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Bad Company and Civilization demos now on XBLM

Today, we're officially declaring it an Xbox Live Marketplace Demo Extravaganza day, because we're seeing the release of not just one, but TWO super new video game demos to the XBLM. Like we said, it's a demo extravaganza!

First up is a new 1.25GB Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution demo, featuring both single and multiplayer play and enough turn based strategy to shake a stick at. And for those of you who didn't win early access last week, the new 1.5GB Battlefield: Bad Company single (slash) multiplayer demo is ready to be consumed by you, the masses. Hit up the XBLM, queue some demo deliciousness up for download and get your game on.

Fanswag: Even more Bad Company demo codes [update]

Update: Entry into this giveaway is now closed. Sorry about that. Be sure to check your inbox to see if you won.

Come and get 'em a second time around! Yesterday, we awarded 50 lucky fanboys Battlefield: Bad Company demo access as part of our Fanswag giveaway sponsored by the mildly cool cats over at EA. And with over 1,300 entrants, we're beginning to think that these demo downloads are a hot commodity. So, if you didn't receive an email notifying you that you won, then wipe your tears and put on your game face, because we're giving away 50 more Bad Company demo downloads today! These codes will allow you to download the single player / multiplayer Bad Company demo RIGHT NOW off the XBLM, before it is available to everyone next Thursday, June 5th.

To win one of the 50 Bad Company demo redemption codes, simply comment on this post (one comment per person) by 9:00PM eastern tonight, when we'll randomly select 50 winners and email the codes. Only Xbox Live accounts based in North America can enter due to redemption codes being restricted (again, sorry European fanboys). This is your last chance to earn early entry into the Bad Company demo, so may the luck force be with you.

Fanswag: Battlefield: Bad Company demo codes [update]

Update: This giveaway has expired, winners have been selected and codes have been emailed. If you didn't win, go here and try your luck a second time.

Come and get 'em! Thanks to the loving crew over at EA, we've been given the opportunity to spread Battlefield: Bad Company demo love throughout the gaming world. Today and tomorrow, we'll be handing out a total of 100 Xbox Live redemption codes that allow for the download of the Bad Company demo days before its general release onto the XBLM next Thursday, June 5th. The demo features a preview of the game's single player campaign and allows gamers to enjoy multiplayer fun playing Gold Rush on the map Oasis. It's Battlefield: Bad Company demo fun that, we're told, is free of controversy and doesn't require any additional weapon purchases. Huzzah!

To win one of the 50 Bad Company demo redemption codes, simply comment on this post (one comment per person) by 10:00PM eastern tonight, when we'll randomly select 50 winners and email the codes. Only Xbox Live accounts based in North America can enter due to redemption codes being restricted (sorry European fanboys). Also, If you don't win today, don't be sad. Just stop on back tomorrow when we'll be awarding another 50 codes. Enter now, be lucky and get the chance to play the Bad Company demo early!

Bad Company achievements one-up kill count, again

When Bizarre Creations' third-person shooter The Club released its list of achievements, gamers laughed at the team's one-up of the Gears of War online kill count--months later it appears DICE wants in on the joke too. Peaking at the achievement list available at MyGamerCard, Battlefield: Bad Company includes one achievement, "Beans Bullets Bandages," that awards players 30 GS points for achieving 10,002 kills online.

While it was humorous the first time now we're just worried the achievement will become a trend.

The rest of the list includes your standard mission completition, difficulty setting points with half of the achievements dedicated to the Battlefield: Bad Company's online modes. One thing to note, for a title that was hailed as primarily a single-player focused experience, we wonder why nearly half of the achievements are multiplayer only. Battlefield: Bad Company is set to release on June 23.

[Thanks, Sabo]

Battlefield: Bad Company demo dropping June 5

Anyone who wasn't lucky enough to experience the closed beta of the slightly controversial EA first-person comedy-shooter (not kidding), Battlefield: Bad Company, will soon have their chance. Today EA announced that a demo for the DICE developed title will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN on June 5. The single and multiplayer demo promises to showcase what was in the beta as well as the wacky characters found in the campaign mode. Gamers who decide to pre-order the title from select retailers will be treated an early download of the demo beginning May 29.

For those at home keeping score you'll remember pre-ordering and playing the demo will give gamers access to two of the five controversial weapons found in the beta. Pre-ordering gives gamers access to the QBU88 Sniper Rifle while downloading and playing the demo nets players the UZI Submachine Gun.

Battlefield: Bad Company ships on June 25.

Video: It's incredible, it's amazing, it's Mirror's Edge

Coming from Sony's recent Playstation media event (at least something good comes from those, hoozah!) is a brand new, all in-game footage, delicious ball of awesomeness trailer for Mirror's Edge. And did we already say it's a delicious ball of awesomeness? Because it is. Witness DICE's upcoming and "true" first person experience as main character Faith jumps from building to building, leaps through the air, slides, glides and kicks the crap out of gun wielding baddies with ... her legs. We're excited and truly believe that Mirror's Edge has that special something. Enjoy!

How to earn the five controversial Bad Company weapons

The Battlefield: Bad Company DLC controversy has settled down after EA compromised with their "marketing promotions" idea and now today, thanks to Planet Battlefield, we know exactly what we'll have to do to earn all five additional weapons. So, without further wait, here are the non-Microsoft point involved steps to earn each controversial weapon ...
  • QBU88 Sniper Rifle: Pre-order the game online or at any participating retailer.
  • UZI Submachine Gun: Download and play the demo
  • M60 Light Machine Gun: Sign up for the Battlefield newsletter
  • F2000 Assault Rifle: Register your Battlefield soldier name
  • USAS12 Shotgun: Check your Bad Company stats online at launch.
Like we said, there's no Microsoft points involved, but is this really a better solution? A show of hands please, who's committed to completing all five tasks listed above to earn the Bad Company weapon bounty?

[Via Joystiq]

Be a part of Battlefield: Bad Company on June 23rd

Now that we can (almost) put all that negative purchasing in-game weapons talk aside, we can proudly scream from the rooftops that EA has officially announced that Battlefield: Bad Company will release to retailer shelves on June 23rd. Yes, it's acceptable to say that Bad Company has had its fair share of controversy and negative sentiment, but we know some enjoyed the beta and can look past the game's ... erm, past. But what about you? Will you be a member of Bad Company this June and openly announce your purchase from the rooftops? Hmm?

EA calls off paid weapons in Bad Company

A few weeks ago Electronic Arts released news that the exclusive weapons found in the special edition (the Gold Edition as it's called) of Battlefield: Bad Company would be made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for a fee. After sending the internet into an expected uproar over the decision that resulted in angry comments from X3F readers, an internet boycott campaign and an analysis of the situation on our own X3F TV, it seems EA has changed their mind.

Earlier today in an interview with IGN, Senior Producer at DICE Karl-Magnus Troedsson spoke the words throngs of FPS fanboys have been waiting to hear. "No, there's no charge for any of the guns in the game. All of the guns in the game can be achieved without purchasing them."

But the story doesn't end there. Jump in to find out what you'll need to do to claim your weapons from EA when Battlefield: Bad Company hits this summer.

Continue reading EA calls off paid weapons in Bad Company

Weapon purchases result in Bad Company boycott

We're a bit late on the call to arms, but the movement is still alive and in full force. Sarcastic Gamer has spear-headed a Battlefield: Bad Company boycott that has gathered a bunch of followers who are united in a retail boycott of EA and DICE's upcoming shooter. Why the need for a boycott? Well, it's those oh so controversial weapons that EA confirmed would have to be purchased separately off the XBLM when the game hits retail. If you agree with and refuse to purchase Bad Company unless EA gets rid of their weapon purchase business plan then join Sarcastic Gamer's boycott by signing their petition, plastering web banners across the internets and watching their resistance video on loop at twelve hour intervals. The call to arms has already started, are you signing up?

[Thanks, Saccia]

Video: Bad Company's hopping med kits

As quirky as it sounds, we believe to have just discovered our new comedic weak spot ... hopping med kits. That's correct, bunny hopping med kits of jumping extravagance. The Project Mod Gaming crew captured med kit hopping enjoyment this week while playing the newly released Battlefield: Bad Company beta. And as much as we want to say it isn't a glitch, we have to believe it is. Though, just think of how cool it would be to play the retail build of Bad Company and be able to spring a med kit mid-game, having it bounce around as if a coked up bunny were inside. If that were the case, we'd have no problem being a medic every game.

Major Nelson offers up 100 Bad Company beta codes

Having problems getting into the Battlefield: Bad Company beta? We mean legitimately of course. Well, Xbox Live's Major Nelson has you covered! For the next 10 days the Major will award 10 fresh beta codes per day, equaling the 100 codes he was able to snag for EA's Battlefield: Bad Company beta test.

The controversial beta of the upcoming first-person shooter went live on March 25 and is set to run until April 25. For details on the giveaway, including how you can be entered to win, visit Major Nelson's blog.

Battlefield Bad Company beta leaked, playable? [Update]

Update: Some of our loyal commenters are telling us that a modified Xbox 360 console is not required for the Battlefield: Bad Company beta leak. However, considering the online nature of this "demo" we'd recommend you'd be wary of attempting this process -- lest the ban hammer be used to knock your console offline for good.

Tipsters are telling us that the Battlefield: Bad Company beta has not only leaked to online download sites but that it may also be playable via a burnt DVD-R, much like the demo for Guitar Hero III. The ability to clone the download of the beta and release it to other consoles also reminds us of the Call of Duty 4 beta glitch which allowed gamers to use the account recovery feature to circumvent the barriers in place of people who hadn't been selected to participate in the closed test.

This situation appears to be more serious as download sites are claiming users will have to modify their console in particular ways in order to run the download from a DVD-R. Of course we remind you that any modification of your Xbox 360 console will void your warranty and can lead to an outright ban of all Xbox online services, including playing games over Xbox Live.

Don't do it. Stay in school. This is your brain on drugs.

You get the idea.

[Thanks, BadMon1906]

EA confirms Bad Company weapon purchases

It's true. Today, EA confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company will feature micro-transactions surrounding a few of the game's weapons. Crap.

Discovered via the Bad Company beta menus, a few of the game's weapons mentioned the fact that they could only be unlocked via an XBLM purchase. In an effort to clarify the rumors, EA confirmed with IGN that Bad Company will feature five unlockable weapons which will be a part of a promotional period prior to the game's launch and will eventually end up being free downloads after the retail launch. But the game will also sport five other weapons which will be exclusively included in Bad Company's Gold Edition or as a purchase off the XBLM for a "small individualized price". EA wanted to make it clear that the purchasable weapons do not give players any significant edge, rather they'll give players more variety. And that's supposed to make us okay with it? Pssht, micro-transactions suck.

Hurry! More Bad Company beta keys available [update]

Update: Wow. Never underestimate how quickly gamers can consume free beta keys. Once again, all the public keys have been exhausted with only Insider and Founder members keys left.

Big news for those of you who missed out on the free Battlefield: Bad Company beta key codes that were released to the general public last Thursday. EA and DICE just replenished their stock and put up a new batch of public keys that are available on a first come first serve basis. And you'll be happy to know that they are available right now! W00t!

If you recall, when they first became available, all of the Bad Company public beta keys were claimed within' a few hours time leaving many wannabe participants empty handed. So quickly, most fanboys didn't even know how to obtain one before it was too late. So, this time we advise pointing your browser to IGN's FilePlanet, answering a few questions, signing up and grabbing your free beta key before they disappear. Remember, EA will be flipping the switch within' twenty-four hours time when the Bad Company beta officially kicks off tomorrow the 25th.

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