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Test Your Madden IQ

Test Your Madden IQ

The most startling and immediate difference in Madden 09 versus previous iterations in the franchise is the Madden IQ Test. Used as the basis for the game's internal difficulty setting, comparable on paper to the director AI system in Left 4 Dead, the Madden IQ Test is a behind the scenes setting that adjusts based on your performance. After competing in a set of four virtual scenarios (offensive and defensive running and passing) the game grades you and sets a difficulty for the computer controlled AI that best suits your play style.

While the system sounds good on paper it has already become one of the more controversial additions to Madden 09. Players online are already complaining the offensive running and passing tests are so easy the game could even mistakenly grade a novice player to the All Madden setting. It's a system players will have to get used to and seems it will only shine through as manageable after playing multiple games so the computer better adjusts to your actual in game performance.


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