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No EU-US play for Army of Two

"NOTE: The online game modes in Army of Two are not cross region compatible and is only supported between PAL discs." So says page six of the European Army of Two manual, as reported by Sarcastic Gamer. Or, to put it a different way, Europeans and Americans won't be playing any Army of Two together. it's unclear if the European version is still cross region compatible with other countries that use the PAL standard, such as Australia. We join in Sarcastic Gamer's belief that this is really the kind of information that should be listed on the box. We also wonder along with them whether or not this is something we should come to expect from future EA titles. Let's hope not.

Army of Two dubbed Army of Sh*t by Xbox World

Games Radar has posted an incredibly damning article about Army of Two from their sister magazine Xbox World. Apparently the magazine had been prepping to review the game -- they had played a near complete beta and were awaiting final code -- when EA decided to put the game back in the oven until next year. According to Xbox World, that was a good choice, but it's probably not going to save the game. It seems the game has no saving graces whatsoever, as the magazine can not come up with a single positive thing to say about it. The article damns everything, especially the plot ("based on some right-wing idea of how great the war on terror is") and characters ("infantile high-fiving redneck jackasses"). In a nutshell: "As it stands, Army of Two is a juvenile swear-fest with clumsy controls, a story apparently penned by a seven year old who hates them ay-rabs, laughable level design that tosses you into a cut-scene every thirty seconds, sub Perfect Dark Zero graphics and the two least likable characters in gaming history." The article concludes that the delay "is a stay of execution" and advises gamers to "Hope for a miracle." Wow, we can't wait for the actual review.

Hit the "read" link for the full article.

[Via nukoda]

Army of Two release date gets officialized

Adding to this Fall's crazy-jam-packed game release madness-o-many, Electronic Arts just announced that Army of Two will be hitting retailers in both North America and Europe this November 15th. The "two-man combat" that is Army of Two will be releasing with other big hitters this November including Assassin's Creed, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, and Splinter Cell: Conviction, which makes our wallets ache. Bring on the games this Fall guys ... bring 'em on.

Army of Two wants your weapon ideas

Today, EA launched a new contest on the official Army of Two website where they're asking fans to create a weapon for the game. They want fans to submit a brief sketch of what the ideal Army of Two in-game weapon would look like and write a brief description. Two winners will be selected and their winning weapon designs will be implemented in the game as a preorder exclusive weapon for those who get their Army of Two preorder on. And with a certain Halo 3 emblem contest going on right now, the creative/designer types have their work cut out for them. So, get to work already.

[Via TeamXbox]

Army of Two footage: funny or not?

Since Army of Two was first announced by EA, we've been intrigued. Seeing an original IP emerge from a company that heavily capitalizes on franchises and sequels was refreshing. Early descriptions of the game emphasized teamwork and cooperative play. Then the first trailer showed up, showing off something that looked essentially like a buddy comedy. Still, the co-op elements looked solid. Now EA has released another "funny" trailer for the game, again showcasing some of the co-op elements in the game. We have to point out though, the idea that a car door can stop bullets was thoroughly debunked by MythBusters. The game looks pretty decent though. Here's hoping the humor stays funny and doesn't become annoying.

[Via Live Gamer]

Video: Army of Two, co-op done best?

A new trailer is available for Army of Two, EA's co-op centered shooter. To its credit, Army of Two looks like it could bring some new twists to co-op gameplay. The interactions with team mates, such as back to back cover and dragging the wounded (who can still shoot), are particularly interesting. We also find it amusing that the game has all the trappings of a buddy comedy -- the only thing missing is Danny Glover.

It's ironic that EA's Alain Tascan recently cited Gears of War for having zero innovation, as Army of Two will no doubt be judged against it. Considering Tascan is producing Army of Two, perhaps we can see the motives for his comments. Gears already does many of the things featured in this video, including moveable cover, and it has great co-op where good tactics are essential. The question is: does Army of Two do it better? Obviously we can't judge Army of Two before we've actually played it, but it's fun to speculate. Watch the video and join the discussion after the break.

Continue reading Video: Army of Two, co-op done best?

Go into the light with Army of Two screens

EA dropped some new screens from Army of Two, its co-op centric shooter. The screens show off some amazing detail and even a few gameplay dynamics like parachutes, vehicles, and assisting a wounded teammate. Is it just us, or does this picture look like a CPR minigame? Keep your buddy from going into the light maybe? Hating on EA is somewhat de rigueur around here, but this game actually looks pretty good, and more co-op is always a good thing. Anyone excited for it?

Army of Two info and screens

EA released some new info and screens of the upcoming co-op centric game, Army of Two. As you can imagine, the game is based around the concept of a two man tactical unit. The game is set to feature super fantastic AI for your squad mate, which promises to adapt to the player. Do you like to hold back? Then your squad mate will learn to take the lead (in theory). Behold, EA's marketing spiel:

"Never go into battle alone! EA's new next-gen boutique development studio is changing the face of how people will play games. Delivering a groundbreaking strategic 3rd person co-op shooter unparalleled in the action genre, EA Montreal's ARMY OF TWO focuses on gameplay centered around TWO man missions, TWO man strategies, TWO man tactics and a TWO man advantage "

Extreme capitalization aside, Army of Two could be wicked fun, especially with a buddy. Wait a minute. Original and intriguing IP coming from EA? Is it just me or is it crazy in here...

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