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RAAM It Down the Hole

RAAM It Down the Hole

As Dom and Marcus make their way through the train they are eventually confronted by General RAAM, the Locust military leader of sorts responsible for the death of Lt. Kim. After a long drawn out battle against the Locust threat the General is defeated.

Dom jumps aboard a King Raven helicopter, also occupied by Baird and Cole, as Fenix activates the Lightmass Bomb. The high-speed train quickly approaches a destroyed bridge and at the last second Fenix is grabbed and lifted to safety as the train falls into the pools of Immulsion below.

The Lightmass Bomb buries itself deep within the Locust underworld and detonates, exterminating the threat below.

In the end a mysterious voice promises that the Locust will survive and never end the war until every human has perished.


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