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Bad Company's Conquest Mode DLC now available

Attention Bad Company fanboys, a brand new mode is now available for your favorite gold grabbing FPS. We're talking about the brand new Conquest mode of course. Calling it brand new isn't exactly accurate though, as Conquest mode is actually the traditional gameplay mode seen in previous Battlefield titles. Taking place on four modified maps, Conquest has players battle to deplete the opposing teams 'tickets' by capturing flags and, of course, killing enemy soldiers. In short, it's the mode Battlefield fans all know and love. It's available now on Xbox Live Marketplace and, best of all, it's free.

Conquest added to Bad Company this week

Expected to go live this Thursday, August 7th is a new multiplayer game mode for Battlefield: Bad Company called Conquest. A game mode that was first seen and made popular back in Battlefield: 1942. In Conquest, players capture and control flags where, once a flag is captured, that team has the ability to spawn soldiers from. Oh, and the Conquest update will be free, so have no Microsoft point worries.

We'll see you on the Conquest battlefield, soldier.

DICE cares, Bad Company updates inbound

Who would have thought that all your whining, groaning and moaning would actually inspire change in a video game? We guess only developers who're considered "cool" actually listen to their community, and in the case of Battlefield: Bad Company, the DICE crew is listening to community feedback and taking action.

Posting on the official Bad Company website, team DICE wanted to let everyone know that they're listening and are looking into all the Bad Company improvements the community has suggested. The first update being the addition of a Conquest game mode that will be included in "The Conquest Pack" which is currently in MS cert. After that's complete, DICE promises to look into issues surrounding things like auto balancing and stat exploits. Remember kids, DICE listens and DICE reacts all because DICE cares.

[Via Shacknews]

Bad Company connection troubles? Just restart!

Having a difficult time connecting to EA's Battlefield: Bad Company servers? Well kids, you aren't alone. EA has acknowledged the fact that some Xbox 360 Bad Company gamers are having troubles connecting to the game servers. Though, take comfort in the fact that they are "monitoring stats non-stop and are working with several partners to locate any possible flashpoints and eradicate any hostiles we encounter." Ha! And until they release a fix, EA recommends simply shutting off your Xbox for 20 minutes, then giving it an old fashioned restart. Good luck!

[Via Eurogamer]

Join Bad Company for a Live Weekend

What's billed as an "explosive weekend of combat", EA and Microsoft have joined forces to host Battlefield: Bad Company Live Weekend! And the fun has already begun!

Kicking off today and lasting through Sunday, June 29th, the Bad Company Live Weekend offers up two fun events. First being the Play & Win where, once registered, Bad Company gamers can win all kinds of swag, autographed goods and one lucky winner will even come away with a gold dipped Xbox 360. Sounds expensive! The other Live Weekend event is a Play with Developers event that goes down early tomorrow morning from 3-7:00AM eastern. Pull the pin and jump into a weekend with some Bad Company. And because we can ... an explosive Solid Snake!

[Thanks, Chris]

DICE is keeping busy, confirms five Battlefield games in the works

As if they didn't already have enough of their plate with Mirror's Edge, Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Heroes, Swedish developer DICE confirmed with GamesIndustry.biz that they're hard at work on an additional three Battlefield games. That's a total of five Battlefield games being developed at once ... ZOMG!

According to Ben Cousins, executive producer at DICE, one of the upcoming (and yet to be revealed) Battlefield games will be a targeted towards the console market and another being developed in collaboration with Neowiz for the Korean gaming market. So, uhh ... you heard it hear first ... Bad Company 2 CONFIRMED!

[Via Big Download]

Fanswag: Win Battlefield: Bad Company

And the Fanswag train just keeps a'rollin'! Today we have two copies of Battlefield: Bad Company to give away. You may have heard that Bad Company is landing some very decent review scores, and now you can nab a copy for free. What are we asking of you, dear readers, so that you might secure one of our two copies? Why, hardly anything at all! The only thing you have to do is this:
  • Bad Company is a game with a sense of humor. Leave a comment on this post that's funny. Don't be afraid to steal a joke. Comedians steal all the time!
  • Only one comment per person will be accepted. Posters of multiple comments will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until 6:00PM Eastern time today, June 24, 2008. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • Later today, we'll pick 2 winners via a random drawing
  • Two grand prize winners will each receive a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company, worth $60 each.
  • Complete giveaway rules can be found here

Shipping this week: OMG Megaton edition

No, it's not a news related OMG Megaton. It's more like a "holy effing crap, look at all these games" kind of megaton. There are ten, ten games hitting the Xbox 360 this week. What's more, a lot of them look decent and, dare we say it, some of them even look good. Just look at all of 'em.
It's enough to give someone googly eyes. Alone in the Dark has our interest piqued (and has thus far fared decently in Europe). Here's hoping it -- and everything else here -- is up to snuff.

[Via Joystiq]

Deals time: Alone in the Dark, Battlefield and more

It's Sunday and that means it's time to open up the newspaper and analyze those Sunday retail ads. Joy! And if you're in the market for Alone in the Dark this week, you're in luck, because there are numerous deals to be had. So, let's get to it ...

The only 360 deal Best Buy has going this week is a free $10 gift card with Alone in the Dark and, well ... that's it. Circuit City on the other hand is giving away a $10 J!nx gift card with Alone in the Dark, a free $10 gift card, weapon unlock code and grenade keychain with Battlefield: Bad Company, a free Hellboy II movie ticket with Hellboy: The Science of Evil, and either Bully: SE or SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 for $30. Also, if instant discounts are more your thing, Gamestop is offering Alone in the Dark for the discounted price of $50. Finally, (for our Canadian shoppers) Best Buy Canada is giving away Guitar Hero III with any Xbox 360 console purchase and either Shadowrun, Blue Dragon, Viva Pinata Party Animals or Project Sylpheed for $20. Enjoy Sunday and enjoy shopping.

Bad Company parodies Gears and Rainbow Six

Following in the sneaky footsteps of their Metal Gear Solid 4 parody, DICE just released two more Battlefield: Bad Company parodies, this time targeting Gears of War and Rainbow Six. And again, they caused us to chuckle uncontrollably.

The first promo vid takes on Gears of War's unforgettable "Mad World" trailer, where the B Company crew comes up with their own, more happy rendition that incorporates a musical injection of shortening bread. High-larious! The Rainbow Six parody, embedded after the break, is also enjoyable as it mocks the over exaggerated, charades-style communication style RS soldiers are known for. You must admit, that even if you aren't interested in the game, it's refreshing to see EA and DICE take this kind of entertaining marketing approach. They get the X3F seal of approval.

[Via Joystiq]

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Bad Company makes fun of Solid Snake

Whether or not you own a PS3, there's a pretty good chance you caught wind of the Metal Gear Solid 4 release last week. There's also a pretty good chance that you are at least familiar with the series. Perhaps you even know that Solid Snake, protagonist of the series, has a habit of hiding in barrels and boxes. There's one thing we know for sure though, and that is that Battlefield: Bad Company developer DICE definitely knows about the series. In a new video the soldiers of Bad Company poke fun at the longstanding Metal Gear convention. In short, it's pretty damned funny. Find the video after the break.

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Bad Company and Civilization demos now on XBLM

Today, we're officially declaring it an Xbox Live Marketplace Demo Extravaganza day, because we're seeing the release of not just one, but TWO super new video game demos to the XBLM. Like we said, it's a demo extravaganza!

First up is a new 1.25GB Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution demo, featuring both single and multiplayer play and enough turn based strategy to shake a stick at. And for those of you who didn't win early access last week, the new 1.5GB Battlefield: Bad Company single (slash) multiplayer demo is ready to be consumed by you, the masses. Hit up the XBLM, queue some demo deliciousness up for download and get your game on.

Fanswag: Even more Bad Company demo codes [update]

Update: Entry into this giveaway is now closed. Sorry about that. Be sure to check your inbox to see if you won.

Come and get 'em a second time around! Yesterday, we awarded 50 lucky fanboys Battlefield: Bad Company demo access as part of our Fanswag giveaway sponsored by the mildly cool cats over at EA. And with over 1,300 entrants, we're beginning to think that these demo downloads are a hot commodity. So, if you didn't receive an email notifying you that you won, then wipe your tears and put on your game face, because we're giving away 50 more Bad Company demo downloads today! These codes will allow you to download the single player / multiplayer Bad Company demo RIGHT NOW off the XBLM, before it is available to everyone next Thursday, June 5th.

To win one of the 50 Bad Company demo redemption codes, simply comment on this post (one comment per person) by 9:00PM eastern tonight, when we'll randomly select 50 winners and email the codes. Only Xbox Live accounts based in North America can enter due to redemption codes being restricted (again, sorry European fanboys). This is your last chance to earn early entry into the Bad Company demo, so may the luck force be with you.

Fanswag: Battlefield: Bad Company demo codes [update]

Update: This giveaway has expired, winners have been selected and codes have been emailed. If you didn't win, go here and try your luck a second time.

Come and get 'em! Thanks to the loving crew over at EA, we've been given the opportunity to spread Battlefield: Bad Company demo love throughout the gaming world. Today and tomorrow, we'll be handing out a total of 100 Xbox Live redemption codes that allow for the download of the Bad Company demo days before its general release onto the XBLM next Thursday, June 5th. The demo features a preview of the game's single player campaign and allows gamers to enjoy multiplayer fun playing Gold Rush on the map Oasis. It's Battlefield: Bad Company demo fun that, we're told, is free of controversy and doesn't require any additional weapon purchases. Huzzah!

To win one of the 50 Bad Company demo redemption codes, simply comment on this post (one comment per person) by 10:00PM eastern tonight, when we'll randomly select 50 winners and email the codes. Only Xbox Live accounts based in North America can enter due to redemption codes being restricted (sorry European fanboys). Also, If you don't win today, don't be sad. Just stop on back tomorrow when we'll be awarding another 50 codes. Enter now, be lucky and get the chance to play the Bad Company demo early!

Bad Company achievements one-up kill count, again

When Bizarre Creations' third-person shooter The Club released its list of achievements, gamers laughed at the team's one-up of the Gears of War online kill count--months later it appears DICE wants in on the joke too. Peaking at the achievement list available at MyGamerCard, Battlefield: Bad Company includes one achievement, "Beans Bullets Bandages," that awards players 30 GS points for achieving 10,002 kills online.

While it was humorous the first time now we're just worried the achievement will become a trend.

The rest of the list includes your standard mission completition, difficulty setting points with half of the achievements dedicated to the Battlefield: Bad Company's online modes. One thing to note, for a title that was hailed as primarily a single-player focused experience, we wonder why nearly half of the achievements are multiplayer only. Battlefield: Bad Company is set to release on June 23.

[Thanks, Sabo]

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