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Burnout Paradise screens careen online

Electronic Arts released a slew of screenshots for Burnout Paradise after the Press Conference earlier today. Shots show off an exotic and muscle car racing through the streets of Paradise City. Joystiq has some impressions up, though the only version showing at E3 is the PS3 version. Either way, the game is looking great, and we'll try to get some time to talk with EA/Criterion about the 360 version and should the versions be identical, get some hands on impressions, blasphemous or not.

Rock Band to have weekly DLC, Full Album downloads, and Metallica

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos announced that Rock Band has some serious plans for delivering content to players. First off, Harmonix plans to release new music tracks every week. They can be released in singles, multi track bundles, or more deliciously, full albums. As an example Alex announced that The Who's Who's Next would be available for download following the game's release.

As icing on the proverbial cake, selections spanning Metallica's musical career will be made available, with "Enter Sandman" playable on the retail disc. All in all, Harmonix is pushing Rock Band more as a platform than just a game, and we couldn't agree with the prospect more. We'll be back with hands on impressions and a proper tribute to Weezer as soon as we can.

Rock Band Guitar Prices PS3 vs 360

An anonymous employee from Game Crazy sent a tip and scan to Joystiq of their pricing for Harmonix's Rock Band peripherals for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The microphone and drum kit cost $29.99 and $79.99, respectively. Unfortunately, the guitar controller has a price discrepancy between the two platforms, with the PS3's wireless guitar costing $59.99 and the 360's $79.99, a twenty dollar difference.

As the story goes, Red Octane supposedly couldn't get a wireless guitar because using Microsoft's proprietary wireless technology would jack the price on the controller. Could the PS3's wireless technology be easier and cheaper to implement that would cause it to be cheaper than the 360's? Harmonix denied their being any discrepancy when asked that question, so we'll have to wait for either an announcement on pricing or some more concrete evidence from retailers.

Video: Rock Band's Mississippi Queen

Update: It looks like the video has been pulled.

Gametrailers has a new video up of a Pre-E3 Rock Band playtest, akin to the one our fellow 'Stiqqers attended, and shows off the menu UI, along with band member selection prior to the song. Speaking of which, today's performance is "Mississippi Queen", and despite Player 2 pausing twice during the jam session, it all went well, especially since the song featured more cowbell. The guitar players are using the Fender Stratocaster, and the drum kit is different than the one seen in the earlier video, as it is all black. Also, at the beginning, other songs in the play list that are different from the ones revealed earlier are David Bowie's "Suffragette City" and The Hives' "Main Offender". All in all some cool tidbits, and we can't wait to play "Say it Ain't So" at E3 next week.

[Thanks, DarkStar]

NCAA Achievements have product placement

Xbox 360 Achievements got their hands on NCAA Football 08's Achievement list earlier this week. It looks like this year, EA's making an effort to require you to play the game, rather than just simming your way through it, though we can't say for certain that you can't get any of them via simming. The last three did grab our eye, though, they all have blatant product placement for Pontiac and Old Spice, even using the company's respective logo. Fight Night Round Three kind of did the same thing, though the events were "sponsored by the companies". Still, give the list a look, and if your like EA Sports previous offering, hopefully this will fit the bill this year.

Wing Commander Achievements step into the Arena

Wing Commander Arena's Achievements have been uncovered for all fanboys to gaze their eyes upon. It has the Xbox Live Arcade standard of 200 Gamerscore awarded across 12 Achievements. This also is the second Arcade title to be published by Electronic Arts, the first of course being Boom Boom Rocket. The Achievements themselves seem to have a heavier focus on multiplayer than that found in other titles and hopefully will be a lot of fun to unlock should the game be a blast as well. We'd like to remind you that the rumor from back in January, and its source, was right. Stay tuned at X3F as we've got some pretty cool Wing Commander news coming down the pipeline.

Video: Mercenaries 2 trailer

The debut trailer for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has been released and we have it embedded above for your convenience. The action in the game looks pretty hot, and the graphics aren't too shabby either. The lighting and explosions are really impressive, and the destructive enviroments look really ... breakable? Either way it looks really cool, and a blast to play. Jacking helicopters looks completely crazy. Did you ever get your hands on the first Mercenaries, and are you ready for some new gen flavor?

[Thanks, Jonah Falcon]

Eric Staal featured on NHL 08 box art

IGN revealed that Carolina Hurricanes center, Eric Staal, will be the next player on the cover of EA Sports' NHL 08. Staal was honored to have been selected by EA Sports, and says he played NHL 07 regularly. Staal played a huge part in the Hurricanes' Stanley Cup victory in the 2006 season, having accumulated 28 points in the Playoffs. The fact that they had to beat the hometown team of a particular blogger to acquire the Cup won't deter us from giving the game its fair shake.

Burnout Paradise's Teaser collides with Marketplace

The beautiful, serene, and surprisingly crashless teaser trailer for Burnout Paradise is now available in glorious High Definition on Xbox Live Marketplace. While some of you readers complained that the lack of destruction didn't really do anything for you, the focal point was the city that will be literally at your disposal in the new gen aggressive racer. The trailer weighs in at 36.23 MB, which sounds about right for 60-ish seconds of content. Does it look like the new hawtness compared to the YouTube version we showed you before?

Rock Band to feature Fender guitars and equipment

Harmonix and EA announced that their upcoming rhythm game, Rock Band, will feature a Fender Stratocaster guitar peripheral, and Fender guitars, basses, amps, and other equipment in game. Rock Band will also feature BOSS and Roland in game. CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Bill Mendello showed great interest and enthusiasm in Harmonix using Fender equipment in the game, commending the developer's ability to capture the essence of rock 'n' roll in digital entertainement. So, since the GH II Gibson X-plorer will play nice with Rock Band, which one are you going to side with? Fender or Gibson?

Burnout: Paradise trailer releases; require new pants

Wow. Gamertagradio just posted the teaser trailer for the next Burnout game, now titled Burnout: Paradise, accompanied by a press release touching on some information we already knew, as well as that the game is slated for a northern hemispherical "Winter 2007" release. Anyway, the trailer starts off similarly to GTA:IV, showing the ... paradisiacal Paradise City, with the calm hustle and bustle of the streets, inter-cut with the roaring engine of the burners racing along the road.

For those of you curious, the music featured is "My Curse" by Killswitch Engage, with "Burning The Lives" by Shadows Fall almost being audible behind the sound of the cars careening between traffic. So, out of care for your well being, we have the teaser available after the break, but plead that you come prepared, lest your week start off on the wrong foot.

Continue reading Burnout: Paradise trailer releases; require new pants

C&C3 conquering May 8th?

Canada's little brother to Best Buy, Future Shop has a release date listed for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Apparently the game will release on May 8th, 2007, but you can never tell with site just trying to nab pre-orders. In any case, it looks like Command and Conquer 3 will be joining the ranks of the other major titles coming at the cusp of summer. Will you be looking to get your Real Time Strategizing on in a couple scant months?

[Thanks, Colin]

The Simpsons coming to 360

LiveGamer's dpcough came across another game that otherwise hasn't yet been announced. EBGames has a listing for Simpsons: The Game, which also says the ship date is 11/1/07, which will probably be around the same time as the DVD for The Simpsons Movie, which will hit theatres sometime this summer. The alleged developer and publisher for the game is EA. So given the track record of console Simpsons titles, could this be good news? Hopefully they'll pull a TMNT, and have a little surprise waiting for us in XBLA around the same time as the retail release.

[Via LiveGamer]

Video: Perfect BBR Run blind-freakin'-folded

Sometimes you come across displays of greatness that just cannot go without acknowledgment. Meet Joe, a producer at EA, who has what can only be called an intimate understanding of the game Boom Boom Rocket. This can be demonstrated by his ability to play 1812 Overdrive, on hard, blindfolded, and hit 100% of the fireworks. Damn, we don't know what else to say, but watch the video, and be amazed. Then watch it again. We've got more BBR news for you coming right up, but felt this deserved special attention.

BBR Logo & Price announced

The lads over at Bizarre Creation showed off their logo for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Boom Boom Rocket. They also told us that EA announced the pricing for the game, which is 800 MS Points. They go on to confirm that there are 10 songs, 3 difficulties, 4 game modes and multiplayer. They say that they're happy with the price point, given all that we're getting for the price. What do you think? Should we be paying the same as we did for Geometry Wars, or is there enough added to this experience to warrant double that price?

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