War 2 you need to watch this footage courtesy of Analog Hype. You know, until they take it down!

[Thanks, BAK6E & VeHeMeNcE]

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Freshly released Gears 2 screens and concept art

Just as promised, Microsoft unleashed a fourteen ton truckload of new Gears of War 2 assets, including both campaign and multiplayer screenshots as well as character, weapon and environment concept art. It's a great side-dish that goes well with today's multiplayer video main course. Note that many of the screenshots and concept art photos have been previously released in print media, but now we have 'em in digital format. The best format. Also, for the sake of timeliness in the face of a longer than expected download queue, we only uploaded the new Gears 2 concept art. We'll update this post when the new screenshot gallery is live. Screenshots are now available in the gallery below, including a few sexy GoW vs. GoW2 Gridlock comparisons.

Gallery: Gears of War 2 - Screenshots (6/25/08)

Gallery: Gears of War 2 - Concept Art and Renders (6/25/08)

Video: Gears of War 2 multiplayer revealed

Here she is kids, EGM and's exclusive Gears of War 2 multiplayer video reveal and she's a hefty 16+ minute video too. Of course, it isn't 16 minutes of pure Gears 2 multiplayer carnage (though, that doesn't sound half bad), the in-game footage is sprinkled throughout the video interview with Mr. Cliff Bleszinski who is surrounded by nature, chatting about game features, host advantage, the god-mode animation and all kinds of Gears 2 goodness you want to know. But fret not, there's still a bunch of Gears 2 multiplayer footage including bloody action from the newly improved Gridlock, a view from the battle cam (it's suh-weet!), the flamethrower and new executions. Just watch, we'll discuss later.

GoW2 multiplayer video and screens incoming! [update]

Update: We've got goods here and here.

Listen up and and stay focused fellow friends, because today is the day we've been waiting for ever since Gears of War 2's video debut on May 10th. Today, we're told that Microsoft has promised to release brand new Gears 2 screenshots and concept art depicting both campaign and multiplayer goodies. Not only that, but EGM's long promised GoW2 multiplayer footage is set to make its debut today as well, showcasing new multiplayer modes, new weapons and enough blood and guts to fill two five gallon pails. Microsoft should be releasing the Gears 2 screenshots today at 12:00PM noon eastern (9:00AM pacific) when we also expect EGM to release their exclusive video (media embargoes FTW!).

Now, get excited kids, because we're in for a bloody Wednesday full of enough GoW2 chainsawdomy imagery to keep you satisfied until November. Oh yeah, we totally went there.

[Thanks, Randall Washington (B1gg Randall)]

Source - GoW2 multiplayer footage
Source - GoW2 screenshots and concept art

Bad Company parodies Gears and Rainbow Six

Following in the sneaky footsteps of their Metal Gear Solid 4 parody, DICE just released two more Battlefield: Bad Company parodies, this time targeting Gears of War and Rainbow Six. And again, they caused us to chuckle uncontrollably.

The first promo vid takes on Gears of War's unforgettable "Mad World" trailer, where the B Company crew comes up with their own, more happy rendition that incorporates a musical injection of shortening bread. High-larious! The Rainbow Six parody, embedded after the break, is also enjoyable as it mocks the over exaggerated, charades-style communication style RS soldiers are known for. You must admit, that even if you aren't interested in the game, it's refreshing to see EA and DICE take this kind of entertaining marketing approach. They get the X3F seal of approval.

[Via Joystiq]

Continue reading Bad Company parodies Gears and Rainbow Six

Cliff: GoW2 fixes annoying shotgun host advantage

In an exclusive interview with Gamepro, the one and only Cliff Bleszinski confirmed that for Gears of War 2 they've fixed one of our (and most everyone's) major gripes with the original Gears' multiplayer. The way too annoying and totally unfair shotgun host advantage. When asked about multiplayer feedback Epic received from Gears of War, Cliff responded by saying that "people loved it [multiplayer] but they didn't like the host advantage. They got tired of the shotgun inconsistencies. We're fixing all of that. They didn't like the randomness of the chainsaw, so we put the chainsaw duel in -- may the best man win!" Indeed, may the best man win and may we be the first to say yippy-skippy perfect day! Thank you Epic. That's the news we wanted to hear.

Make the jump to read Gamepro's complete Cliff Bleszinski interview where he not only talks about axing shotgun host advantage (double yippy skippy!), but also discusses the Unreal Engine, new multiplayer game modes, the option to use an Uncharted inspired control scheme as well as ... Bloom Blox? Yup, he talks Bloom Blox.

[Via NeoGAF]

Bloody good NECA Gears of War series 2 figures

Adding to the already solid Gears of War action figure lineup, this week toy manufacturer NECA released official product shots of the seconds series of Gears of War figures that are set to hit retailers sometime this Fall. And no, you aren't experiencing a Gears induced case of deja vu. We've previously been treated to a few toy expo photos of the second series figures, but these are prettier and 100% official product shots. 'Nuff said. Browse through our Gears of War action figure gallery below to view all four new series two figures including Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, Locust Theron Guard without helmet and Locust Theron Guard with helmet both sporting our favorite weapon of death, the torque bow. Sadly, there is no mention of the gruesome Locust headshot figure. It must be a limited edition.

(Psst, if you're in love with these figures, wait until you see what Fanswag surprise we have for you next week. It's truly epic.)

Gallery: Gears of War Action Figures

Gears of War movie snags director Wiseman

Progress is being made on the Gears of War movie (which is something we can't say about our long desired Halo movie) as evident by the fact that the New Line Cinema business execs in charge of bringing Marcus Fenix to the big screen have settled on a director for the film.

Variety is reporting that Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld Evolution director Len Wiseman will be taking the Gears of War movie reins. Which isn't really a huge surprise seeing that Gears of War had a cameo in Wiseman's latest flick Live Free or Die Hard which all but confirmed his involvement in the Gears movie ... or at least that's how our impressionably hopeful fanboy minds took it. A Gears movie that was originally slated or a Summer 2009 release, but development on the film has been taking longer than expected which means a delay into 2010 is inevitable. Also, is it just us or does it look like Wiseman is giving the old Bleszinski a run for his "pretty boy" money? Eh?

[Thanks, yankeyhotel]

UT3's Gears 2 video will be multiplayer focused

Further expanding upon the (mildly dissapointing) knowledge that Unreal Tournament 3's special Gears of War 2 content will be a video, we now know said video will be multiplayer focused.

According to Midway's press release confirming UT3's release date, they make mention that the GoW2 video content "will include never-before-seen footage of the game's multiplayer modes featuring new maps, new modes, new weapons and new gameplay elements." Bonus, the video will be narrated by Epic's Rod Fergusson and Mr. Gears of War himself, Cliffy B Cliff Bleszinski! Cliffy Cliff narration FTW! We give it 28 minutes, no 23 minutes until this exclusive video content hits YouTube.

Study finds that Red beats Blue in online games

According to a study recently published in the journal Cyberpsychology & Behavior, the eternal battle of Red vs Blue just got a little more interesting. According to the study, which analyzed matches of Unreal Tournament 2004, the red team is more likely to win than the blue team in online games. In fact, the red team won 55% of the time in the 1347 matches that were studied. We'd like to think it's because the Red team has Sarge leading them to victory, but according to Mihai Moldovan, a neuroscientist who worked on the study, the real reason is "most likely that the color red may act as a psychological distractor for men, possibly because men flush and turn red when they're angry."

When reached for comment, Epic VP Mark Rein stated that red and blue are an entrenched part of the Unreal Tournament series saying, "We don't anticipate any immediate changes to team colors."

[Thanks, Bowie. Via 7th Columnist]

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