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Mega Man 9 "DLC" arrives this week

Capcom has announced that the first wave of downloadable content for Mega Man 9 will land on XBLA this Tuesday, not even a week since the game debuted on the service. The content available will include a playable Proto Man and a new gameplay mode called Endless Attack (you can probably guess how that one works). Official prices haven't been announced, though Proto Man and Endless Attack cost $2.00 and $3.00, respectively, on Nintendo's WiiWare service. Of course, we can't properly gauge what it costs to convince yourself that Capcom isn't screwing you by charging for modes that should have been included with the game in the first place.

The remaining bits of DLC are expected to arrive the week of October 20.

X3F TV -- XBLA in Brief: Mega Man 9, War World

This is a pretty interesting week for Xbox Live Arcade. One one side of things, we have Mega Man 9, a brand new game in the series done in a retro style. On the other, we have War World, which the developers originally announced was scheduled to arrive last August. And yet, even a year from its missed debut, it's still one of the best looking XBLA games out there. So which is worth the dough, tough-as-nails platforming or online twitch multiplayer? Check out the latest installment of XBLA in Brief to find out.

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Resident Evil 5 kills classic typewriter saving

We all know gamers don't like when classic mechanics change but we're okay with letting this one die. According to 1UP, Resident Evil 5 has done away with the ancient mechanic of saving the game via in-game typewriter.

Fans of the series will recognize the mechanic as an idea that changed executions throughout the life of the franchise but was always the core idea behind saving. Now, the entire concept has been removed for a more simple, dare we say Western, approach.

"I really like typewriters; they're really typical of the Resident Evil series," Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi told EGM in the November issue. "But this time, the save system will be a combination of checkpoints and chapters." What's next for classic game mechanics? Regenerative health and no more health packs in Halo?! Oh, wait ...

Resident Evil 5
releases on March 13, 2009 for the Xbox 360.

Capcom shows us a Bionic figure we may never get

Today, Capcom decided to reveal the box art and this prototype figure for Bionic Commando through its community blog. Check out Nathan, all decked out in his Bionic logo tank-top and rad arm. Take a really good look though because Capcom hasn't decided if the figure will be made available let customers know when, how or if the product will be made available.

Why would Capcom bother showing you then? Gauge customer interest of course! Looking to add another super solider to your wall of heroes? This might be the one you're missing.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that this six-inch tall prototype was included in a special edition of Bionic Commando priced to own for an extra $20. Interested now? What if we put Todd McFarlane's stamp of approval on it? Come on. Someone must want this thing kicking around.

Ed. Note: This toy was not developed by McFarlane Toys. The reference was a joke.

Bionic Commando gets boxed up

This ain't your daddy's Bionic Commando. Actually, this really isn't even your Commando really, considering younger gamers have been reintroduced to the series with Bionic Commando Rearmed. Wait...who is this guy? The appropriately named action adventure features a dreaded-out Nathan Spencer as he battles a terrorist threat within the fictional Ascension City.

Owners of Bionic Commando Rearmed also have the ability to play the game skinned as the original Nathan "Rad" Spencer using a code found within the game. Bionic Commando, from Swedish developer GRIN, is set to swing (pun!) into action this holiday season.

Gallery: Bionic Commando

Mega Man 9 blasts XBLA tomorrow

Remember old school fans and rejoice. Making his triumphant debut on the Xbox 360 tomorrow is Megs himself in Mega Man 9 for the Xbox Live Arcade. Priced at 800MS points ($10), Mega Man 9 was specifically designed to reignite nostalgic thoughts of classic Mega Man adventures on the NES with a retro look, old school graphical glitches and punishing difficulty.

It isn't all wondrous in the world of Mega Man 9 however, as the already released Wii version of the game inadvertently announced all of Capcom's DLC plans for the game. Among the downloadable content are a playable Proto Man with charge and slide abilities and new modes. For perspective, when all leaked DLC is included in the price of Mega Man 9 the retro-style downloadable title increases to an $18 purchase. Do you plan on going retro this week?

Age of Booty XBLA bound October 15 for $10

We promised we would write this entire post without making a single lame pirate joke and we're sticking to it. Capcom announced yesterday that its Xbox Live Arcade real-time strategy pirate game, Age of Booty, would land on the service on October 15 and will be priced at 800MS points. Capcom, hot off the heels of the successful Bionic Commando Rearmed release and prepping for a Mega Man 9 launch this Wednesday, promises a great experience on the boardgame-esque high-seas.

Age of Booty
from developer Certain Affinity, which once went by the less risqe title Plunder, has already received positive impressions from our sister site Joystiq from preview code in the past. Hopefully the multiplayer-focused, real-time downloadable title will be able to set itself apart when it releases among some of the most anticipated games of the year. Gather ye Microsoft Sea points and prepare for the adventure... Arrr! Well, we almost made it.

Gallery: Age of Booty (XBLA)

Resident Evil 5: Say hello to the Frightbike!

Sup, Left 4 Dead zombies? Consider yourself trumped. Resident Evil 5 has taken fear to a whole new level by giving zombies their own motorbike license; just when we thought things couldn't get scarier! The image from the upcoming survival-horror shooter is one of four new stills released by Capcom on Friday. Others include the bus tour from hell and some of the craziest explosions we've seen ... in a screenshot that is. While they all look nice we're really more interested in the Excitebike action going on above. Or, Frightbike. Yeah ... that sounds scarier. We should totally copyright that.

Gallery: Resident Evil 5

Previously on Street Fighter...

While the games themselves weren't exactly brimming with story the Street Fighter franchise does have an intricate and developed lore behind it. The latest trailer for Street Fighter IV outlines the where some of our favorite heroes disappeared to after the events in Street Fighter II. Watching the video just gets us more and more excited to play Street Fighter IV and considering it will include cut-scenes of the same caliber we're down-right-fierce with anticipation. That's right, we went there.

Gouken added to hidden roster of Street Fighter IV

The martial arts master known for teaching Ryu and Ken everything they know has been added as a secret character in Street Fighter IV. Gouken, who is often mistakenly referred to as Sheng Long, will be a computer-controlled character only -- meaning he is not set to be a playable character in the upcoming fighter.

Many back stories exist for the fallen master of Ryu and Ken, but we have a few favorites. In one familiar back story, Gouken is challenged by his brother Akuma, who is also the murderer of their master Goutetsu, where Akuma eventually kills his brother in the altercation. Another story, set up as the basis of Ken and Ryu's journey in Street Fighter II, sees Gouken killed by the invading mastermind M. Bison.

Capcom promises the character will require a special unlock procedure but we think it's safe to say that when Gouken is squaring off against you, he will be one tough hombre to wrassle with.

Street Fighter IV boxarted with Chun-Li and Ryu

Recently, Capcom unveiled the box art for a little game known as Street Fighter IV, surprising us with not one but TWO different covers. Yes sir, SFIV will actually sport two separate box art covers, one for the United States and another for Europe. And if you look above, you'll see both covers in all their glory. The left is U.S. The right is Europe. Looks to us like the U.S. got screwed.

Proto Man invades Mega Man 9 for a price

Continuing the long standing tradition of annoying customers by announcing (or releasing) downloadable content for a game that hasn't even come out yet, Capcom revealed to GamesRadar that Proto Man will find his way into Mega Man 9 by way of DLC. An additional 160MS Points could net you your very own playable Proto who controls similar to good ol' Megs, other than the fact that he can slide and charge his blasts. Great addition or price gouging? We'll find soon as Mega Man 9 is set to release on October 1.

Mega Man 9 hits North American 360s October 1st

Capcom has announced that Mega Man 9 will be landing on Xbox Live Arcade October 1st, a mere two weeks hence. Strangely, the Blue Bomber's retro revival will be hitting both the Wii and Playstation 3 a week earlier (that's next week for those keeping score) on September 22nd and 25th, respectively. Why the wait for the Xbox Live Arcade version? Capcom isn't saying, but we have a feeling it might have something to do with a certain gum chewing, ass kicking XBLA game needing a little elbow room next week.

Resident Evil 5 to sport Gears inspired controls

Today, team Capcom just announced some interesting Resident Evil 5 information regarding the game's control scheme. More specifically, they're looking to overhaul the current RE5 control formula by replacing the classic stop and shoot mechanic with a more Gears inspired cover system. What's the reason? RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi feels that the cover system controls will slow down the tension that could potentially bring a new horror element into the mix. Expect to see a completely new RE5 unveiling during the Tokyo Game Show in October.

No console specific fighters in Street Fighter 4

Unlike a certain soulless fighting game, Capcom's Street Fighter 4 will not be doing console specific fighters due to it not being "very fair".

In an interview with, SF4 producer Yoshinori Ono mentioned that they don't "want to give an exclusive character for any particular console," saying that "it's not very fair" to make specific fighters only available on certain platforms. And if your mind is already wandering down the downloadable content path, know that Ono says their decision to not offer console specific SF4 fighters is a rule for DLC as well. So, take that Yoda and SoulCalibur IV ... YEAH!

[Via Shacknews]

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